Haul time

I ordered a few things from sephora and nyx.

Let’s start with NYX first. There website can be found here and I purchased all these items myself.

I purchased the bon voyage Go To Palette. It is the more colorful one out of the two choices in these palettes. It retails for 17.00 and can be found here.I also purchased a brush so I could get free shipping.



The bronzer blush and highlighter


Top row


Bottom row
I also got a brush but it didn’t photograph well. I actually am unimpressed with it but love the to go palette. I can’t wait to use it. Only downside is for being on the go there is no mirror.

Now on to sephora


I purchased an Urban Decay primer potion. I got it for ten dollars but it is no longer on sale.


A search of Kat von d lipstick in noble. It’s the perfect nude. The website describes it as a cult favorite and matte petal pink nude. It retails for 21.00.


I’m trying this mask out. I think it might be a great dupe for the glam glow masks. Here I am wearing it. The retail price is 19.00.


I can say it’s thicker than the glam glow. And after removing it my skin did feel soft and matte.

Have you hauled anything lately. If so please share.


Stash Review: Eye Shadow Crayons



Next on the stash review is eyeshadow crayons.  I am going to keep all but one. I don’t really have that many, And usual disclaimer I purchased these with my own money and any opinions are my own


mally is a definite keeper. I wish I had more of these. They are creamy and have real staying power.



Jordana and La Colors. The jordana is creamy and awesome as a black base. I like this better than NYX crayons. The LA Color is ok for a dollar. If your on a tight budget are workable,





Avon …these are as great as the Mally but the two colors are too similar. I keeping the more purple one and giving away the other one,


NYX I have three colors and these are alright. I wouldn’t purchase another as I don;t use them enough.



Here are swatches.

Do you have any eye crayons you love? Let me know below.

Halloween blog hop 2014: 3rd grade painting


I wasn’t sure what look I wanted to do for this blog hop. I wanted to do something unique yet simple that anyone can recreate. Then TA DA the third grade picture lets you play with your makeup and colors yet is easy to replicate. Here is how I did it.


Fresh Face


Draw flowers, rainbow, anything you want but it has to be imperfect. This is to look like a third grader painted it. I used Jordana eyeshadow pencil in Black.


Then I filled in with various cheek stains, lipsticks, and cream eyeshadows.


I blended the background making a point to not stay in the lines etc. To me the beauty of this is the child like feel. And the finish product.



  • Products used: Jordana eyeshadow crayon in Black
  • Nyx Jumbo eye pencils in Cashmere and Rust
  • Radiant Orchid Sephora pantone cream blush
  • ELF Matte Lip Color in rich red

Check out these other posts in the blog hop and have a wonderfully spooky Halloween!

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What’s in my makeup bag

I am back from my The Makeup show Dallas trip. It was amazing. I will do a post with the mini haul I did and talking about the experience in the next few days. First I wanted to finish a couple posts I had planned before going. Do you have those moments you lose your passion a little well I did for blogging. I have shared some reasons why but this trip has lit my fire for this blog again. Plus all my readers who like, and subscribe. I appreciate it all!

Here are the items of things I keep on hand in my handbag/purse.


My sephora Pantone makeup bag from last season


Does anyone else carry way more lippies then they need too? These are a continual flow of change but what I had currently in the bag. The brands are revlon, younique, bare minerals, clinique, NYX, maybelline, and Tarte.





These next pictures are my usual staples. My Aladdin compact mirror (LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing) an ecotools portable kabuki, and a bare minerals compact with silk minerals foundation powder in it.


Eye drops, portable toothbrush, floss, hand cream, SPF face lotion



Lastly, an all purpose tool thing, hair accessories, mascara, and concealer.

WHat do you keep in your makeup bag?

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Current Favorites

This was suppose to be an August Favorites post but it’s way to far into august to now call it that and really they are current favorites not necessarily August alone. 😀

057036 Keihls eye cream. I found this in my stash and brought it back out. A Mary Kay sampler. The blush on me has lasted at least six hours and the eye shadows at least ten if not more. A look done using all the products mentioned. Disclaimer I purchased all these items myself. And my thoughts are always my own.
I don’t care for the new Milani Bella line as eyeshadows but these two colors as highlights are amazing!




Mally Perfect Prep under eye brightener. This stuff really is what she calls a face lift in a bottle. It can be used other places for a gorgeous effect like around the nose and on bridge.
Shany Brush I have been using for foundation. It is synthetic and not especially soft but it does a great job at buffing the foundation into your skin.
A famous summer staple for contouring. What else can be said? 😀
This brow gel is less expensive and just as awesome as my beloved Tarte Eyebrow Mousse. I want to get the blonde color as well.
I’ve been mixing these two foundations for a satin perfect color match flawless look.
These two lip combo items have been long lost cousins. They compliment each other so well. The lip stick is bare minerals my favorite brand for lipsticks.
Close up of the foundation color mixed and how stay put the brow gel is as this is dried and rubbed.
I find the Mally eye pencils to be even more creamier then Urban Decay’s and has the same longevity. It glides on and I want every color. lol


The last picture is the swatches of the rest of the products. It also shows the coloring of the foundations alone.

Are any of these your favorite as well or a not so favorite? Share below or you can do random comments and questions. Don’t forget my social media’s. I had a mini hiatus but I have been more active recently.

Quick Haul

I had a DRS appt in a city I had to travel too so I took advantage and went to Ulta and a JC Penney Sephora. I am not a fan of the JC Penney ones as they are very limited and don’t have the beauty bar areas. But come to find out they do have some pretty cool exclusive stuff.

But first I went to Ulta and this is what i picked up.



  • Lorac 2 Palette — I could not resist and I promise I tried!!
  • Aero Minerale Makeup Mist concealer in Biscuit. I have been wanting to try this for awhile.
  • Lastly NYX eyebrow Gel.

new vs old lorac pro

Kind of a blurry picture there but the 2 is on the left and the lovingly used 1 on the right. I love how it’s a similar theme BUT totally different colors.

Two Youtube videos show better than I can … Saaammage did the NYX get versus Makeup For ever’s gel video and Vintage or Tacky did the swatches of the Lorac 2.


She also did two more videos on an interesting looks using the palette.

Next I went to Sephora. I had issues with some of my returns so I just exchanged for these items.

Here is the Loot 😀
This is the Meet The Match JC Penney inside Sephora exclusive

In this kit you get three sets of matching lippie and polish.

  • Bite Beauty Strangefruit is the purple lippie
  • Nails Inc Devonshire Row is the matching polish
  • OCC Stained Gloss in Hush is a nude
  • Formula X Invincible is the matching polish
  • Tarte Lipsurgence Elite is the coral color
  • Deborah Lippmann GIrls Just Want To Have Fun is matching polish

I don’t have any of those brands in those colors and some I don’t have any at all so I am excited to try them out.

Stila In The Know Shadow Palette

occ tarred feathered


I got the OCC Tarred and Feathered in this pan form to try out before I invest in the full size tubes. I am going to play around with it but I think it will be useful.

And that was it. Besides my son’s Toys r us haul for his birthday. Which they are having their huge clearance sell. Not that he wanted toys on sale but still. lol Just letting you know!

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Latest Eye Looks

I used a variety of products in these looks. Every time I put makeup on I think of my face as a blank canvas and create. That is why I love makeup so much. The info on the pictures are all due to what I wrote on instagram so I might have forgotten an item or two.

011 008

#eotd #silknaturals #urbandecay #naked3clone#shadows #iheartthem #stila #tarte #becca #covergirl

044 043036 035

#eotd #rimmel mascara #tarte brows yesterday#marykay #loreal today #wetnwild #lorac #urbandecayboth days primed with #becca #lorac for my #oilylids#bblogger #makeup #makeupartist

025 024

#eotd #chequeredlily #lorac #rimmel #elizabethmott#becca #nyx #makeup #makeupartist #bblogger

010 009

eotd #marykay eyes. I like how natural the colors are

005 004

I couldn’t find the details of this one so I am not sure.

Just like my bangs in the 90’s, my eyeshadows are never the same two days in a row.

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Random Sunday 04/20/2014

Happy easter! Or if you celebrate another holiday happy 4/20 bahahaha

I did a fun blooper reel on my OFFICIAL Youtube channel for my OFFICIAL freelance makeup Artistry. I have decided I am committing to make this dream happen. Below is my week in pictures.


NYX display being assembled at my local CVS!!!


Favorite eye look and face of the day for the week.

wpid-comp-card-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-comp-card-2.jpg.jpeg

And I made Comp cards using Picmoney and Paint I am trying to decide which I like better or what photos I should use to make a third more perfect one. Any suggetions?

Most WOW moment of the week?

Season three of scandal was INSANE. I don’t want to wait for next season but I guess I have too! I haven’t loved a show this much since original ER!

So I will end my week finishing this post and watching a new WGN show Salem.

I love anything vampire, witches, werewolves, fairies, or really super natural. The Salem witch history is more appealing to me as it is historical.

How was your week? Leave comments, questions, random thoughts leave them below… and check out my social media’s please! 😀

Sunday Randomness

I couldn’t wait to show you guys what the new Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum is like in a first look YouTube Video. So I did it yesterday and edited/uploaded tonight.

Here are the collages I made the other day just cuz why not add them. lol

baremineralsskin baremineralsbrush bareminerals two bare mineral one

Here are the FLickr Pictures of the Springfield Mo Women’s Expo Presenter’s Main Stage for the two days. The most awesome thing if it all was the creator of Rock you Hair Michael O’Roarke was there giving free hair cuts. Check out his about page. He previously created and then sold the Big Sexy Hair brand.  He specializes in cutting under the hair for more fullness than straight across. I think I captured his essence and technique in the photos. I noticed on his website that if you give your email address you will receive a coupon of 40% off your first order. I did not get a chance to get a hair cut or shop his booth I was so busy but I do plan on getting a couple of things he showcased…. Namely the Bombshell Big Hair Powder and Get a Lift.

The other amazing thing about meeting Michael O’Rourke is he was like a Preacher during Summer Camp Meeting. His introduction speech on stage really spoke to my heart. He talked about coming to America with only like 4 or 6 K and giving it all to a person for a spot in the salon. He worried he made a bad choice but then he hit the streets and hustled. If he saw a person with blonde highlights. He said he was the best and offered to do it half of what the person paid now. When he ran into a man with a Mohawk he was an expert at that until he built his brand and is living his dream. He spoke about Hustling and making it work for you. I believe in that hustle shiz nit whether it’s the King of Diamond Strippers I follow on my instagram to small obscure blogs I can support with likes and follows. It’s all about the golden rule right? 😀

I did an eyeshadow dupe tutorial post and Youtube VIdeo on my Younique Blog. If interested check it out here.

All day today I once again re-arranged my makeup area. I moved it out of my bedroom into a front room with better sunlight and more room. I don’t have a huge stash but I have enough AND I don’t want to go buy special organize things. I’d rather re-purpose that it gets to be a bit of a pain making it user-friendly. I do like how it is coming along and is 95% done. I even de-stashed a little for a package to a friend and our yearly garage sale in my hometown.


And lastly, Here is a preview of the items I am going to use and try out this week. I decided I do a horrible job of keeping track of what I am trying to review that I could make Sunday (just like Friday) a recurring theme of weekly randomness that will feature some items I plan on using to review or use up.




Hope your weekend was fabulous. I am feeling better and I hope to get my test results back so I am clear to go back to work. (Though I could stand to be self-employed it was nice not to have that social worker stress but then again I am good at my day job too. Oh man decisions decisions lol)

As always … comments, questions, or random thoughts leave below!!
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March Blog Hop 2014

Featured Image

This Month’s theme for the facebook community I am part of is road trip. Each of us are picking different places to do and what we would bring that is just five things instead of the usual staples like skincare/toothbrush/soap etc. I am probably going to be the odd one but my post is last minute road trip due to something sad like a funeral or (like I thought I had to this month) a hospital trip or heck even something joyful like a new baby that came earlier then expected. 

Two weeks ago I thought I would have to go to Memphis TN to St Judes with my son. Due to positive and a bummer reason, we ultimately didn’t. But this post made me think if I did what would I have brought. I am not someone who has to wear makeup out in public (not judging either way) but I find myself more and more not wanting to leave the house without it on. Works wise I do feel I need it on as I have yet to not wear it to work. I think I would scare some folks lol. Putting make up in the morning is 15-45 minutes of myself relaxing, watching beauty Youtube videos and getting in touch with my creative side. I feel like I am painting a canvas and it relaxes me and gets me ready for my high stress career. I do usually for doctors appointments or things that I think I might cry at I go very light with makeup.

Ok enough babbling onto to why I choose the items I did. Sorry if some of the pictures are huge I don’t know what happened there or how to fix it????


Eyebrow powder/mousse/pencil — whatever I am using at the moment. I am not good at brow pencils so I do use powders but the last part of last year I found my holy grail item and it is the Tarte Amazonian Eyebrow Mousse. Brows are something I feel need to be done to really make your face look complete. It is funny but in the last year I have finally found my groove in doing them. I have gotten compliments at Sephora in regards to how good they are … and I find those ladies don’t compliment much HA


Concealer: What ever is your favorite or current using. I like this one as a brightener and when things are sad or worrisome those dark circle are going to shine. This might not make them disappear as a full on face but it will help.


The Z palette I have pre made with all the basic powders. A couple blushers, a highlight, and bronzer. These double as eyeshadows as well. I can interchange them quickly too but I usually don’t. (disregards the othe items in the photo it’s one of my “stock” photos.)


Mascara: I pick a simple easy to use mascara that doesn’t coat and cake my eyelashes like I usually do. Like the brows mascara is a must that is meant as background item.


I love Asian BB creams. They are thick and luxurious and American one do not compare. I no longer even try out american ones. I have tried various Asian brands but this is my favorite by far. I like the shade range in this particular version. This will give some coverage and moisturize at the same time. Plus who thinks or worries about sun coverage at sad times.

I did not include lipstick or gloss as I always have three or four rolling around in my bag. I also have powder and a retractable kabuki brush in my purse. Just in case wondering why I did not mention those things… plus I had to stick to five lol

This is going up late today. This month has been a strange combination of joys and heartaches. Overall I am glad to see it gone and look forward to the spring. It is a favorite season of mine. Please go check out the other blogs as well found below.

As always leave your comments or questions below.

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