Haul time

I ordered a few things from sephora and nyx.

Let’s start with NYX first. There website can be found here and I purchased all these items myself.

I purchased the bon voyage Go To Palette. It is the more colorful one out of the two choices in these palettes. It retails for 17.00 and can be found here.I also purchased a brush so I could get free shipping.



The bronzer blush and highlighter


Top row


Bottom row
I also got a brush but it didn’t photograph well. I actually am unimpressed with it but love the to go palette. I can’t wait to use it. Only downside is for being on the go there is no mirror.

Now on to sephora


I purchased an Urban Decay primer potion. I got it for ten dollars but it is no longer on sale.


A search of Kat von d lipstick in noble. It’s the perfect nude. The website describes it as a cult favorite and matte petal pink nude. It retails for 21.00.


I’m trying this mask out. I think it might be a great dupe for the glam glow masks. Here I am wearing it. The retail price is 19.00.


I can say it’s thicker than the glam glow. And after removing it my skin did feel soft and matte.

Have you hauled anything lately. If so please share.


Quick Haul

I had a DRS appt in a city I had to travel too so I took advantage and went to Ulta and a JC Penney Sephora. I am not a fan of the JC Penney ones as they are very limited and don’t have the beauty bar areas. But come to find out they do have some pretty cool exclusive stuff.

But first I went to Ulta and this is what i picked up.



  • Lorac 2 Palette — I could not resist and I promise I tried!!
  • Aero Minerale Makeup Mist concealer in Biscuit. I have been wanting to try this for awhile.
  • Lastly NYX eyebrow Gel.

new vs old lorac pro

Kind of a blurry picture there but the 2 is on the left and the lovingly used 1 on the right. I love how it’s a similar theme BUT totally different colors.

Two Youtube videos show better than I can … Saaammage did the NYX get versus Makeup For ever’s gel video and Vintage or Tacky did the swatches of the Lorac 2.


She also did two more videos on an interesting looks using the palette.

Next I went to Sephora. I had issues with some of my returns so I just exchanged for these items.

Here is the Loot 😀
This is the Meet The Match JC Penney inside Sephora exclusive

In this kit you get three sets of matching lippie and polish.

  • Bite Beauty Strangefruit is the purple lippie
  • Nails Inc Devonshire Row is the matching polish
  • OCC Stained Gloss in Hush is a nude
  • Formula X Invincible is the matching polish
  • Tarte Lipsurgence Elite is the coral color
  • Deborah Lippmann GIrls Just Want To Have Fun is matching polish

I don’t have any of those brands in those colors and some I don’t have any at all so I am excited to try them out.

Stila In The Know Shadow Palette

occ tarred feathered


I got the OCC Tarred and Feathered in this pan form to try out before I invest in the full size tubes. I am going to play around with it but I think it will be useful.

And that was it. Besides my son’s Toys r us haul for his birthday. Which they are having their huge clearance sell. Not that he wanted toys on sale but still. lol Just letting you know!

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GoSmile: Power Whitening Light System Review

Please check out my review of the GoSmile Power Whitening Light System.


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Sample Haul

I was so excited to get an email that I was getting my first VOXBOX from Influenster. #SPRINGFLING is the theme. Here are the items. I will do a more in depth review after I have used them a little while (except the Playtex not hating I am just saying not for me to review! 😀  )

012014022 020 019 017 016 015


Then I mentioned a couple weeks ago QVC also was going to send me a box of a few samples. I did a quick video with my son Alex on opening it up. You can check that below.

These items were given to for free. There was no monetary compensation. The VoxBox is given to review but the QVC is not. When I get a chance to actually do the posts of review the opinions will be of my own. And I already have some stinkers for the VoxBox

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Dos E.L.F Hauls

I tell ya what E.L.F. brand is like a freaking bulldozer with their promotions. I am constantly getting various emails about deals and incentives to buy. I swear they are in it for selling quantity over price point. I don’t say quality because a lot of their stuff is awesome but a lot is NOT so buyer beware for sure. I almost never buy unless it is a half off sale. And I of course hate to pay for shipping and am notorious for getting more stuff just to get the free shipping. (Unless the deal is so great I am still saving money) Out of all the emails I got before the holidays only one really caught my eye. It was spend 35 and get a 25.00 gift card. There were things I wanted to pick up and try and didn’t want to pay full price at Target for them. And somethings I just can’t get at Target I wanted to try like their glitter glue. Here is what I got in my first order. 

nikon122113 096 nikon122113 095   nikon 123113 033nikon 123113 038nikon 123113 032nikon122113 100nikon122113 097nikon122113 099  nikon 123113 039

So then after Christmas I got an email about everything half off so I bit! Here is what I got this time. Just arrived today.

nikon010814 009 nikon010814 010 nikon010814 013  nikon010814 012nikon010814 015nikon010814 011nikon010814 016nikon010814 017nikon010814 018nikon010814 019 

I got all this for 25 and some change after my 25.00 gift card. So total all these items were less than 50.00. I got two of the makeup caddy things which are normally 15.00. They are REALLY nice and hold a lot of brushes. I will show them when I am done organizing my makeup desk. The glitter glue is by far the best for the price. I am hoping the matte powder is a dupe for a high end variety. Same thing for the poreless primer. As I have said over and over I am looking for my HG. High End and Low End no luck for over all face primer. Wish me luck 😀 lol

Oh and I am not sure the rules about disclosing free stuff but alas I paid for all these items out of my pocket and E.l.f. doesn’t even know my name.

One last point I got those white brushes for 50 cents each. The mineral line goes on sale half more than the white line so when it does… you gotta swoop in because for the price they are still great quality and when they die (not due to shedding in my experience but the metal part separating issues) well you still got your 50 cents worth right?

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Cvs clearance haul

Below is pictures and swatches of what I got Sunday. I saved 115 dollars. I will go through and update later the actual savings as I don’t have three receipt handy but wanted to post this as it is already Wednesday.














Here is the lipstick swatches after being whipped off with soap. Many were still visible.

All but the Milani was 75% off. Milano was 50%.

Go get these deals before all gone!

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Birthday Haul

Here is a picture of the foundation from Sephora: Click Link to Purchase

nikon 10181976 008

I purposefully got the tan hoping to use it as a way to darken my lighter foundation. In particular the MAC I bought when I was at my palest last winter. It has went back as I decided even at 9.00 there was less expensive things I could mix it with and it didn’t seem to be a HG kind of formula. While at the store I did ask for a sample just in case I regretted the decision.

Here is a picture of the OCC Lip Tar set I purchased

nikon 10181976 006
They are very thick and smeared super easy! The colors are Black Dahlia described as a blackened red, Anime described as vibrant neon pink, Momento described as a pink/plum neutral, and NSFW a true-balanced Red. All are gorgeous. I did previously purchase the Black Metal Dahlia and it is way prettier and a better tone BUT I think if I get the white or some other color to lighten the color it could be gorgeous on me. I do think on darker skins it would look awesome or if I had fuller lips.

I did not take a picture of the Sephora Eye Shadow’s I purchased. Here is a stock photo.

I purchased the Taupe Silver which arrived broke and has been returned and the Golden Taupe. Both were very pretty. The picture above is for the one I kept.

I am in love with my Tarte Off the Cuff 12-hour Blush Palette and Bracelet 

H ere is a Stock Photo of this one too.

From http://www.musingsofamuse.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Tarte-Off-The-Cuff-Amazonian-Clay-12-Hour-Blush-Palette-Bracelet1.jpg

Next because I have thin lips and didn’t want to invest in a ton of lip pencils I purchased Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil in Ozone.

So far I like it but I wouldn’t buy different colors.

From ASOS.com I purchased two things that had high reviews on Makeup Alley.

Bourjois Healthy Mix FOundation in 52 Vanilla


I am on the fence about it. It doesn’t seem to last all day or be anything special. I think it might go back. Plus the packaging was iffy to me and I am having issues letting it go.

Next is the Bourjois Bronzing Primer … it is a cool texture but I don’t really see that it does anything when worn under the foundation and as a primer I have no need for it to be on top?????


Well that is pretty much it other than the free samples from Sephora. I talk a little about them in the Youtube video I just posted. Go check it out too, please and subscribe if you like what I have to say and willing to stick it out while I improve my quality.

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