Red, White, and Beauty Blog hop July 2014

Welcome to another blog hope through the facebook group… I missed last months as it was a hectic time at work and home. This month’s theme is … (drum Roll please)



Though I think I might have done mine more in regards to summer essentials which was last month’s and I didn’t get a chance to be a part in. ??? Anywho… My view on this month’s theme is things I will be using for the fourth of July.

022 023

First I will be using this to exfoliate my body. This is a sample size I received in Allure’s Sample Society box in May. I just used it today and it works awesomely.



For my Face I am using this Olay. It is new to me also and used today. It leaves the skin soft and clean.

Once I am done with¬†exfoliation I will next be using this…


This stuff is like butta! It is easy to use and has a great not orange tint. I have never used self tanners but if they are all like this one I am sold. Just don’t do what I did and do your arms first. So your legs first as you will be dripping and whipping it off your arms before it is time. Or maybe it is just me. lol


I received this in some beauty box last year and have never used it. I decided with the pool and hot sun it was time to reinforce my hair. Plus a lot of us dye our hair a lighter color in the summer. I did way lighter. HMmmm maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis with all this self change/care. HA Protein is needed to refortify the hair from the dry chlorine or bleach.


I have mentioned this before but here is my fave BB Cream. It has excellent SPF and perfect for the summer months.

041 044


Lastly and true to the title, I picked these OCC lip tar Matte’s. Though they dont’ look that Matte. There is no shimmer so maybe that is what they mean. They can be mixed with all sorts of other lip tars to customize and that is really why I purchased them. That and I am obsessed with lip tars. lol

So what is your perfect Red White and beauty items for the holidays?

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What’s in my MUA bag Part two — Pic heavy

THis one is all about the Non Foundation items I took with me to the Springfield MO Women’s Expo. I ended up not using the foundations and I didn’t use any of the eyeshadows and blushes I used as Younique cosmetics was the sponsor and¬†of course I needed to use as much of their products as possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I did pack a little bit of everything in general. So here is the pictures of the rest I packed up.

All crammed into my Playboy bowler bag.
One of my containers to easy transport things that wouldn’t fit into the playboy bowler
used to turn pigments into liner
used this on my lighter skinned ladies. Great inexpensive bronzer
used on most of the girls for contour and highlight
Used as a blending powder all over
great color range
great makeup artist easy to travel palette
I used this and a wax pencil for eyebrows
Neutrals — for perfect bridal crease and transition work — since I had to use younique only for shadows did not get to use this.
See how pretty
I heart this palette but didn’t get to use it.
cotton swabs and two scoopers
Lip pencils and preps
Highlighters — I only used the MAC one.
BRUSHES!! divided into crease work and lids.
This is my favorite and I used it a lot.
The depotted lippies. I never got to use these.
The only liquid highlighter I brought wasn’t depotted.
It was bridal runway show so I brought these just in case.
Eye Cream and bases
Beauty Blenders and one dupe
Face Brushes
My moisturizers and concealers
I used different makeup bags to organize the items

So I think I did a good job of not bringing too too much. Especially since my first time doing anything like this. I am very proud of myself if I do say so myself lol. IF you don’t believe in yourself who will right???

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Spring Product Picks Blog Hop April 2014


Once again it is time for the facebook group Beauty and Fashion Blog Community. It is a closed group but anyone who is part of our blogging community can join here.

These are my must have’s for spring. After this long winter I am so ready for nicer weather. I have promised myself to start hiking again.

028I will start with a little fashion. A pastel or white handbag is perfect for spring. I got this at Target and used the Cartwheel app for a good deal.


Another Target find. Nature jewelry that is light and simple is perfect accent. I even like to double up simple small chains for a delicate spring touch.


Pastel lavendar and corals will remind yourself and others of the beautiful flowers that bloom. If actual lipstick is too heavy for you. A light cherry wash, like a lip glaze or pigmented chapstick would do the trick as well.


Upping your moisture for your whole body and have it include an SPF is needed for your legs and arms that are now being shaved (HA) or sweat shirtless. This is a sample I got from my Birchbox. It is the latest Jergens product…. a BB Body Cream.


Rose Gold highlighters used as blushes or pale pink flushes are a light touch to a beautiful springy look.

049 051

As the weather warms up and so does the oil in our skins… or sort of. Definitely he less dry air and more sun does wonders to stop those dry patches or if naturally oily can make it worse. This Fergie powder is colorless and great at absorption and mattifying any time of the day.


Along with the help of Mattyfiers, setting sprays of different types are helpful for the spring. Here is the variety I own. Some are setting others are refreshers just in case you mattify too much. Of course just to feel fresh. a good spritz of the facial waters is an excellent way to start the day in general.

026 010214 006 026


Pantone color of the year is Orchid. Here are three picks I love in this color. The top is from The Chequered Lily No 22 Princss Aurora. Next is Urban Decay Fishnet. Lastly, is M.A.D. Cosmetics Whisper Opal.

I purchased this today. I had a sample of c2 that I wore the other day with a tarte powder and I got overwhelming compliments. This shade was the only one close to my tone at the Cosmetics outlet store. It is a holy grail of a lot of makeup artists. Online it seems it is either loved or hated. There is a learning curve but I didn’t see it. We shall see I will have a full review soon on my Foundation Friday series. Oh forgot to say this is a lightweight sweat proof formula.



Lastly if you don’t want to wear foundation or want some strong spf a BB cream is an awesome alternative. The snail BB from Missha is the golden ombre to silver tube. THe red tube is their most popular the complete cover I think it is called. And finally one of the US brands I actually like is by Younique.

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O.C.C. Lip Tar Swatches

I picked this up when Sephora gave out the 15 or 20 gift cards for being a BI. At first I thought I was outta luck on getting it as two weeks before that I had looked and it was out of stock but to the chagrin of my wallet it was back in stock ūüėÄ

I don’t think you can still get this item but it isn’t a review of the set itself but of OCC Lip Tar’s. I tried one two years ago and hated it. I felt for my small lips it looked cakey. I then saw swatches of Black Metal Dahlia and feel in love. I picked up the full size one at 18.oo and it takes a learning curve to get it to stay in between my thin lips.

**** TIP ALERT *** Start in the middle of your lips and feather it out. I have learned this minimizes the leaking outside the lip line. Second tip is keep concealer close by for easy fixes. Third tip if not an easy fix keep makeup oil remover cuz this stuff is so pigmented regular wipes/cleansers just don’t cut it.

nikon122113 101

Lip Tar: All-Star Mini x 12 ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Pris¬†Pallid metallic neutral
  • Clear¬†To sheer + prime
  • Lovecraft¬†Pink/lilac metallic
  • Yaoi¬†True fuchsia metallic
  • Divine¬†True pink flamingo
  • Clockwork¬†Burnished orange creme
  • Super NSFW¬†Gold laced red
  • Psycho¬†True blood red
  • Electric Grandma¬†Classic coral frost
  • Stalker¬†Pin-up blue based red
  • Authentic¬†Bronzed copper frost
  • Strumpet¬†Deep red-burgundy


I did the swatches on white paper so you can see the true color versus on my color of lips. All these can be purchased in full size at Sephora or the OCC website. I was not paid to advertise this nor did I get any compensation etc etc etc

nikon122113 102

Here is close up of a few shades

nikon122113 104

And the best thing about OCC lip tars is they can be mixed to customize looks. Here is a couple “new” colors by mixing.

nikon122113 103


Have any of you tried OCC lip tars… thoughts reviews? Please link comment below! ūüėÄ

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GRWM– Wear it Wednesday Challenge

I was super excited that Kate from¬†Kflowermaquillage ‚Äď Musings on Makeup & Beauty¬†let me join in on her Wear it Wednesday challenge. See our collab post here.¬†I don’t want to give anything away with who I was to replicate and the final results. You will have to go to her site to check out the results BUT if you are curious the steps I did to get the look please keep reading.


nikon122313 001 nikon122313 002

I started with the Lumene Moisturizer and Noya lip Balm to nourish the skin and of course my bare face.

nikon122313 004 nikon122313 005

I decided to use this frosty white base to really let the brightness of the shadows come through. This looks way shimmery and bright but trust me it will look “age appropriate” when done.

Next I got out my BH cosmetics 88 tropical palette. Now i think I have said or alluded to BH cosmetics customer service being sucky but their eyeshadows for the price are good. I have a couple palettes. The only one I do not like is their neutral one. I will do a review of what i have of them next month.

Side note my new years this blog resolution is to be consistent in posting and pre-plan ahead my posts. I have found I love doing this blog and the community of fellow blogging friends I am making. It is a God Sent for my sanity ūüėÄ

Ok back to the GRWM, These are the colors and brush I used to apply.

nikon122313 006 nikon122313 008nikon122313 007

The top left is my lid color, the top right is my transition color and the bottom left is my crease. Here is the result

nikon122313 009

Next was the liner. I needed a thick cat like eye to replicate the look so I used my usual for the tightlining and the jordana liquid liner with the felt tip to really wing it out and thicken the line.

I then used this NYC shadow and went under my eyes  with it and the shade it is pointing to in the picture.

nikon122313 013nikon122313 016

I need more practice to get a perfected wing or more so I should say to figure out how to even out my eye shape as my eyes two different shape (and the bane of my existence! HA how is that for dramatic lol)

nikon122313 014 nikon122313 015

ok On to the face. I mixed my MAC Mineralize foundation. I love this foundation but I am a not this light yet for the winter so I mixed a little of the Kevyn Aucion SSE in SX05. The two very different textures of the foundation just melded together awesomely. I used the beauty blender that I finally broke down and purchased to apply.

nikon122313 017 nikon122313 018 nikon122313 019

And the results ūüėÄ A boring even colored skin just what you want your foundation to do, right?

nikon122313 020

Next is my under eye concealing. I used a peach color for the darkness and my new favorite concealer (at 75% off at that I am praying it is just CVS that is discontinuing and not the brand in general)

nikon122313 021nikon122313 023

nikon122313 022

So on to contouring and  highlighting. This loose powder is a combination of Bare minerals warmthed toned down with some Dreamworld Hermitica foundation powder I ordered that was too light for me. And my favorite MAC NSF lightscape. The picture below is to show where I put each before being blended.

  nikon122313 027nikon122313 028nikon122313 030

Next I did an all over setting and blending with a little bit of ELF HD powder and Bare Minerals Bare Radiance. I used one of my new Tarte blushes and the brush that came with it to apply a soft wash of color. The picture I was replicating had a glowy simple over all face look with bolder eyes and lips. The picture is of it all blended and ready to move on the lips.

nikon122313 025nikon122313 033nikon122313 034

I used OCC lip Tars. It is my new obsession as I got a couple of the mini’s while they were being sold for the Holiday season. I had bought one over a year ago and hated it but then got Black Metal Dahlia and LOVED it. There is a learning curve but for my small lips they really help make them pop. At first I went with the purple color but realized that the look had more of a electric pink lip color so added the other color with it.

nikon122313 037 nikon122313 038 nikon122313 039

nikon122313 040


Then I have gotten into the habit of ending my looks with my eyebrows and mascara. I did decide the eye color needed a smidgen more pop so used a sample of Chequered Lily eyeshadow. You know I love this company! I decided I needed to use the clump crusher to do just that — a little bit of un clumping ūüėÄ

nikon122313 036 nikon122313 041nikon122313 042

nikon122313 044


Ok so now (if you didn’t go there first) go see the final look. I even attempted to dupe the hair for the full effect. I just wish I was daring enough to try out the blonde hair. But my hair is just too dark and the upkeep I can’t afford.

Any comments or questions please leave below :-)

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Halloween makeup

My son’s friend came over to trick and treat. She wanted to cosplay as a female Sam Winchester from Supernatural.



I used ELF mattyfing foundation. Urban Decay shadows and OCC lip tar on the lips. She is the first person besides myself I have really practiced on. Oh man it is so different doing it on someone else. I felt like a total newbie which I really am as far as a makeup artist. It was nice as she didn’t like some things I did or the direction so it was a great lesson on listening to your client and doing what they want without taking it personal. I think she liked the over all end or if she didn’t she was nice to me about it ūüėÄ

013 012

011 010


I decided since I wasn’t going to work I would try a dark shadow. I used a Rimmel pencil in black as my creamy pencil I was too lazy to look for. It worked out well. I used Crackberry from my new Fave Indie Etsy site The Chequered Lily¬†It is a beautiful duo chrome where it is purple regularly but with a black background it is a blue sparkle. Very beautiful these pictures don’t do it justice! It looked great with a red lipstick as well. I was super happy with the results. The foundation is bare minerals that I am testing out. So far they are ok as well.

Sorry once again I am so late in posting this as Halloween was over two weeks ago but I wanted to tell you more about products used. Of course I still need to make a point to write down what I am using so I can tell you in these posts!

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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Birthday Haul

Here is a picture of the foundation from Sephora: Click Link to Purchase

nikon 10181976 008

I purposefully got the tan hoping to use it as a way to darken my lighter foundation. In particular the MAC I bought when I was at my palest last winter. It has went back as I decided even at 9.00 there was less expensive things I could mix it with and it didn’t seem to be a HG kind of formula. While at the store I did ask for a sample just in case I regretted the decision.

Here is a picture of the OCC Lip Tar set I purchased

nikon 10181976 006
They are very thick and smeared super easy! The colors are Black Dahlia described as a blackened red, Anime described as vibrant neon pink, Momento described as a pink/plum neutral, and NSFW a true-balanced Red. All are gorgeous. I did previously purchase the Black Metal Dahlia and it is way prettier and a better tone BUT I think if I get the white or some other color to lighten the color it could be gorgeous on me. I do think on darker skins it would look awesome or if I had fuller lips.

I did not take a picture of the Sephora Eye Shadow’s I purchased. Here is a stock photo.

I purchased the Taupe Silver which arrived broke and has been returned and the Golden Taupe. Both were very pretty. The picture above is for the one I kept.

I am in love with my Tarte Off the Cuff 12-hour Blush Palette and Bracelet 

H ere is a Stock Photo of this one too.


Next because I have thin lips and didn’t want to invest in a ton of lip pencils I purchased Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone.

So far I like it but I wouldn’t buy different colors.

From I purchased two things that had high reviews on Makeup Alley.

Bourjois Healthy Mix FOundation in 52 Vanilla


I am on the fence about it. It doesn’t seem to last all day or be anything special. I think it might go back. Plus the packaging was iffy to me and I am having issues letting it go.

Next is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer¬†… it is a cool texture but I don’t really see that it does anything when worn under the foundation and as a primer I have no need for it to be on top?????


Well that is pretty much it other than the free samples from Sephora. I talk a little about them in the Youtube video I just posted. Go check it out too, please and subscribe if you like what I have to say and willing to stick it out while I improve my quality.

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