GRWM: Valentines Renewed Vows look

Last Sunday a local tourist spot known for weddings was doing their yearly Valentines time frame wedding vows renewal. My hubby and I had taken our younger two earlier in the year to tour the cave and the tour guide told the group about how they do this every year for free. I mentioned how awesome it would be to do that and as usual my husband acted between non-committal to why bother. So I never brought it up again. I did however ask for at Christmas a weekend away without our kids like a second honeymoon. We never got a first honeymoon as we got married when my pregnant hormones went into full gear and decided I had to be married before our oldest was born. Needless to say I did not want a honeymoon at 7 months pregnant. Though loads of people now do pregnant getaways I had never heard of that thirteen years ago.

So when my husband last Friday said to me that he wanted to go this Sunday and renew our vows. I WAS AWED! He later would tell me it is cheaper to be romantic that way then a weekend getaway. HA We did get  lots of free things to go with the renewal and it was super sweet. We didn’t know how it worked so we wrote our own vows. I will be posting the whole experience on my personal reflection blog on Friday. I will link it in my Friday planned post here. Man I can really complicate simple stuff huh. *** Warning the personal blog is pretty juicy as it details my raw life and how I am trying to cope with mental illness.

Ok so onto how I completed a smokey pink Romantic look.

The night before I started with a good mask. It was a sample I had handy.
As you can see this is a great mask though I believe pricey. If I won the lottery I would buy it but otherwise the cheaper stuff I am using is working fine for me 😀
Next Morning I cleaned my face, re-vitalized, and moisturizer.
My normal clean face … ready for the transformation?
I prepped my eyes with these items as I have oily lids.
I decided to use the Silk Natural Urban Decay dupe shades
Eyes Primed and ready to go
First my crease and transition shade I used the same shade. This shade is a dupe for the UD Nooner. Great matte shade.
Next I applied Virtual to my lid for a little soft shimmer. it is a dupe for UD
I smoked it out with Portal which is dupe for UD Blackheart
Before blending
Highlight with Cache dupe for UD Strange — also blended with a fluffy brush
Time to line the waterline and tightline and upper line
So far so good 😀 But maybe I am partial lol
These colors are great for bringing out hazel/green eyes.
Prime those pores!
under eye some depotted revlon line filler … my girlfriend and I went halfs on it and I let her keep the tube, and then rest of the face the prime time
Trying out this stuff. So far I really like it. I learned quick you DO NOT NEED a lot!
Redness gone 😀
Next used my MAC Mineralized foundation. This is awesome foundation in winter.
Gives a nice dewy glow look to the face… in my opinion.
I used the beauty blender to apply the foundation. In hindsight it absorbed way too much as this is not a waxy kind of foundation. I had to do four pumps to get the coverage when by hand just two … next time I will use it to blend after putting on by hand.
contoured with my trusty Sonia Kashuk bronzer
Can you tell where I put it? — forehead, under cheek bone, nose, and under chin,
Got this new from Ulta I wanted something super light to help highlight it is hard to find.
Area’s placed
blended with beauty blender
powder to seal
gave my skin a not so pale natural look
Decided needed more added highlight on the upper cheeks and nose
Ta Da 😀
Eyebrows next — still loving my Tarte brow mousse
On point but again I could be partial lol


nikon122313 033
Light blush
Just before last steps
Lip prep
Red lip — I love this lippie! And the mascara is in my top three.
Hair help and smell good stuff (like I said trying out my box stuff)
The final look
smoochie booches Bitches lol (extra points if you get the reference!)

So that is it. I hope you enjoyed this GRWM tutorial it was find to do and for a good cause. May you Valentine’s Day Or Anti-Valentines day be awesome as well.

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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GRWM: I am taking credit for the Seahawks win.

Ok so I mean my title tongue in cheek. I of course am not the reason but most of the folks at our Superbowl party were rooting for Broncos. In fact my hubby decorated our living room for it with his Bronco blanket and Christmas twinkling lights. I should have taken a picture but I was too busy talking my girlfriends ear off. I had a lot to rant about 😀 I went with the seahawks more to have a reason to do a blue look as I am too scared to do it as a work look.

Here is the finish result.



I also took the opportunity to try out some products which I will do more in-depth reviews later this month about. Here is how the look come together mainly in pictures. If there is something anyone wants reviewed before something else please leave a comment below.

bare faced
Don’t forget to moisurize
Ben Nye HD Matte Foundation Samples From Makeup Mania
I went with the one on the left for all over my face and the one on the right for my undereyes
I have oily lids so gotta prep the shadows
Wha-la lol
This is a mix of odds and ends gray shadows and a broken Sephora Metal shade shadow for transition shade
Cheaquered Lily shade in Mrs Peacock on lid and under the eyes
On outer v and crease Bare Minerals Caviar liner shade
NYX Gunmetal in waterline and tightline
First I tried this as my liner but it did not show up well at all
Boo Hoo NO Good.
So tried this next. I would not recommend buying this FYI
Pretty sure this wasn’t much better can you even see it?
Second thing I tried was these two verses each other
Which Do You like better? Can you tell a difference?
Closer up
Used Both of these on my Undereyes. The Ben Nye HD matte foundation and Clarins line filler
Attempted to use a stipple brush to apply under my eyes
Foundation with Beauty Blender first.
It did neutralize my redness.
Other side I compared applying with a brush
You can really see how much sheer the beauty blender applies
I decided I to apply it heavier so other side added more with brush.
I love this bronzer very easy to use
Can you tell where I put it?
Since eyes so bright wanted a light flush of color on the cheeks
I was not happy with the foundation so I wasn’t feeling like smiling 😦
Mixed these two for my highlight
Close up one was too dark and one too light so I mixed 😀
A light dusting to help melt the bronzer into face.
I liked it a little better.
Decided I needed a spray to help un-matte the look. I was too chalky looking
Got this baby for 75% off and it is a nice formula
But I wanted a little more color to my lips
So Added this Pop Party Lip Color
Much better
Got to have them eyebrows on point.
I felt like a stronger eyebrow so went with Rich Brown
Don’t forget to highlight on that brow bone
Do you think it makes a difference?
I like the formula of this but I have issues with the wand.
See I always poke somehow one of my eye balls and jerk with this stuff? I don’t know how I do it.
Natural light
Fake light
Ok decided to do my hair too. Always need to protect and this inexpensively does the job.
And ta da.. done You can see my curl peeking out there as I am trying to be artsy in my picture. Werk it girl! lol


So that was it. I thought it was cool the under dog actually won. The social worker in me loves an under dog story though I do like Peyton Manning. Anyway back to the girly stuff! HA

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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TAG: Best of Beauty 2013

I newly discovered blog I follow form wordpress is The Beauty Deputy and she did a beauty tag and said anyone can do it so I am lol. I decided to mine as a youtube video though and it is in two parts as I kept adding items. Here is the first part.

Please leave any comments or questions below 😀

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The World … No Matter The Situation}

Please follow me on my social media sites. I  am on my beauty youtube channel, beauty blog, tumblrtwitterFBgoogle+personal blog, youtube vlog, and instagram.

Birthday makeup.

I have been meaning to do a separate post about my makeup I did on my birthday. Since I did special makeup for Halloween I want to feature I better get this up first .

Here is the before with wet hair and clean face.


After… I went with a smokey red look or at least attempted.

014 013

012 011 010 009 008 006

Products used:

Face Prep:

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

Lumene Vitamin C Radiance Day Cream SPF 15

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

Foundation and Concealer:

M.A.C. Mineralize Moisture SPF 25 Foundation NC15

Sephora Foundation Tan (no longer available online)

M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer — NC20


Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay Palette — used Park Ave Princess for bronzer and Dollface for blush

Laura Geller Baked Vanilla Highlighter in T Zone and under eyes


Boots no7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base — primer first layer

Benefit Stay Don’t Stray — Primer Second layer

NYX Eye Shadow Base — White third layer

la Femme Pressed Eyeshadow — Red on lid

Milani Baked Shadow — I heart you in crease

Sephora Collection Prisma Chrome collection — Silver Taupe in outer V

Benefit’s Watts up on brow bone

L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Liner — (HG to me) Black in water line bottom and top

L’Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner on top

Salon Perfect Defining Brow Palette 


Urban Decay Lip Pencil — Ozone

OCC Lip Tar Mini — in NSFW


Sonia Kashuk Flat Top Brush for foundation

EcoTools Set — I use all these I love them so much I have two sets. Gotta love a half off sale. 😀

So to the best of my ability this is what all I remember using. I loved the results for sure!

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{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The
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