Part of my losing my passion was I have had hormonal acne the last year. I can’t seem to get rid of it. I am now trying I purchased it myself and so far (after only a week) I feel it is working by stopping a total break out. I am still getting some bumps on my chin but not white heads. Here is a video on how to use it. The website has a forum and many testimonials. If you suffer from acne you should try it out I recommend it. And I will update you in a couple months as to if it is still working.


Sunday Synopsis 062914

Hello My Beauties,

I had a great week. I am loving the summer weather. I had a giveaway earlier this week and I put everyone in a hat since I didn’t realize rafflecopter doesn’t work well with wordpress and the winner is …. please email me at angela at beautywhisperermua dot come with your mailing address and I will get it to you this week.

MILANEAAAA (I think I read that right)
wpid-20140629_083755.jpg I did count multiple times per the rules and I had to do it this way. Booo I have to figure out rafflecopter for sure. And Here is the final product you will receive 😀 Congrats

My fave LOTD was


This is using most of these products


As I am trying something new. Where I can remember what I am wanting to review. It’s a chopping block kind of thing like chrystalis007 on youtube. I let her know via instagram I was going to use her same concept but a smidgen different. The only thing not in here that made the dewy skin is the It Cosmetics sponge foundation. I really do love that stuff but can slide off on humid days.

My Fave EOTD is this combo picture


Top and bottom are from the new MAC pigments I purchased and the middle is the revealed2 palette from coastal scents.


I have makeup artist lead that proves God puts us in the right place at the right time. I am excited and scared at the same time. I hope to share more about this journey with you all but I am superstitious if I “brag” too much it will all fall through. I hope you understand. BUT if it does it will be a dream come true.

I did order a custom designed calendar from Personal-planner. I saw a couple of youtube videos and have wanted one since. You can completely customize it. The only downside is you can’t add things like binder ones BUT I don’t think I will need too and I am using it for business and blog purposes not my full-time pay the bills job. I will show you when I get it as I am so excited. I am not affiliated with the company at all either. I wish I was 😀 Don’t we all get into this blog thing for the free stuff. Just teasing I do it for therapy and reason to justify shopping to my husband.

This week I plan for you a youtube video, a blog hop, and maybe/hopefully a review.

Comments, Random thoughts, or questions please leave below and of course check out my social media sights.

Sample Haul

I was so excited to get an email that I was getting my first VOXBOX from Influenster. #SPRINGFLING is the theme. Here are the items. I will do a more in depth review after I have used them a little while (except the Playtex not hating I am just saying not for me to review! 😀  )

012014022 020 019 017 016 015


Then I mentioned a couple weeks ago QVC also was going to send me a box of a few samples. I did a quick video with my son Alex on opening it up. You can check that below.

These items were given to for free. There was no monetary compensation. The VoxBox is given to review but the QVC is not. When I get a chance to actually do the posts of review the opinions will be of my own. And I already have some stinkers for the VoxBox

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Watch “Mary Kay Facial review — QVC style :D” on YouTube

I need to stop blogging from my phone I thought it posted yesterday. Grrr messing up my schedule. Oh the struggle is real lol… ok here is yesterday post… today!

Mary Kay Facial review — QVC style :D:

This is first in s series. I met Deb on fb and she asked me to help with a wedding party and out friendship as grown from there. Despite our becoming friends I was not monetarily compensated but given product.

Thanks for watching.

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Sunday Funday 05112014

*** I am very afraid I deleted all my pictures some how on my main computer. I had to step away so I could pray I am wrong. The only ones I super care about was the expo pictures 😦

Also I forgot to mention I now have a work in progress bussiness website found here. Ok on to the original post.

Happy Mother’s Day. Mine has been Meh but not all can be winners right 😀 I do hope you all are having an awesome Mother’s Day. Check out my personal Blog for a snippet appreciation post.

This week I had a four-day weekend. In my state we have Truman Day for a holiday and well my full-time job is as a state worker. Since it was on a Thursday I thought perfect to take the Friday off as well.

So for this week my favorite LOTD and EOTD’s of this week were…

wpid-img_20140508_232140.jpg wpid-img_20140507_080117.jpg

I got my hair cut short. Here is a picture of it from yesterday when we went to a graduation party.


I am thinking of dying my hair blondish. There is this app called Imode that you can play with and edit pictures interestingly (is that a word?) I don’t think I could pull off this blonde BUT it does tempt me to go way lighter. I’d have to strip my color though then color over it. I am going to research the process to see if it will be something I want to invest in.


Oh it added those long lashes to the photo too. It was fun to play with. THis is actually Julianna Hough’s hairstyle I picked to put on my head.

Then I kept stalking the UPS guy this week because this baby below came in finally. It is my mother’s day gift. It was a great deal and I LOVE it. This was a textgram photo from instagram.



I uploaded a GRWM: How a Middle aged women gets ready HA you can check it out below.

When browsing on Youtube I saw a commercial for this TV show. I LOVE the comic books and this character. Hell I even loved the Keanu Reeves movie. I am UBER UBER excited!!!!


Also this one popped up too. I am not a huge Kathryn Heigl fan. She has had a couple of cute movies but her reputation turns me off. .. even if deserved or not. This looks so awesome to me due to the people who has made The Black List have made this and I LOVE that show. I figure it is worth a look.

I have a couple of reviews planned for this week and for some reason QVC has chosen me to send a sample box to so I excited to see what that is about.

Hmmm I guess is it. Comments, Questions, Random thoughts please leave below and check out my social media’s and follow if you like! Thank you 😀

Shany cosmetics


What the video above on my initial review and then here is the pictures of what I purchased. The clown blush was an error when trying to show you the pigmentation

Total Pigmentation!
Pretty color lip gloss
here is the sample tube.


029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038

If you want to try out the products with a discount check out their FB page. They are always running an x amount off.

Have you tried any of the products? Comments, questions. random thoughts leave them down below and of course check out my social media sites.


Random Sunday 04/20/2014

Happy easter! Or if you celebrate another holiday happy 4/20 bahahaha

I did a fun blooper reel on my OFFICIAL Youtube channel for my OFFICIAL freelance makeup Artistry. I have decided I am committing to make this dream happen. Below is my week in pictures.


NYX display being assembled at my local CVS!!!


Favorite eye look and face of the day for the week.

wpid-comp-card-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-comp-card-2.jpg.jpeg

And I made Comp cards using Picmoney and Paint I am trying to decide which I like better or what photos I should use to make a third more perfect one. Any suggetions?

Most WOW moment of the week?

Season three of scandal was INSANE. I don’t want to wait for next season but I guess I have too! I haven’t loved a show this much since original ER!

So I will end my week finishing this post and watching a new WGN show Salem.

I love anything vampire, witches, werewolves, fairies, or really super natural. The Salem witch history is more appealing to me as it is historical.

How was your week? Leave comments, questions, random thoughts leave them below… and check out my social media’s please! 😀

Sunday Randomness

I couldn’t wait to show you guys what the new Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum is like in a first look YouTube Video. So I did it yesterday and edited/uploaded tonight.

Here are the collages I made the other day just cuz why not add them. lol

baremineralsskin baremineralsbrush bareminerals two bare mineral one

Here are the FLickr Pictures of the Springfield Mo Women’s Expo Presenter’s Main Stage for the two days. The most awesome thing if it all was the creator of Rock you Hair Michael O’Roarke was there giving free hair cuts. Check out his about page. He previously created and then sold the Big Sexy Hair brand.  He specializes in cutting under the hair for more fullness than straight across. I think I captured his essence and technique in the photos. I noticed on his website that if you give your email address you will receive a coupon of 40% off your first order. I did not get a chance to get a hair cut or shop his booth I was so busy but I do plan on getting a couple of things he showcased…. Namely the Bombshell Big Hair Powder and Get a Lift.

The other amazing thing about meeting Michael O’Rourke is he was like a Preacher during Summer Camp Meeting. His introduction speech on stage really spoke to my heart. He talked about coming to America with only like 4 or 6 K and giving it all to a person for a spot in the salon. He worried he made a bad choice but then he hit the streets and hustled. If he saw a person with blonde highlights. He said he was the best and offered to do it half of what the person paid now. When he ran into a man with a Mohawk he was an expert at that until he built his brand and is living his dream. He spoke about Hustling and making it work for you. I believe in that hustle shiz nit whether it’s the King of Diamond Strippers I follow on my instagram to small obscure blogs I can support with likes and follows. It’s all about the golden rule right? 😀

I did an eyeshadow dupe tutorial post and Youtube VIdeo on my Younique Blog. If interested check it out here.

All day today I once again re-arranged my makeup area. I moved it out of my bedroom into a front room with better sunlight and more room. I don’t have a huge stash but I have enough AND I don’t want to go buy special organize things. I’d rather re-purpose that it gets to be a bit of a pain making it user-friendly. I do like how it is coming along and is 95% done. I even de-stashed a little for a package to a friend and our yearly garage sale in my hometown.


And lastly, Here is a preview of the items I am going to use and try out this week. I decided I do a horrible job of keeping track of what I am trying to review that I could make Sunday (just like Friday) a recurring theme of weekly randomness that will feature some items I plan on using to review or use up.




Hope your weekend was fabulous. I am feeling better and I hope to get my test results back so I am clear to go back to work. (Though I could stand to be self-employed it was nice not to have that social worker stress but then again I am good at my day job too. Oh man decisions decisions lol)

As always … comments, questions, or random thoughts leave below!!
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Best of Beauty Tag part Two.

Here is part two of the tag. It’s shorter and has a special guest at the end!


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