The Chequered Lily Apothecary: New Shadow review and Giveaway *** closed ***

If you have followed me from the beginning, you know, I have a deep affection for Kimberly the owner of The Chequered Lily Apothecary. You can find her items for sale here on etsy. You can find special deals post and any updates in general on her facebook page. She always has a special going on. When you purchase a cumulative (meaning not just in one order but could be a couple) of 50.00 you get a free shadow.

She recently launched a Halloween line. Visit her shop and read the descriptions you can tell how much love and thought she has put into her work.

Here are the swatches.

Click picture to see the swatches better.

First is #162 Silent As The Snow – “Icy metallic pearl white with silver sparkle. ”

Next is #163 Form Of Mist – “Warm semi-sheer metallic pewter with lavender undertone.”

Then there is #165 Memento Mori – “Metallic charcoal grey with dark maroon undertone. ”

Lastly is #164 Bloodflower – “Rich metallic burgundy-red with red shimmer.”

My favorite is Bloodchilde but all are creamy and it didn’t take much to make this vibrant of a swatch.

Then there is a matching blusher and glitter.

Click picture to see the swatches better.

The glitter is #G12 Nightchilde – ” Ruby & crimson glitters blended with black and silver.”

The blusher is #B07 The Sinking Night – “Cool lavender-tinted matte medium grey.

The glitter is crazy pigmented. And I have other blushers so I can talk about the quality as they are creamy and a lot goes a long way. I have accidentally over powdered before so use sparingly. I think the color is creative and would look awesome on super pale or super dark skin.

Ok so the giveaway is a full size (she now has two sizes in the shadows with the full size being a really awesome looking jar — I wish I could keep it… can I win my own giveaway? lol) of Silent as the Snow.


To win this you must

  • Be over 17 years old
  • Located in the USA
  • Go to the Etsy shop and let me know if you found a favorite eyeshadow color.

Next Saturday I will draw a winner in a video with my youngest son 😀

Disclaimer: The samples in this post and the giveaway item was given to me by the company. I am not being compensated in any way and the opinions are my own.


GRWM: I am taking credit for the Seahawks win.

Ok so I mean my title tongue in cheek. I of course am not the reason but most of the folks at our Superbowl party were rooting for Broncos. In fact my hubby decorated our living room for it with his Bronco blanket and Christmas twinkling lights. I should have taken a picture but I was too busy talking my girlfriends ear off. I had a lot to rant about 😀 I went with the seahawks more to have a reason to do a blue look as I am too scared to do it as a work look.

Here is the finish result.



I also took the opportunity to try out some products which I will do more in-depth reviews later this month about. Here is how the look come together mainly in pictures. If there is something anyone wants reviewed before something else please leave a comment below.

bare faced
Don’t forget to moisurize
Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation Samples From Makeup Mania
I went with the one on the left for all over my face and the one on the right for my undereyes
I have oily lids so gotta prep the shadows
Wha-la lol
This is a mix of odds and ends gray shadows and a broken Sephora Metal shade shadow for transition shade
Cheaquered Lily shade in Mrs Peacock on lid and under the eyes
On outer v and crease Bare Minerals Caviar liner shade
NYX Gunmetal in waterline and tightline
First I tried this as my liner but it did not show up well at all
Boo Hoo NO Good.
So tried this next. I would not recommend buying this FYI
Pretty sure this wasn’t much better can you even see it?
Second thing I tried was these two verses each other
Which Do You like better? Can you tell a difference?
Closer up
Used Both of these on my Undereyes. The Ben Nye HD matte foundation and Clarins line filler
Attempted to use a stipple brush to apply under my eyes
Foundation with Beauty Blender first.
It did neutralize my redness.
Other side I compared applying with a brush
You can really see how much sheer the beauty blender applies
I decided I to apply it heavier so other side added more with brush.
I love this bronzer very easy to use
Can you tell where I put it?
Since eyes so bright wanted a light flush of color on the cheeks
I was not happy with the foundation so I wasn’t feeling like smiling 😦
Mixed these two for my highlight
Close up one was too dark and one too light so I mixed 😀
A light dusting to help melt the bronzer into face.
I liked it a little better.
Decided I needed a spray to help un-matte the look. I was too chalky looking
Got this baby for 75% off and it is a nice formula
But I wanted a little more color to my lips
So Added this Pop Party Lip Color
Much better
Got to have them eyebrows on point.
I felt like a stronger eyebrow so went with Rich Brown
Don’t forget to highlight on that brow bone
Do you think it makes a difference?
I like the formula of this but I have issues with the wand.
See I always poke somehow one of my eye balls and jerk with this stuff? I don’t know how I do it.
Natural light
Fake light
Ok decided to do my hair too. Always need to protect and this inexpensively does the job.
And ta da.. done You can see my curl peeking out there as I am trying to be artsy in my picture. Werk it girl! lol


So that was it. I thought it was cool the under dog actually won. The social worker in me loves an under dog story though I do like Peyton Manning. Anyway back to the girly stuff! HA

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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GRWM: Pantone Radiant Orchid Color of the Year

010214 004 010214 005

I started by prepping my eyes with my Boots no7 Beautifully Matte just on my lids. Then an added primer specific to eyes and because I want the bright colors to really *pop* I used the NYX eyeshadow base in white.

010214 006 010214 007

I decided to use Urban Decay’s Fishnet in the crease as my transition color. This is a great Orchid color and I love Urban Decay shadows as they are so pigmented and creamy.

010214 009 010214 010

Next on my lids I used Princess Aurora from Chequered Lily on Etsy. This shade being a great less expensive dupe of fishnet. Really I couldn’t find much difference on my lids. Any difference is the loose pigment has fine blue glitter instead of being more of a duochrome creamy texture like the UD. Money wise though I would have went with the Chequered Lily.

010214 011 010214 012

In the same UD palette is Zero which I used in the crease and blended out. I also did my waterline with my tried and true L’oreal Smoldering liner. I used my eco tools brush to blend and the Kiehls eye cream to clean up the fall out. And to clean up around my nose area as I went a little crazy on the blending lol010214 013

I also used my Lorac Pro in cream for the brow bone and around the tear duct area.

010214 014 010214 015

And there is the eyes for the Radiant orchid Pantone color basics. To complete the look I started on the overall face. First I prepped with some green primer for my redness and Porefessional for my pores. I tap this into my skin

010214 016 010214 017

Can you tell a difference?

010214 018

Next under eye concealer. I am really loving this Revlon that I got for 75% at CVS. And I used Silk Naturals foundation I made up(review coming soon)

010214 020

010214 022  010214 024

Then the finish touches on the eyes and brows as well as lips, highlight, and bronzer.

010214 025010214 023010214 026

And TA DA the finish result. This is also the look from my best of beauty tag for 2013 found here and here.010214 030010214 039010214 042010214 040

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The World … No Matter The Situation}

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GRWM– Wear it Wednesday Challenge

I was super excited that Kate from Kflowermaquillage – Musings on Makeup & Beauty let me join in on her Wear it Wednesday challenge. See our collab post here. I don’t want to give anything away with who I was to replicate and the final results. You will have to go to her site to check out the results BUT if you are curious the steps I did to get the look please keep reading.


nikon122313 001 nikon122313 002

I started with the Lumene Moisturizer and Noya lip Balm to nourish the skin and of course my bare face.

nikon122313 004 nikon122313 005

I decided to use this frosty white base to really let the brightness of the shadows come through. This looks way shimmery and bright but trust me it will look “age appropriate” when done.

Next I got out my BH cosmetics 88 tropical palette. Now i think I have said or alluded to BH cosmetics customer service being sucky but their eyeshadows for the price are good. I have a couple palettes. The only one I do not like is their neutral one. I will do a review of what i have of them next month.

Side note my new years this blog resolution is to be consistent in posting and pre-plan ahead my posts. I have found I love doing this blog and the community of fellow blogging friends I am making. It is a God Sent for my sanity 😀

Ok back to the GRWM, These are the colors and brush I used to apply.

nikon122313 006 nikon122313 008nikon122313 007

The top left is my lid color, the top right is my transition color and the bottom left is my crease. Here is the result

nikon122313 009

Next was the liner. I needed a thick cat like eye to replicate the look so I used my usual for the tightlining and the jordana liquid liner with the felt tip to really wing it out and thicken the line.

I then used this NYC shadow and went under my eyes  with it and the shade it is pointing to in the picture.

nikon122313 013nikon122313 016

I need more practice to get a perfected wing or more so I should say to figure out how to even out my eye shape as my eyes two different shape (and the bane of my existence! HA how is that for dramatic lol)

nikon122313 014 nikon122313 015

ok On to the face. I mixed my MAC Mineralize foundation. I love this foundation but I am a not this light yet for the winter so I mixed a little of the Kevyn Aucion SSE in SX05. The two very different textures of the foundation just melded together awesomely. I used the beauty blender that I finally broke down and purchased to apply.

nikon122313 017 nikon122313 018 nikon122313 019

And the results 😀 A boring even colored skin just what you want your foundation to do, right?

nikon122313 020

Next is my under eye concealing. I used a peach color for the darkness and my new favorite concealer (at 75% off at that I am praying it is just CVS that is discontinuing and not the brand in general)

nikon122313 021nikon122313 023

nikon122313 022

So on to contouring and  highlighting. This loose powder is a combination of Bare minerals warmthed toned down with some Dreamworld Hermitica foundation powder I ordered that was too light for me. And my favorite MAC NSF lightscape. The picture below is to show where I put each before being blended.

  nikon122313 027nikon122313 028nikon122313 030

Next I did an all over setting and blending with a little bit of ELF HD powder and Bare Minerals Bare Radiance. I used one of my new Tarte blushes and the brush that came with it to apply a soft wash of color. The picture I was replicating had a glowy simple over all face look with bolder eyes and lips. The picture is of it all blended and ready to move on the lips.

nikon122313 025nikon122313 033nikon122313 034

I used OCC lip Tars. It is my new obsession as I got a couple of the mini’s while they were being sold for the Holiday season. I had bought one over a year ago and hated it but then got Black Metal Dahlia and LOVED it. There is a learning curve but for my small lips they really help make them pop. At first I went with the purple color but realized that the look had more of a electric pink lip color so added the other color with it.

nikon122313 037 nikon122313 038 nikon122313 039

nikon122313 040


Then I have gotten into the habit of ending my looks with my eyebrows and mascara. I did decide the eye color needed a smidgen more pop so used a sample of Chequered Lily eyeshadow. You know I love this company! I decided I needed to use the clump crusher to do just that — a little bit of un clumping 😀

nikon122313 036 nikon122313 041nikon122313 042

nikon122313 044


Ok so now (if you didn’t go there first) go see the final look. I even attempted to dupe the hair for the full effect. I just wish I was daring enough to try out the blonde hair. But my hair is just too dark and the upkeep I can’t afford.

Any comments or questions please leave below :-)

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Latest The Chequered Lily colors…

nikon 111813 064

So The chequered Lily has a facebook fan page. Of course I am a fan. lol The owner often has giveaways. Recently it was a random drawing by just replying to the post. Well it auto generated ME! So I got to pick out three full size containers! I chose #127 Samhain #02 Sushi Ginger and #22 Princess Aurora.  You can see my initial review of 02 and 22 with descriptions and pictures here.

nikon 111813 065

I then paid for another 7 pack sample set. A couple I got to add to colors I already loved and make me have more without buying a large one. In my earlier post  I spoke of a con being unable to get half sizes. This was my attempt at around it and it worked ok. I now have a decent amount of colors I will use but not on a regular basis. 

The sample colors from the top down are …

#128 Grimoire Smoky Plum with Pink Undertone and Copper Shimmer #121 Rickroll Coppery Burnt Orange with fuschia reflect and purple glitter. #127 Samhain Smoldering Copper with Bronze Glitter and Blue Glimmer #150 Haunted Velvety Black With Intense Violet Shimmer (not sure why it looks blue in my photos In the package it looks black and purple on the site. #130 The Ringmaster Velvety Brick Red with Strong Red Iridescence & Gold Sparkles. #26 Gilty intense golden yellow with golden shimmer and gold glitter #20 Kali Hot flame-red with intense red and burnt-orange glitter. #30 Blackberries Smokey burgundy-purple with black undertone and pink sparkle. #131 For Amusement Only Rich Reddened Gold with Subtle Red Glimmer & Crimson Glitter.

nikon 111813 068nikon 111813 073   nikon 111813 069nikon 111813 074nikon 111813 070

nikon 111813 066

I did the three color swipe again. I am trying to stay uniform in my swatches between companies. At least the ones the specialize in eye shadows.

Here is a look with the Samhain shadow. What I love about this one it is a shimmery sister to MAC’s Brown Script. It is my favorite MAC shade to let you know just how awesome I think that is!


Here is on with me using Princess Aurora. I wish I knew how those MUA’s on IG make the colors pop cuz in real life this was way brighter!

004 003 

The BEST PART OF ALL is the owner is having a black friday/cybermonday sale. Per the etsy shop, BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sale 20% off everything all weekend and Monday! ^_^ Saturday and Sunday: FREE full sized lip balm in Snow Queen (new & unreleased) on any order of full sized product.  There is still totally time to get your order in. I did Friday and will be getting 6 colors in full sizes I don’t have at all (at this point I have complete faith I don’t mind not getting a sample first. And I had to be conservative due to Christmas. These are all colors I don’t think I have anything in my collection like. Fingers crossed 😀  ) and one blush which I haven’t tried from them. And it looks like I qualified for the free lippie sample so I am excited as I didn’t see that until I did this post WHOOT WHOOT!

Oh I forgot disclaimer… other then the product I won I have paid and continue to pay for the products reviewed and  the opinion is my own and would continue to be regardless.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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