Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

My obsession for independent Etsy makeup stores was refueled recently with scaredy cat cosmetics.

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So just five questions

1 … well dual question first why/how got started and came up with company name

2 what is your inspiration for colors and their names?

3 do you have a beauty or company motto saying etc

4 what does the future hold for scaredy cat?

5 anything you want to share that I might have missed asking?


1. I got started after working as a graphic artist at a local advertising studio. We worked with a lot of fashion brands and I always really enjoyed watching the make up artists work during our photo shoots. So, I began teaching myself how to work with powders and pigments. This lead to me learning how to make my own colors, pigments, powder, and skin care products.

The company itself was started during a rather difficult time for my family. The recession had hit us hard and starting such a project at that time was pretty intimidating. I have a little orange tabby cat that always knew how to cheer me up when I needed it. He became the inspiration for the name and logo. He’s even helping me now by resting his chin on my keyboard.

2. The inspiration for the colors and names come from so many different places. I often pull from nature for my color inspiration, be it a flower I saw that day or a colorful bird I saw in a nature documentary. The names are often puns that relate to the color or label illustration. I also have a soft spot for internet terminology (e.i. Teal Deer and Flounce Cat).

3. I don’t have an official company motto, but I live by the belief that beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face.

4. We are currently going through a lot of changes. My family just purchased some real estate and we will be building new and bigger facilities. This should allow us to expand into more product lines. I have so many things I want to get onto the market (especially these nail polishes with their super adorable bottles).

5. I wish I could think of something, but forgive me I’m drawing a blank (spent the day on the build site and I’m just beat). Thanks for giving me this opportunity to chat with you. Cheers!
I think the pictures speak for themselves. And I can attest they stay on my oily kids so they will yours. I love how they’re subtle shades then bold ones depending on your mood.

Only con is though the vials hold a lot and are super cute they are hard to get the pigment out. But they were a draw to my purchase so for me easy to overlook and I depot most everything anyway.

Disclaimer I purchased with my own money (five vials are eight dollars with shipping) and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to review then either.

Well you be trying them?


May Blog Hop: Mother’s day Ideas

maybloghop I love to shop so this is a fun blog hop. Every month I look forward to participating in a sisterhood of blogging found in the facebook community: Beauty and Fashion Blog Community. It is a closed group but easy to join. Now this month has forced me to google all kinds of womenly fun goodies. (said in a dramatic fake southern accent with my hand tossed dramatically on my forhead kind of way.. just like Scarlett o’Hara 😀  ) It truly is a burden lol. What I like about these hops is we are allowed to do our own take on how or what we write as long as it follows the basic theme. I am going with…. … because my day job is being a social worker so you know Momma can’t afford super pricey things!! 1) Homemade whimsical cookies 2) Etsy Mother's Day Gift Set / Soap Lip balm and bath salt Gift Sets Gift Ideas For Her bath and beauty Gift Sets Soap Boxed Set Mother's Day Gifts This deal above is only 25.00 and is described as….

The Ultimate all natural spa Gift , Perfect Mother’s Day Gift set Ready to ship with personalized gift tag, pretty ribbon and your custom message. Perfect gifts for her, gifts for mom or unique friends and coworkers gift idea. and…. Eco Friendly!!(please include your gift tag message during checkout and I will include it on a card with your gift)This listing is for a gift set that includes 1 soap of your choice, 1 lip balm of your choice 1 four oz bath salt in Pink Grapefruit (or lavender if you request at checkout) 1 muscle rescue balm tin 1 skin rescue balm tin  SHIPPING: ALL ORDERS placed on or before May 5th will ABSOLUTELY arrive in time for gifting on Mother’s Day. This deal is found here.
3) This ring is totally fake BUT only 19.99. I know that sounds like sarcasm but for me, my kids or husband can’t the real thing. I actually prefer this kind of jewelry as I know if I misplace it, I am not out money and devastated. This particular ring is found here. 
Mothers Day Gifts Bling Jewelry Flower Cubic Zirconia Pearl Engagement Ring
5) Sonia Kashuk Smokey Eye Brush Set
Sonia Kashuk® Smokey Eye Brush Set

Achieve an effortless smokey eye in four easy steps with this paint by numbers brush set, complete with step-by-step how-tos from Sonia Kashuk. Each brush is crafted for a specific use to make it quick and effortless. Apply a wash of dense, all-over color with #1 Lid Brush, then use #2 Crease Brush, an angled flat top brush, for added depth in the crease. Next, use #3 Lash Line, a thin, angled flat top liner brush, in a rocking motion along the lash line for intense, smokey pigmentation. Finally add precise definition at the lower lash line with #4 Smudge, a pointed, dense bristle brush.

  • Number of Pieces: 5
  • Includes: Smudge Brush, Crease Brush, Lid Brush, Eyeliner Brush, Carrying bag
  • General Material: Wood

6) Flowers … there are a lot of deals right now in sending flowers to your Momma. I love the colors of these below they are Peruvian Lilies and can be found on sale for 19.99. 100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies

7) Inexpensive Perfumes.

adidas pure lightness spray If you’re looking for a light, sporty scent,Adidas Pure Lightness Eau De Toilette Spray, $12.99, is the perfect perfume for you. It’s a great light daytime fragrance, which makes it a popular choice for women who want to smell nice but don’t want to make their coworkers/study mates gag. And don’t worry — despite it being an “Adidas” (read: sporty) fragrance, it’s still very feminine with notes of apple, jasmine, and lily.

8) QVC

It Cosmetics TIGHTLINE Full Lash Line Black Mascara Primer Duo It is a great way to purchase items at a discount or in a grouping at a good price. I am completely wanting this primer. I saw it presented on the show and it looked amazing. It is It Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Line Black Mascara Primer. What is it: Tightline Full Lash Length Black Eyelash Primer is a true game-changer in mascara and eyeliner technology. This multitasking beauty must-have uses an ultra-skinny wand to let you coat your lashes at their actual roots for the ultimate in length and volume. But the best part is, if you have sparse or missing lashes, the Tightline brush lays down black pigment along your entire lash line, filling in sparse spots for a full, beautiful lash line and the look of an eyeliner!

Who is it for: Anyone who wants lashes for miles! Anyone with sparse lashes who wants the look of a full lash line. Anyone who wants thicker, longer, fuller-looking, amazing lashes that reach their full potential. Anyone who wants the look of the Tightline eyeliner effect.

Why is it different: The Tightline Full Lash Length Black Eyelash Primer Skinny Wand gives you the power to coat each lash beginning at the root. This also creates a Tightline eyeliner effect along your upper and lower lash line, because it lays down black pigment between each eyelash at the root, creating instant definition without taking up extra eyelid space. The skinny wand also allows the conditioning serum to infuse a blend of lash-enhancing ingredients, including peptides, collagen, proteins, biotin, nettle extract, green tea, jojoba, and vitamins all the way down to the roots for the most effective dosage of nourishment and protection.

How do I use it: Starting at the root of your lashes, hold the Tightline Skinny Wand horizontally, then wiggle and sweep to the tips. For a more dramatic look, add additional coats. For a more visible eyeliner effect, lightly and gently press the Tightline Skinny Wand along the roots of your lashes to fill in the gaps. Move along the entire upper lash line for a beautiful Tightline eyeliner effect.

9) H &M Handbags. They have handbags from under twenty to over hundred. I love this one below for summer.

10) If you are worried none of these suggestions will work you can always go with a gift card. Some feel it is impersonal but I feel it gives us Mom’s a chance to shop!!

These can be found anywhere and in about any amount.

So comment, like, random thoughts leave them below. Please check out my social media sites and these blogs as well to see everyone’s take on our May blog hop!

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Random Sunday 04/27/2014

I have made a executive decision. I will have three set day themes for the blog and will post various other things when I have the time or idea. The scheudle and theme is as follows:

Sunday: a week recap and upcoming things in the next week. A get to know me and my life better.

Wednesday: A question of the week for us all to get to know each other.

Friday: Will no longer be foundation reviews only but reviews in general. I am thinking something catchy like Favorite it or forget it 😀 I have a thing for using the letters of the day in the overall name.

Last week my favorite instagram EOTD was …


And my favorite instagram LOTd was…


I purchased from my favorite etsy shop The Chequered Lily Apothecary. Her facebook let me know she is having a sale where the colors left are only 4.55 and the colors are never disappointing. The picture on the left is the ones I purchased and the four on the right is the free samples she sent me in my purchase. All the shadows I purchased were used in the eye look for the LOTD photo above.


My previous posts can be found here and here.

The last exciting thing that happened this week is I got approved for an account at Model Mayhem and discount approved for Frends which for Makeup Artist you can get up to 40% products depending on the brand.


This coming week, I will be part of the newest month’s blog Hop (Hint the theme is Mother’s Day Gifts)

I finally am almost done writing the post on an award I received. I love those things but one of the rules is to award it to a blog with less than two hundred followers BUT I am not sure how we tell the numbers. Anybody else know?

On a personal note, I take my son who had/has the cancer for testing to see if his learning/special needs to PTSD related. For all those parents that struggle with knowing what’s right for your children. I am a social worker by actual profession and sometimes you make a choice that it wrong tough one BUT I think it is all based on intent. Anyway I am not trying to make this blog a downer. I just mention it as I am hopeful that we find the puzzle piece that helps him move forward in life.

Ok well I also want to say I appreciate everyone who reads my blog… oh and if you didn’t notice (and well who would) I took the plunge and got my own domain. I am so super exited and happy I did. IT fits into the name of my business which is slowly starting to take off. Whoo Hoo! Please leave comment, ask questions, and random thoughts below.

And check out my social media sites. I would appreciate that as well.

Indie Review: MAD Cosmetics

A few months back I became obsessed loose eye shadow on etsy. I have raved and raved about Chequered Lily but that company does not have any matte’s as far as I have seen. When I was browsing I saw this beautiful brown with green flecks in it. The title caught my eye too. It is called Mint Chocolate. My Fave Flavor EVER!!! The etsy site doesn’t allow for samples. I emailed the company and they nicely and quickly replied for me to use their main website found HERE. To my awesome amazement they had and I saw today still have a thirty percent sale going on. If you get baggie samples the shipping is pretty cheap.

032 031 029 028 027 025026

The second batch I got were more neutral colors with a couple shimmer colors. THIS COMPANY HAS THE BEST MATTE SHADES EVER! Find them in one spot HERE. I plan on getting second bags while on sale to double my amount. Ponder is the best base/transition color for any medium to dark look.

015020 022024 018017 

Here is a weeks worth of looks I did using the products.

007 009 010 012  019


nikon010814 008nikon010814 002007008014015024

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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Latest The Chequered Lily colors…

nikon 111813 064

So The chequered Lily has a facebook fan page. Of course I am a fan. lol The owner often has giveaways. Recently it was a random drawing by just replying to the post. Well it auto generated ME! So I got to pick out three full size containers! I chose #127 Samhain #02 Sushi Ginger and #22 Princess Aurora.  You can see my initial review of 02 and 22 with descriptions and pictures here.

nikon 111813 065

I then paid for another 7 pack sample set. A couple I got to add to colors I already loved and make me have more without buying a large one. In my earlier post  I spoke of a con being unable to get half sizes. This was my attempt at around it and it worked ok. I now have a decent amount of colors I will use but not on a regular basis. 

The sample colors from the top down are …

#128 Grimoire Smoky Plum with Pink Undertone and Copper Shimmer #121 Rickroll Coppery Burnt Orange with fuschia reflect and purple glitter. #127 Samhain Smoldering Copper with Bronze Glitter and Blue Glimmer #150 Haunted Velvety Black With Intense Violet Shimmer (not sure why it looks blue in my photos In the package it looks black and purple on the site. #130 The Ringmaster Velvety Brick Red with Strong Red Iridescence & Gold Sparkles. #26 Gilty intense golden yellow with golden shimmer and gold glitter #20 Kali Hot flame-red with intense red and burnt-orange glitter. #30 Blackberries Smokey burgundy-purple with black undertone and pink sparkle. #131 For Amusement Only Rich Reddened Gold with Subtle Red Glimmer & Crimson Glitter.

nikon 111813 068nikon 111813 073   nikon 111813 069nikon 111813 074nikon 111813 070

nikon 111813 066

I did the three color swipe again. I am trying to stay uniform in my swatches between companies. At least the ones the specialize in eye shadows.

Here is a look with the Samhain shadow. What I love about this one it is a shimmery sister to MAC’s Brown Script. It is my favorite MAC shade to let you know just how awesome I think that is!


Here is on with me using Princess Aurora. I wish I knew how those MUA’s on IG make the colors pop cuz in real life this was way brighter!

004 003 

The BEST PART OF ALL is the owner is having a black friday/cybermonday sale. Per the etsy shop, BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sale 20% off everything all weekend and Monday! ^_^ Saturday and Sunday: FREE full sized lip balm in Snow Queen (new & unreleased) on any order of full sized product.  There is still totally time to get your order in. I did Friday and will be getting 6 colors in full sizes I don’t have at all (at this point I have complete faith I don’t mind not getting a sample first. And I had to be conservative due to Christmas. These are all colors I don’t think I have anything in my collection like. Fingers crossed 😀  ) and one blush which I haven’t tried from them. And it looks like I qualified for the free lippie sample so I am excited as I didn’t see that until I did this post WHOOT WHOOT!

Oh I forgot disclaimer… other then the product I won I have paid and continue to pay for the products reviewed and  the opinion is my own and would continue to be regardless.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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notoriously morbid review

I was drooling over The Chequered Lily’s etsy shop and stumbled on another blogger’s indie special sample deal. This time from notoriously morbid. The about page states:

Color with a dark twist!

Since 2004 I have handcraft products with a unique flare. I’m a nerdy kinda girl with a little gothic girl screaming to be let out. I love color but I also love the dark. I brought these two loves together to create highly pigmented eye shadows created with different themes in mind. From the dark corners of the world of Lovecraft, the time traveling of The Doctor, the exhilaration of heroes and villains of the comic world, there will be something for everyone.
Disclaimer: I did get these at a discounted rate to review but they were purchased with my own money and the owner never said one way or the other if we had an unfavorable review to not post it. These opinions are totally my own.
nikon 110913 014
The purchase was suppose to be only a full 5g shadow and five sample baggies. The owner actually send two extra. So already a plus for customer service! Shipping wise it was average and shipped out within two days of order. I of course am always impatient for potential fun items. The wait seemed longer as the actual colors sent to me were not picked by me. The deal is clear that we don’t get to pick samples but can suggest things we may want more or not at all. I asked for limited blues and greens and no white and light pinks as i have a ton of highlights and I don’t like those anyway in mineral powder form. I am impressed with the color selection that was chosen for me.
nikon 110913 022 nikon 110913 025 nikon 110913 023 nikon 110913 024
Here is the full 5 gram size color. As you can see it is filled to the top and does not have a sifter. I will be putting this in a different container anyway so for me no sifter is ok. If you are one who likes/wants shifters well you will have to decide if the swatches I show are worth overlooking that perk.
Lunatic Shrilling Mineral Eyeshadownikon 110913 027
Lunatic Shrilling
The quiet rage that no one can hear. That dark voice screaming in the back of your head. That’s the lunatic shrilling.
A dark purple grey with copper sparkles and a copper sheen.
These pictures do not do it justice. The owner did an awesome job picking a full size color for me. Purples are my favorite and I wear them often plus they are great for my green hazel eyes.
nikon 110913 030 nikon 110913 028
nikon 110913 029
Classy with a hint of mischief!
A dark metallic brown with lots of wow factor!
Again the swatches didn’t have as good of payoff as in real life. It is a great color and I think would work best on dark skin and eyes.
 nikon 110913 035nikon 110913 032 
nikon 110913 031nikon 110913 034
Stripper Zombie
She used to take her clothes off for a living, now that she’s living dead she strips the flesh right off too!
A sour apple green with a gold duocrome and packed with gold sparkle. 
Stripper Zombie "Zombie Society" collection  Mineral Eyeshadow
Compared to my swatches the website swatch is very vibrant. I did get that pay off but I did get the duochrome effect on the black base. I like the color but I wouldn’t myself buy a full size. More so as with my eye color it just washes out on my eyes. I do think it is unique though and I do not have any color like it in my collections so for a unique look it will come in handy.
nikon 110913 036 nikon 110913 038
No One Was Saved
wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave”
A dark gray purple with red and violet shift
Once again my swatches don;t do it justice BUT I am wondering if mine are more accurate than the websites. OR I just wanted to conservative with the smears. I do want to try these out on my eyes a few times after all 😀 I do like this color and am interested in buying a full size after I play with it on my eyes to prove it does look good on me.
nikon 110913 039 nikon 110913 040 nikon 110913 041
Cry Innocent
Accused of bewitching children, a tavern owner who dressed provocatively and refused the advances of Puritan men sentenced to die because of her spiteful attitude. She cries innocent.
A deceptive purple that flashes blue.
Another one that I liked the color on dry skin but was disappointed over the black and white. I will have to play around to figure out if I want a full jar.
nikon 110913 042 nikon 110913 044
Snow’s Fury
Hair black as a raven, lips dripping with blood, skin as pale as snow…. wrath and fury so dark and blue.
A dark metallic blue with aqua sparkles. 
As I said before I am not a huge fan of blues for shadow’s but I LOVE THIS ONE. It isn’t an over vibrant fake blue kind of color. It is gorgeous over all bases but especially the black which I LOVE. I have nothing like this in my collection that I would use and this one for special nights out I would use. I really enjoy being surprised and this one totally did.
nikon 110913 045 nikon 110913 046 nikon 110913 048
Ororo..Goddess..Weather Witch..whatever you may call her, she is mighty and she is beautiful.
A dark gray with a green sheen and blue and green sparkles.
Storm "The Heros" collection Mineral Eyeshadow
Another one I really like and will need to play around with to solidify if it really is as awesome as I think it is. 😀
nikon 110913 052 nikon 110913 049
I am afflicted
Don’t mind the strange behavior, the screaming, and the seizures. I am afflicted. It was her! It was her! It was her! I do not have an agenda. I am bewitched.
A metallic rusty red with a dark brown base. 
Another favorite! Love it against the black base and probably the white if I used  a dryer white base. I think this time it was too tacky and didn’t let the swatches smooth nicely on it.
I will do a follow up with some eye looks showcasing the shadows and their real pay off etc.
So far the pros:
*Pricing is excellent. Sample sell individually for 1.25. Mini 1g sample jars for 2,75 and full size for 5.50. A con for The Chequred Lily was not having smaller size so HUGE pro to me.
* The colors are vibrant and on the darker smokey shade side. I think that is unique. Here is a vibrant red swatch from the site. I would love to try it if I didn’t already have a couple reds.

Another color I am interested in not only for it’s name but what looks like a unique color scheme. “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together!”
A peach/pink with blue to violet shift. 

This set is beautiful as well especially Victorian Gypsy and Temptest,

Ha I better quite looking I might find more I feel I gotta have!!


*With the swatches I am fearful it will take a lot of product to get the color pay off on the site swatches. Which makes me fearful if you don’t they will fade or fall out quickly. I will follow up and with this review in a couple weeks to see if still a con or just unneeded concern.

*The color range isn’t too varying and didn’t see any Matte’s which is not a huge con but I would like more independent companies to develop quality mattes.

Over all with pricing and jewel and smokey color range this is a company I would buy from again.

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TheChequeredLily ** Picture Heavy

I was enlightened to an awesome independent etsy shop from a blog post from Phyrra.  the Chequered Lily Apothecary is reasonable and stunning, I will put in the disclaimer now. I did get these samples at a hella good discount but I had to prove I had a blog and the opinions are completely my own. In fact I was expecting to just be like MEH as I am not into super glittery eyeshadows. I don’t go out anymore socially really, have a conservative job, and I am self-conscious about looking my age to a certain extent. In my experience with independent makeup eyeshadow companies there aren’t a lot of pretty neutrals and rarely a satin finish let alone matte. obviously I couldn’t keep my excitement of receiving the samples but I will let them do the talking in pictures. I know I can’t do them justice with these pics but I sure tried!

First they came in an envelope and I opened it in the sun walking from the mailbox to the house. The first site of them almost took my breath away. The colors are so vibrant and unique in my opinion.

I chose — #22 Princess Aurora per the shop’s site: Inspired by the magical color-changing ball-gown worn by the heroine of Disney’s 1959 animated feature, Sleeping Beauty.  As I was researching for this post I noticed the owner has links to youtube in regards to the colors.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.


I plan on getting a full pot of this one after Christmas. I won’t have the funds until then.  Boo Hoo. 😀

#24 Tahiti and it is described as: This color reminded me of the earthy crimsons and ochres in Gauguin’s paintings of Tahiti, particularly the painting Savage Poems ( This color looks like a south pacific sunset: rusty red orange sky and the golden glittering of sunlight on sea.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

24 Tahiti
24 Tahiti

Another one I am sure I will get a full pot of.

#13 The 13th – “‘You will be all the things in the world you’ve never been
See all the things in the world you’ve never seen
Dream all the things in the world you’ve never dreamed… ‘
But I think I get a bit confused…
Am I seducing or being seduced?” – The Cure “The 13th”

Burgundy-red with purple glitter and reflect.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

13 The 13th
13 The 13th

This one I might get but I need to look through my collection as I think I have a similar dupe or two. BUT if you do not do get it!

#126 Her Familiar – A rustle of sooty wings and a loud croak heralds the arrival of a crow to the witch’s windowsill. The bird caws thrice, then re-alights. In the corner of the cottage, a yarn basket stirs. A black tail twitches, black whiskers yawn, and two eyes appear – as golden-orange and luminous as the harvest moon…

Bright Golden-Orange with Green-Gold Glitter

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

126 Her Familiar
126 Her Familiar

This is a gorgeous color I know I am going to get a full size of this one as I know I don’t have anything like it in my collection and I know is universal to most eye colors and skin tone.

#08 Ivy – “Any greenness is deeper than anyone knows.”
-Richard Wilbur “The Beautiful Changes”

Warm medium green with copper and green sparkles.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

08 Ivy
08 Ivy

I don’t really want a full pot of this as I don’t wear a ton of greens or blues but for when I am in the mood it would be nice in my collection. (More about this in the cons)

#02 Sushi Ginger – “Gari” is young ginger, sweet-pickled and served along sushi as a palette cleanser. Most Gari is dyed pink, though it can be found in a natural light pink or yellowish color. This color reminds me of the dyed gari, but it’s even brighter and more intense.Bright Coral with Golden Shimmer.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

02 Sushi Ginger
02 Sushi Ginger

Very Unique pink and I am getting a full pot damn it! lol

#120 Crackberry – This color is one of 3 custom shades created by The Chequered Lily Apothecary for a very special project. These 3 shades are part of a larger set of customs that has been split up and shared between several Indie makeup shops. This set was requested by Shelby Goatz, a blogger and indie makeup enthusiast who suggested the project in a MMU Facebook discussion. You can find Shelby’s blog here: and I’ll be adding links to the other formulators’ shops working on this project as the colors become available. If you are interested in purchasing all 3 of our colors from this set, there is a separate listing available at a discounted rate.

Deep blue-purple with intense blue reflect and turquoise glitter.

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

120 Crackberry
120 Crackberry

Another one I could use more of a half pot for the few times I go out dancing. As below in the group swatches you can see how versatile it is unfortunately (in my opinion) not for my boring every day job.

Part of the sample deals in the shop is one or two additionally picked at owners choice. My owners choice was…

#125 Invocation – Light the candles, speak the words. Our Halloween tale begins here, hearth-side in the Witch’s cottage. Beeswax tapers flicker, dripping ivory wax onto a rough-hewn oaken table. Upon the altar sits a wide bowl of clear water. The water’s surface ripples subtly of its own accord, alive with reflected fire-light. Thin tendrils of incense begin to rise and thread their way through the room, filling the air with a strange sweetness…

Creamy Ivory with Copper Shimmer and Purple Reflect

Here are my swatch of the color on bare skin.

125 Invocation
125 Invocation

Though a beautiful color I won’t be getting as I have a ton of light highlight colors and just don’t need it.

Pros: The pigmentation is amazing. The quality is amazing. I think the price is a fair price for an indie company with this quality. The customer service is awesome (more about that later) and they are in constant touch with their customers with contests and deals on their facebook page. 

I could go on… Nice presentation, cool graphics/logo but the above pros really are the main selling points.

Cons: Nothing in the eyeshadows themselves and this might seem petty but I would like the website to make the youtube videos links. It became annoying and tedious as I wrote this to copy and paste. Not a HUGE deal as at least they are made and I am not aware of other companies doing this but it was a con to me. The second is a good majority of indie competitors allow for as many sample bags as you want for X price each and/or a smaller container or amount in a less nice packaging. This will not deter me from purchasing more but it might lower what I do buy as I just don’t need full sizes of a lot of colors. Well I do but I have three mouths to feed and can’t justify it. (Alas to be poor lol)  

All things considered,  if these are the only cons does either really matter? (Well the half size might — hint hint 😀 )

On to the plethora of group swatches. The first set is with a white NYX pencil base.

Bottom to Top #13, 08, 126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125
Bottom to Top #13, 08, 126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125
L to R #13, 08, 126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125
L to R #13, 08, 126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125
Bottom to Top #13, 08, 126, 120, 02
Bottom to Top #13, 08, 126, 120, 02
Bottom to Top #126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125
Bottom to Top #126, 120, 02, 22, 24,125

Next I washed those off and did swatches with  stay don’t stray by Benefit “skin” tone primer.

Top t Bottom #126, 13, 08, 02, 24, 120, 126, 22
Top t Bottom #126, 13, 08, 02, 24, 120, 126, 22
Top t Bottom #08, 02, 24, 120, 126, 22
Top t Bottom #08, 02, 24, 120, 126, 22
Top t Bottom #126,13, 08, 02, 24, 120
Top t Bottom #126,13, 08, 02, 24, 120

Here are the swatches under a deep black creamy liner smudged.

Top to Bottom: #22, 126, 24, 125, 13, 08, 22, 120
Top to Bottom: #22, 126, 24, 125, 13, 08, 22, 120
Top to Bottom: #125, 13, 08, 22, 120
Top to Bottom: #125, 13, 08, 22, 120
Top to Bottom: #22, 126, 24, 125, 13, 08
Top to Bottom: #22, 126, 24, 125, 13, 08

The #120 Crackberry is awesome under the black. It really shows the duo chrome of it by totally bring out the turquoise with slight purple instead of the other swatches where it looks mostly purple.

Next I played around and paired the shadows on my bare eyelid. Please forgive the need for a plucking of the eyebrows and the no foundation. It was give my skin a breather Sunday. *** please note these were put on using my finger not blended etc. This proves how easy they are to use if you ask me (which if you are still reading I think you did! Wink HA)

02 and 24
02 and 24
02 and 24
02 and 24
Left Eye 08, 126, 13 and Right Eye 125, 120, 22
Left Eye 08, 126, 13 and Right Eye 125, 120, 22
08, 126, 13
08, 126, 13
125, 120, 22
125, 120, 22
08, 126, 13
08, 126, 13

I wore them Saturday out to a trick or treat function in the daytime and today during work. These pictures show the endurance of the shadows. Both times I did my three-step priming of a matte primer (I so need to review this it is a God Sent to my oily lids), the stay don’t stray primer, and the NYX white primer in a pot. After applying it was all sealed with ELF shadow Sealer. It does seem like a lot of work but each step just takes seconds and I think the pictures will show totally worth it. 

Saturday I did 02 and 126. The top is earliest down to right before I removed it.

nikon 102613 047 nikon 102613 045 nikon 102613 042 004011010

Here is today through the day at work. The first two were at application  At one time I decided to get creative and time stamp it with my phone. It was a slight fail yet effective. Then the last were right before I started writing this forever blog post. I used 22 on l id, 02 in crease and 13 as outer v crease. 

002 001 007 004 001

Yes I did several levels of prepping and a sealer but the pay off is still excellent one me so it is worth it. I have very oily lids — I mention this again trying to beat the dead horse of how excellent quality these shadows are.

Lastly, the customer service was awesome. The owner Kimberly Bouchu states i her about section of her etsy page….


I’ve been playing with color ever since my mom bravely covered our coffee table with butcher paper and let a barely-standing mini-me scribble all over it with jumbo crayons. The mediums have changed many times over the last 30+ years, but looking back, I can clearly see that I always had my hands in something creative (and often messy). I love art and food and music and I think that makeup is just another fantastic form of human art and expression. I strive to create cosmetics that are richly pigmented, blendable, and free of unnecessary ingredients. I work hard at making unique colors and finishes that I love, and I hope you love them too. ^_^ -Kim

Already I get a sense of warmth and down to earthness about her.

I placed my order and within a short amount of time she asked me for my colors. I was a goof as usual and just saw the great deal and that I had a blog and didn’t actually read how the deal works. Oopps but she was very kind to me about it. I advised that I assumed she would pick my colors so the fact that I got to pick was already a plus. She advised me my colors were great options and before I knew it they were in my greedy hands to be played with!

As I was contemplating writing this blog post over the last few days, I had some questions. Here is what I wrote:

I am working on my post to review your shadows. I have a couple questions I would like to add if you are ok with it…

I) What is your make up motto/philosophy (if you have one and ok if you don’t)

2) Any inspirations? I did notice poetry and lyrics appears to be a major them — do you drive down the road here a song or read an excerpt and see color?

3) I like to group my loose shadows in containers like your three in one. Is it possible to get the one gram in a baggie and not in a plastic container. I have too many around already and I do want to buy full sizes.

Thank you,

Angela Watkins

Now I wasn’t at all expecting a a quick reply but since she did reply quickly originally I was afraid I had missed the email reply. I have to admit I did check my email a couple times BUT NEVER DID I FEEL I WAS BEING IGNORED. I want to make that clear. It was more my impatience lol.

Earlier today Ms Bouchu replied.

Hi Angela,
Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply, I’ve been out most of the weekend. -_-‘ I am always happy to answer questions, whether they be about products or pie. 😉

1). I get a little indignant when someone says something to the effect of, “Blue is my favorite color, but I could NEVER wear blue eye shadow because ______.” I truly believe that any color can work on any person so long as the person wearing it has the right attitude. It really comes down to confidence (which is always sexy) and skill, which can be learned through trial and error and repeat application. So yes… with confidence and practice, you can pull off anything.

2. My inspirations mostly come through books, poetry, and music, but also through the nostalgic lens of childhood. I think art begets art, that the muse is fully transferable from medium to medium. Sometimes I will see something incredibly beautiful, like a painting, or a flower that sticks in my memory and I will try to recreate that mood or texture through a color combination in a product. Czarina, Tahiti, and Iris are all examples of this kind of formulation, as well as Jareth and The Labyrinth. I also think everyone has a tiny bit of synesthesia, where our senses overlap a bit and we can interpret tastes as colors and whatnot. Ivy and Sushi Ginger were named this way. Occasionally, I will read a passage or hear a song and it will resonate as a strong color impression and I will attempt to recreate that impression. Love Like Winter is one of these, A Dustland Fairytale is another, both inspired by the songs of those titles. All the Neil Gaiman references work the same way. I’ll have a lot more literary references coming out this year, they are some of my favorite colors to create. 

3. I understand that many of my customers like to de-pot their shadows, and I’m always impressed by the ingenious storage methods of indie enthusiasts, so I try to make accommodations where I can. If I can make somebody’s life a little easier by packing something differently, I will usually try to do that. It really comes down to time and expense, since I am the only person working at this time and I get to wear all the hats. ^_~ I know the baggie samples are a big pain to try to use, but nothing matches them for price and ease of storage, so that allows me to offer samples at low prices and get them out fairly fast, that said, for your particular situation, I don’t know if the baggies have the structural integrity to hold a gram, but we can try to work something out. I have made accommodations for other customers using clamshells, or larger bags might also be possible. The only downside is that when I repackage something to suit a customer’s needs, it is considered a custom item, so the turn around time can be up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer if I have to order in a specialty container, it varies from order to order, and sometimes there is an upcharge to cover extra labor or materials. I’m always happy to set up a custom listing. 

Thanks Angela, I’m really glad you like your shadows, let me know if there’s anything else i can help with. ^_^ -Kim

OMG — Ms Bouchu or Kim… can I call you Kim?  Can we be best friends you are awesome! Is it possible to have a crush in an indie etsy shop owner that you have only seen hand swatches of? Anyway… I digress.

Fabulous answers and someone who is willing to work with you or at least seem like willing is A++++ in my book as I have had a lot of crappy customer service lately.

Well I think that is more than enough of a review. I hope you all stuck with it and PLEASE go get ya some of these delicious colors! Not because I at all was told to say that but because well I am sure the pictures speak for themselves!

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