Chequered Lily swatches and giveaway winner

Hello everyone. It’s Saturday and the day to announce my giveaway winner. Dreadfully Divine you can find her blog here. I checked her out after her comment post and she is amazing at eye makeup! She has no idea of my praises and I do not personally know her in case anyone might think I chose a friend for this giveaway. I am just paranoid like that 😀 Please contact me with an address within a week so I can mail it to you.  Thanks to all who commented.

Now here is the rest of the swatches I was given (thoughts are my own) along with the Halloween samples.

001 004

Fireflies and Hearts of fire are my favorite of the swatches I received but they are all lovely and pigmented. I accidentally swatched Marina twice but you can definitely tell the blues are two different tones and Sea of Cortez has a beautiful sparkle to it.

Does anyone have any other brand I should try on etsy? I’d love to hear your suggestions.



The Chequered Lily Apothecary: New Shadow review and Giveaway *** closed ***

If you have followed me from the beginning, you know, I have a deep affection for Kimberly the owner of The Chequered Lily Apothecary. You can find her items for sale here on etsy. You can find special deals post and any updates in general on her facebook page. She always has a special going on. When you purchase a cumulative (meaning not just in one order but could be a couple) of 50.00 you get a free shadow.

She recently launched a Halloween line. Visit her shop and read the descriptions you can tell how much love and thought she has put into her work.

Here are the swatches.

Click picture to see the swatches better.

First is #162 Silent As The Snow – “Icy metallic pearl white with silver sparkle. ”

Next is #163 Form Of Mist – “Warm semi-sheer metallic pewter with lavender undertone.”

Then there is #165 Memento Mori – “Metallic charcoal grey with dark maroon undertone. ”

Lastly is #164 Bloodflower – “Rich metallic burgundy-red with red shimmer.”

My favorite is Bloodchilde but all are creamy and it didn’t take much to make this vibrant of a swatch.

Then there is a matching blusher and glitter.

Click picture to see the swatches better.

The glitter is #G12 Nightchilde – ” Ruby & crimson glitters blended with black and silver.”

The blusher is #B07 The Sinking Night – “Cool lavender-tinted matte medium grey.

The glitter is crazy pigmented. And I have other blushers so I can talk about the quality as they are creamy and a lot goes a long way. I have accidentally over powdered before so use sparingly. I think the color is creative and would look awesome on super pale or super dark skin.

Ok so the giveaway is a full size (she now has two sizes in the shadows with the full size being a really awesome looking jar — I wish I could keep it… can I win my own giveaway? lol) of Silent as the Snow.


To win this you must

  • Be over 17 years old
  • Located in the USA
  • Go to the Etsy shop and let me know if you found a favorite eyeshadow color.

Next Saturday I will draw a winner in a video with my youngest son 😀

Disclaimer: The samples in this post and the giveaway item was given to me by the company. I am not being compensated in any way and the opinions are my own.

Sunday Synopsis 062914

Hello My Beauties,

I had a great week. I am loving the summer weather. I had a giveaway earlier this week and I put everyone in a hat since I didn’t realize rafflecopter doesn’t work well with wordpress and the winner is …. please email me at angela at beautywhisperermua dot come with your mailing address and I will get it to you this week.

MILANEAAAA (I think I read that right)
wpid-20140629_083755.jpg I did count multiple times per the rules and I had to do it this way. Booo I have to figure out rafflecopter for sure. And Here is the final product you will receive 😀 Congrats

My fave LOTD was


This is using most of these products


As I am trying something new. Where I can remember what I am wanting to review. It’s a chopping block kind of thing like chrystalis007 on youtube. I let her know via instagram I was going to use her same concept but a smidgen different. The only thing not in here that made the dewy skin is the It Cosmetics sponge foundation. I really do love that stuff but can slide off on humid days.

My Fave EOTD is this combo picture


Top and bottom are from the new MAC pigments I purchased and the middle is the revealed2 palette from coastal scents.


I have makeup artist lead that proves God puts us in the right place at the right time. I am excited and scared at the same time. I hope to share more about this journey with you all but I am superstitious if I “brag” too much it will all fall through. I hope you understand. BUT if it does it will be a dream come true.

I did order a custom designed calendar from Personal-planner. I saw a couple of youtube videos and have wanted one since. You can completely customize it. The only downside is you can’t add things like binder ones BUT I don’t think I will need too and I am using it for business and blog purposes not my full-time pay the bills job. I will show you when I get it as I am so excited. I am not affiliated with the company at all either. I wish I was 😀 Don’t we all get into this blog thing for the free stuff. Just teasing I do it for therapy and reason to justify shopping to my husband.

This week I plan for you a youtube video, a blog hop, and maybe/hopefully a review.

Comments, Random thoughts, or questions please leave below and of course check out my social media sights.

Giveaway: A few Silk Naturals Naked Three Clones ***CLOSED

Since I got the new Revealed Palette 2 and I feel that a lot of the shades are very similar, I have decided to do a giveaway of five shades. These are full sizes and used very sparingly. I used a clean brush to dip into them so cross contamination should be minimal.


Portal from the picture above. It is described as a black with pinky red reflects.


Status and Link from the picture above is another two of the group.


Two from above are in the grouping History and Torrent.

The rules are as follows … since I can’t figure out rafflecopter for each item you do your name goes into a hat that my son will help me pull from next Sunday.

1) like this post worth one name in hat

2) comment on this post worth one name in hat

3) follow this blog and comment that you do worth three times name in hat

4) follow me on instagram and/or twitter and/or tumber. You will receive two times name in hat for each of these. Please leave a comment on which all ones you did

I know TOTAL pain the bootie but I really am not smart with figuring out these things and I do want to do a giveaway. THanks 😀


The winner is. .. ** I swear I attempted to have this posted at ten.

I had my oldest Son help me here we are with all names on a slip of paper


Here he is picking


And the winner


Sarah loves makeup. .. email your address at

Thanks everyone who entered and everyone who reads this blog 😀

Those of you who followed the instagram one I will send after grocery shopping my husband got bitchy waiting on me so we can get groceries …. the struggle is real. Lol

Check out my social media please 😀 lots of exciting things to come!

Tomorrow is my drawings for my giveaway.

I wanted to be more specific. it will be closing at 10 am central time tomorrow. Both the instagram and the blog giveaway. The original post is found here. 

I am excited to share my time as a makeup artist for the Bridal Show as the Springfield Expo. I will be featuring it the next two weeks. I don’t think it will be boring.

Please check out my social media I would really really appreciate it!!!!!

Celebration time — Giveaway :D

I am not sure if you caught my post from last Wednesday. But we had my son’s annual MRI check up and it was great news… no growth! So to celebrate that and that I am a smidgen over 100 followers (Who I so appreciate) I am doing a samples give away. Here are a pick of what you get. I can change out the makeup case to about any Ipsy bag you want. I have most from the last year. Just check out their website. and let me know. I will try to accommodate. 😀 I am also including this month’s sample of Bare Minerals Get Ready. The swatch below is from a different one I own. It’s a beautiful color and perfect for any occasion or skin tone.

To enter leave a comment below on something I should sample next or just say Hi and be a follower. I will have my youngest pull names out of a hat on Sunday the 6th 2014.

Here are pictures of what you will get with random ipsy bag.

041 042

Here is the lipstick and “proof” that I have my own. 😀 Swatch included!



AND …. to promote my instragram account. I am giving away four of these coupons. The codes for ten off forty are good until April 30th 2014 at My instagram is @youniquebeautymua They have many major brands and I have bought way too much from them obviously lol I will choose four people interested who 1) like or comment on the photo of the partial flyer 2) re-post the picture of the coupon promoting the giving away and tags me and 3) joins my instagram. I will private message a picture to your instagram showing your personal code … once the giveaway is closed I will verify you did all three things.


Both giveaways are open until Next Sunday the 6th 2014 and in no way were these given to me from the companies to give away. It is all from my personal purchases that acquired these items. Please note, I will mail out the package after I receive your address and is for US only as I don’t even know chemical rules for other counties 😀

Thanks for stopping by and please join me on my on all my social media sites found in the sidebar.  I would appreciate it 😀