What I learned … MUA know how

In one of my classes at Dallas Makeup show, I learned an invaluable eye shadow lesson that any newbie either on yourself or as a makeup artist could benefit from. I know I was not doing it enough on myself. That is to Blend Blend Blend those transitional shades even when you think done blend some more. 😀

pre blended
Finished look minus brows 😀

The color is still there but it is not so blunt. Yes you lose some of the vividness of the color but you can always go back and add a strategic amount and blend the edges with a smaller brush. I like how it turned out though. 😀

I hope this helps demonstrate the power of blending and most of the shadows used are from The Chequered Lily Apothecary which I am hosting a giveaway of here. 

Do you have any tips on making that perfect eye look?