GRWM — High Maintenance work day Part one

I thought I would show the steps, products and brushes I use getting ready for work recently. I do anything from dramatic to super simple depending on my mood and timeframe. This day was a full face and eye day. Part One since picture heavy is based on prepping the face and eyes.

First here I am sans makeup,

nikon 111813 001 - Copy - Copy

This is with my morning toner and moisturizer. Next I put on my face primers to let them settle before the foundation etc.

I love Porefessional from Benefit. It retails for 30.00. It is pricey but it is well worth it since I have large nose pores and my cheek area by my nose. It lasts a long time as I don’t apply it all over just my nose and an inch to each side of my nose bridge.

nikon 111813 005 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 004 - Copy - Copy

Be careful though when you squeeze it out as often I get too much and have to try to suck it back in the tube. Not easy! lol Here is what I looked like with it on. It’s too bad my camera doesn’t show how well it covered the pores. I should have gotten a close up.

nikon 111813 006 - Copy - Copy

Next I put the all over primer. I have used all kinds from high end to drugstore item not meant as a primer the Monistat chafing gel. I recently purchased Lorac Porefection Mattifying Face Primer. It retails for 32.00. So far it doesn’t seem to be any more special then the Monistat or Smashbox primer.  It is another one too that too much comes out. UGH I hate that! Here I am with it on.

nikon 111813 007 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 008 - Copy - Copy

I don’t feel like it blurs anything and I am not sure I even look that Matte here. Or do I not understand the point of a mattifying primer? I don’t think it claims to blur but I wish it did.

Next I work on my eyes. I have combination skin overall and very oily lids. What I have found to help is Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte make up base. It retails for 9.99.

nikon 111813 009 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 010 - Copy - Copy

It is very thick and hard to spread on the face but on my oily lids it is perfect. Before I started using this product I felt my eyeshadow would fade and crease in no time. It has been heaven sent Holy Grail for me. I double the attempt for longevity by using an actual eye shadow primer. I don’t have a holy grail yet so today I am trying my primer sample from Trish McEvoy eye base essentials, I believe I have it in bare. It retails for 25.00

nikon 111813 011 - Copy - Copy

I decided to use on my lid Notoriously Morbid shadow in Cry Innocent. Full size is 5.50. The description on the site is A deceptive purple that flashes blue. It really brought out the green in my eyes. It is a favorite of the colors I have from them.

nikon 111813 013 - Copy

nikon 111813 012 - Copy - Copy

nikon 111813 014 - Copy

Next I used my sample of the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic in Asteroid I got from my Ipsy Glam Bag. It is a beautiful color. I am no longer buying from BH cosmetics but that is a rant for another day. 😀 It is of good quality and I am not a big fan of baked eye shadows but I might be persuaded to buy this if I didn’t already have plenty of palettes.

nikon 111813 016 - Copy

nikon 111813 015

nikon 111813 018 - Copy

nikon 111813 019 - Copy

These are beautiful together. I decided though I wanted to smoke up the corner edges so I used an Urban Decay Shadow Box palette in outer V the color Zero. I used the L’Oreal smoldering eye in black. Retails roughly for 9.00 depending on where you buy it at.

nikon 111813 017 - Copy

nikon 111813 021 - Copy

nikon 111813 020 - Copynikon 111813 022 - Copy

I then fill in my eyebrows. I have tried eye brow pencils but they never work for me. I don’t know the right technique yet. I don’t really need too as I have gotten compliments from the Sephora people even on my brows. And I use a Salon Perfect kit from Walmrt for around ten dollars. I usually use the tool enclosed but it needs washed. I use a wax pencil and a couple eye brow shadow colors. I use the rich brown for the complete fill and I use the black on the tips to give match the missing patches.  Top picture is with one brow completed to show the difference. And of course the second is both with the Chella highlight pencil under to define. I got it from an Ipsy bag (retails for 18.00) and it is awesome.

nikon 111813 023 - Copy

nikon 111813 024 - Copy

nikon 111813 025 - Copynikon 111813 026 - Copy

Ugh as you can tell my eyes are two different sizes and my eyebrows sight different on my face. Gotta embrace our “flaws” regardless right? Anyone have tips on making it all look more asymmetrical?

I then used Wet N Wild brulee to help blend the look. It retails for 2.29 at  Then a little more highlight with Benefit Watts Up. This was this years birthday gift from Sephora and it the perfect size really. I like using it but wouldn’t want a full size which retails at 30.00.

nikon 111813 027 - Copy nikon 111813 028 - Copynikon 111813 030 - Copy

Next it is on to cleaning up under eye area. I use a make up wipe. Then follow up with Clarins Instant Smooth and Benefits Erase paste in Medium. Clarins is a filler primer and this little sample size has last me awhile. I am on the fence if I get again as retails for 34.00 and I read there might be a similar dupe now at the drugstore. Erase Pastes cancels the blue under my eyes. This sample as lasted me awhile too and retails for 26.oo. I would purchase this again but again I think there is a drugstore dupe out there.

nikon 111813 031 - Copy nikon 111813 032 - Copy nikon 111813 033 - Copy


So this is the first half of my getting ready this day. The rest is the full face and I will have that up Sunday for ya all.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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