Stash Review: Single shadows

A trend on youtube is gurus cleaning out their stash. I am a makeup hoarder. Do i regret all I have spent. Yes and No. The stuff I love of course not but there is a lot of deals and trends I spent money on that I do regret.

Right out the gate on this series there was nothing I wanted to purge. So this is a stash review of single shadows I own. The milani’s I just recently purchase and most of them have dual functions for me. I plan on doing a more in-depth post on this later.

And disclaimer I am far from bragging… I just like these kind of posts so wanted to do one myself. And I purchased all these items myself. So without further ado…

The Bare Minerals container where I am keeping the shadows.
MAC shadows and pigments
Milani Belle Gel Shadows
Misc items
ELF shadows … I just had to buy the Ariel collection 😀
Glitters and scaredy cat trial shadows
Makeup Geek Pigments

What do you have for single shadows. Is there anything you would like a review of? Let me know 😀


Sunday funday

So it’s no secret on here I’m bipolar. I’m medicated and most days are good but I had been in a funk and couldn’t find inspiration to write but it’s over and I’m back. 🙂 that also means a sunday synopsis. So real quick cuz I’ve got a beauty facial soon to go too.

Fave lotd


No eotd but product of the week is


I keep going back to this foundation time and time again. It didn’t cake up and looks like second skin.

Inspiration of the week


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5 eye product challenge

I’m not sure if this is a real challenge but I’ve decided to do it. ha

five items only to complete an eye look. that includes primers etc. I used 1) mac painterly pot in soft ochre 2) mally evercolor starlight waterproof liner in black navy 3) mally volumizing mascara 4) chella ivory lace highlighter and 5) tarte amazonian brow mousse

let me know if you take the challenge 🙂
Hey I am sharing this image made with
via PicsArt Photo Studio

Sunday Synopsis 07202014

Hello Beauties,

Another week that to me was FOREVER marked off the calendar. Why is it when we get older time gets faster? I’ve got a full day so I will make post short.

This was my week in beauty.

Favorite LOTD



This was a review day of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid. CHeck that here if you didn’t yesterday 😀

Incidentally also my favorite EOTD


This is a combination of Scaredy Cat eyeshadows and MAC pigments. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

This week there will at least be a post about Ipsy and a DIY hair Mask. I love my current hair color and have gotten a lot of compliments on it but to get it there I have fried it more then I had hoped. It’s not beyond repair BUT it does need repaired.

Last week had a few ups and downs but next weekend I go to my family reunion so it will be nice to have a some extra days off. Here are some random pictures that are not beauty related for the week.

Oh and I have a big day Monday so if you pray or do positive thoughts kind of thing at about three central time Monday say a little pray and send some positivity my way. I have a job interview. I am planning on doing a GRWM for that day to feature the week after. There is a fine line between understated and overstated. 😀

Sunday Synopsis 07052014

Another week went by and it was a long one for me. My full time job I was the only one except for my boss working. Then I was the on call person this weekend Friday and Sunday (right now) so that always adds some stress to the week. But I’m almost to a couple days off next week … closer 😀

I decided though instead of doing a whole post (due to the lateness of the month) I would feature my current faves here.


  • Mac Pigments in Naked, Melon and Vanilla
  • BH Cosmetics Daisy and Lily blush duos
  • My Babyliss Miracurl
  • Lorac Front of the line in Dark Brown and Black (to me nothing compares to these)
  • My go to Tarte mascara routine
  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette
  • MAC Fix+ spray

Favorite LOTD


Which happened to be on the same day as my favorite EOTD

010 013

Looky there I think I did a pretty good job of a cut crease on my first try. It was my Wednesday question of the week if you want to check it out.

I picked up these to gems at Walgreens not because I need them but I couldn’t resist. She is my second favorite to Jasmine.


This week I attempted to go blonder but I went back to the orangier color with some blonde highlights somehow lol


I finally found this at target. For a foundation junkie like me I have been on the hunt since I heard about it!


I also plan a review/comparison of the Etude Mineral Cushion Vs The IT cosmetics Fluid CC one I am smitten with.


Lastly, I had a disheartening moment Friday night when this person wrote a nasty comment on my instagram. I wrote about it here (shameless plus of other blog) and it came up recently in the FB group I am part of. Nasty people on the internet. Yes the person is a stranger but they can really cut deep. I had a constructive yet rude comment on the blog before and it was ok. But I think because this person was just down right mean and it was telling me I was talent-less and I shouldn’t follow my dream of being a makeup artist as I suck that bad. …. It just really hurt as it played on my fear I am not good enough.

So my PSA which I hate to be preachy on here but it needs said. People let’s be nice to each other. I worry about our children and future generations for mental health issues due to the availability and anonymity of the internet and being mean rude or bully. I am 37 years old with the wisdom to know my self worth is not based on that person BUT it still hurt and I still let it when I let the doubt in. I can’t imagine me at 14 having people to be able to access me 24-7 to say whatever they want with no recourse. Sigh.

Well that is it for me today. Hope whomever reads this is safe and had an awesome week. Comments leave below and please follow me. Oh and my social media sites but ONLY if you are going to be fair and nice. please think is this helpful or hurtful OR would I saw this straight to a person’s face. Ok rant over … deep breath… let it go 😀

Sunday Synopsis 062214

I don’t know why I am obsessed with cute same letter titles for themed posts I try to keep up on. I thought this title yesterday and really love it for my Sunday re-cap of the week. 😀

Anywho… Here are my fave LOTD and EOTD from instgram.


The eye look is using MAC pigment a duochrome green/gold.

These MEME’s reminded me of why I am going to be a as successful as possible freelance makeup artist. They resonated in my desire to follow my dreams, being myself, and my MUA Motto. And who doesn’t like butterflies and unicorns???



My week was made when I got this email in my in box


squee! I think either they follow people who subscribe to them back or that I am a member of the Powder Group and they did an event this week.  I love being part of this group, both for business and personal purposes. For more information on the group click this link here. 


I am going to the Dallas Makeup show and I saw on instagram that this incredible man will be a speaker there. I just hope I can hear him as I am taking a lot of classes during those two days.


I ordered my business cards and I LOVE them. I have my website almost done. I took my time since I didn’t have my business cards to give out.



Also, I had my first hater comment. THe person said I was whiny and a negative nancy. Does that mean I am starting to make it? The commentor was right I was in that post but I also feel not all reviews should be positive. Us beauty Blogger/youtubers are unfair to the consumers if we only love everything. Some things are negative and well… I can be a negative nancy depending on my mood (that’s the funny thing about being bipolar — shameless plus of other blog here)

Lastly, check out this fun collaboration I was lucky to be a part of…. LOVE the girl power/sisterhood the beauty community can have. Link Herecleo face

What did you do this week?

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What’s in my MUA bag Part two — Pic heavy

THis one is all about the Non Foundation items I took with me to the Springfield MO Women’s Expo. I ended up not using the foundations and I didn’t use any of the eyeshadows and blushes I used as Younique cosmetics was the sponsor and of course I needed to use as much of their products as possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I did pack a little bit of everything in general. So here is the pictures of the rest I packed up.

All crammed into my Playboy bowler bag.
One of my containers to easy transport things that wouldn’t fit into the playboy bowler
used to turn pigments into liner
used this on my lighter skinned ladies. Great inexpensive bronzer
used on most of the girls for contour and highlight
Used as a blending powder all over
great color range
great makeup artist easy to travel palette
I used this and a wax pencil for eyebrows
Neutrals — for perfect bridal crease and transition work — since I had to use younique only for shadows did not get to use this.
See how pretty
I heart this palette but didn’t get to use it.
cotton swabs and two scoopers
Lip pencils and preps
Highlighters — I only used the MAC one.
BRUSHES!! divided into crease work and lids.
This is my favorite and I used it a lot.
The depotted lippies. I never got to use these.
The only liquid highlighter I brought wasn’t depotted.
It was bridal runway show so I brought these just in case.
Eye Cream and bases
Beauty Blenders and one dupe
Face Brushes
My moisturizers and concealers
I used different makeup bags to organize the items

So I think I did a good job of not bringing too too much. Especially since my first time doing anything like this. I am very proud of myself if I do say so myself lol. IF you don’t believe in yourself who will right???

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Spring Product Picks Blog Hop April 2014


Once again it is time for the facebook group Beauty and Fashion Blog Community. It is a closed group but anyone who is part of our blogging community can join here.

These are my must have’s for spring. After this long winter I am so ready for nicer weather. I have promised myself to start hiking again.

028I will start with a little fashion. A pastel or white handbag is perfect for spring. I got this at Target and used the Cartwheel app for a good deal.


Another Target find. Nature jewelry that is light and simple is perfect accent. I even like to double up simple small chains for a delicate spring touch.


Pastel lavendar and corals will remind yourself and others of the beautiful flowers that bloom. If actual lipstick is too heavy for you. A light cherry wash, like a lip glaze or pigmented chapstick would do the trick as well.


Upping your moisture for your whole body and have it include an SPF is needed for your legs and arms that are now being shaved (HA) or sweat shirtless. This is a sample I got from my Birchbox. It is the latest Jergens product…. a BB Body Cream.


Rose Gold highlighters used as blushes or pale pink flushes are a light touch to a beautiful springy look.

049 051

As the weather warms up and so does the oil in our skins… or sort of. Definitely he less dry air and more sun does wonders to stop those dry patches or if naturally oily can make it worse. This Fergie powder is colorless and great at absorption and mattifying any time of the day.


Along with the help of Mattyfiers, setting sprays of different types are helpful for the spring. Here is the variety I own. Some are setting others are refreshers just in case you mattify too much. Of course just to feel fresh. a good spritz of the facial waters is an excellent way to start the day in general.

026 010214 006 026


Pantone color of the year is Orchid. Here are three picks I love in this color. The top is from The Chequered Lily No 22 Princss Aurora. Next is Urban Decay Fishnet. Lastly, is M.A.D. Cosmetics Whisper Opal.

I purchased this today. I had a sample of c2 that I wore the other day with a tarte powder and I got overwhelming compliments. This shade was the only one close to my tone at the Cosmetics outlet store. It is a holy grail of a lot of makeup artists. Online it seems it is either loved or hated. There is a learning curve but I didn’t see it. We shall see I will have a full review soon on my Foundation Friday series. Oh forgot to say this is a lightweight sweat proof formula.



Lastly if you don’t want to wear foundation or want some strong spf a BB cream is an awesome alternative. The snail BB from Missha is the golden ombre to silver tube. THe red tube is their most popular the complete cover I think it is called. And finally one of the US brands I actually like is by Younique.

Below to the other blogs joining in. This is our third one and I think it grows each year. If you want to be a part of the hop next month join our group. And one thing I am not afraid to pimp is my social media.. please follow me on any and or all of them 😀

Blog Link List:


I am a naughty blogger!! — And a list of Droolable Beauty items

I feel so neglectful on here. Not to bore or be depressing but I’ve had a lot of personal things distracting me. BUT I am committed to getting back on track. Some time this week I will be posting my reviews of last months birchbox and ipsy and show what I am working on reviewing this month.

I am finding this blogging make up hobby can get expensive. Below is a few things I have been drooling over but stopped myself from getting. Please let me know below if the items are worth the hype!

photo from adventures in makeup dot com

Le Maquillage anything. This product just seems fun. If you are not familiar google the company… very pretty versatile product I am thinking.

Photo from beauty guide 101

Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzer

Picture from Fruitylashes,com

Guerlain Meteroites

Image from Limecrime.tmblr,com

Lime Crime Velvetine lippie

photo from

MAC VivaGlam Rihanna

stock photo daily deals

Dial A Smile by White Lightening

Depending on my mood of course there are more I drool over but these are my top ones that I have yet to change my mind on wanting to get “One Day”

As always please comment, follow, or ask questions below…. oh and don’t forget about my social media! Thanks 😀

Friday foundation Fail 031313

Wow I just realized it’s friday the thirteenth right? or am I a day off? HA it is too late for me to worry if I am wrong lol. We are on vacation in Branson MO for a reunion for the camp my sons go to who have or have had cancer. It is a blast every year. This year we are seeing a tiger and magic show. So with working and packing, and then I had other family things come up I had to take care of I did not download the pictures I wanted to post to do a review. I also refuse to let myself already let this weekly theme go to the wayside already. SOOOO Here is foundation pictures for my GRWM posts I already have saved in my wordpress media. Like a Flashback Friday 😀

Ben Nye Matte in three color ranges
I used a stiple to put it on. It is very thick and pigmented.
I didn’t like how it applied but at this point I think it is me NOT the product. It is on my list to play with for a full review.
My favorite MAC foundation and well only one I have tried long term. It is great for dry skin. I used it more last year but this year I am more oily so I am about trying something with longevity.
Gives my skin a dewy look that I don’t mind
nikon010814 021
Graftobian which is along the same lines of the Ben Nye a little goes a long way.
nikon010814 022
I wanted a blank canvas for my slytherin look and boy did it give it ha obvious this is too ivory for me. I like to use a concealer more than a foundation.
nikon122313 017
When I wanted to recreate a look of Kelly Osbourne I mixed MAC Mineralized and Kevyn Aucion sensual skin enhancer
nikon122313 020
Mixing the two really brightened up my face. and I think a little less dewy mixed. Wat do you think?
nikon 111813 034
Another one my list to do a full review. I like this one but hasnt reached Holy Grail. I will tell ya why in another post.
nikon 111813 036
I don’t think this photo does it justice.

So that is it for now. If any of these you would like reviewed quicker then another please post below. I will try and make it happen 😀 I hope everyone is having as awesome of a weekend as I will!