August favorites


: fantastic Sam’s curl defining creme
: ecotools bronzing brush
: elf studio gotta glow lip tint
: too faced chocolate soleil
: la girl pro concealer

I’ve used all these products this month and love them. What are your favorites?


Drugstore Haul


  • Lighter shade of Covergirls Ready Set Gorgeous powder
  • L’oreal Visible Lift Blur concealer
  • L’oreal Visible Lift FOundation
  • Milani Belle gel eyeshadow in Bella Taupe
  • Milani Belle gel eyeshadow in Bella Navy
  • covergirl lip perfection in Beloved

Here are the swatches —


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Shany cosmetics


What the video above on my initial review and then here is the pictures of what I purchased. The clown blush was an error when trying to show you the pigmentation

Total Pigmentation!
Pretty color lip gloss
here is the sample tube.


029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038

If you want to try out the products with a discount check out their FB page. They are always running an x amount off.

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March Blog Hop 2014

Featured Image

This Month’s theme for the facebook community I am part of is road trip. Each of us are picking different places to do and what we would bring that is just five things instead of the usual staples like skincare/toothbrush/soap etc. I am probably going to be the odd one but my post is last minute road trip due to something sad like a funeral or (like I thought I had to this month) a hospital trip or heck even something joyful like a new baby that came earlier then expected.¬†

Two weeks ago I thought I would have to go to Memphis TN to St Judes with my son. Due to positive and a bummer reason, we ultimately didn’t. But this post made me think if I did what would I have brought. I am not someone who has to wear makeup out in public (not judging either way) but I find myself more and more not wanting to leave the house without it on. Works wise I do feel I need it on as I have yet to not wear it to work. I think I would scare some folks lol. Putting make up in the morning is 15-45 minutes of myself relaxing, watching beauty Youtube videos and getting in touch with my creative side. I feel like I am painting a canvas and it relaxes me and gets me ready for my high stress career. I do usually for doctors appointments or things that I think I might cry at I go very light with makeup.

Ok enough babbling onto to why I choose the items I did. Sorry if some of the pictures are huge I don’t know what happened there or how to fix it????


Eyebrow powder/mousse/pencil — whatever I am using at the moment. I am not good at brow pencils so I do use powders but the last part of last year I found my holy grail item and it is the Tarte Amazonian Eyebrow Mousse. Brows are something I feel need to be done to really make your face look complete. It is funny but in the last year I have finally found my groove in doing them. I have gotten compliments at Sephora in regards to how good they are … and I find those ladies don’t compliment much HA


Concealer: What ever is your favorite or current using. I like this one as a brightener and when things are sad or worrisome those dark circle are going to shine. This might not make them disappear as a full on face but it will help.


The Z palette I have pre made with all the basic powders. A couple blushers, a highlight, and bronzer. These double as eyeshadows as well. I can interchange them quickly too but I usually don’t. (disregards the othe items in the photo it’s one of my “stock” photos.)


Mascara: I pick a simple easy to use mascara that doesn’t coat and cake my eyelashes like I usually do. Like the brows mascara is a must that is meant as background item.


I love Asian BB creams. They are thick and luxurious and American one do not compare. I no longer even try out american ones. I have tried various Asian brands but this is my favorite by far. I like the shade range in this particular version. This will give some coverage and moisturize at the same time. Plus who thinks or worries about sun coverage at sad times.

I did not include lipstick or gloss as I always have three or four rolling around in my bag. I also have powder and a retractable kabuki brush in my purse. Just in case wondering why I did not mention those things… plus I had to stick to five lol

This is going up late today. This month has been a strange combination of joys and heartaches. Overall I am glad to see it gone and look forward to the spring. It is a favorite season of mine. Please go check out the other blogs as well found below.

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Hot Deals Right Now from The Body Shop– 40% off free shipping USA only

Online Promotions for the Body Shop.¬†This is from the USA site. The specs are as follows…

Coupon codes cannot be combined with current offers. In-store offers may vary, please see associate for details.

  • Free Shipping With Any Purchase +¬†40% Off Entire Store¬†+¬†50% Off Hand Cream¬†+¬†Outlet Up to 70% Off¬†+‚ÄúThe Body Shop¬ģ #youneverforgetyourfirst Sweepstakes

I ordered from them recently and found the products to be of great quality. I recommend the pencil concealers I am not a fan of pencil concealers BUT these are awesome.


I like the wax texture and it is in wood form. I will have a review soon.Click for enlarged view

I also in my previous order got their lightneing touch universal radiance. I must say it is an affordable dupe to Benefit High Beam. I will have a review of this soon as well ūüėÄ

I have already taken advantage of the deal. I just ordered the tree nut oil I have been eyeing on Click for enlarged view

and I want to see if their luminizing pearls will be a lower cost dupe of Guerlain meteorites.

                            versus                           Brush on Radiance

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The World … No Matter The Situation}

Please follow me on my social media sites. I  am on my beauty youtube channel, beauty blog, tumblr, twitter, FB, google+, personal blog, youtube vlog, and instagram.

GRWM — High Maintenance Work Day Part Two.

We left off at the end of the  section with this look.

nikon 111813 033

To start with the face painting, I started with a new fave foundation. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour hydrating foundation. The color I use is 1.2 warm fair and retails for 42.00. I use Mac Fix +. It retails for 21.00 and the reason I dampen the brush if I feel it helps “meld” the foundation evenly into the skin. I haven’t really mentioned the brushes or prices of them much as I have a hodge podge of lower ended brand brushes. The one in the picture is the Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush that retails for 15.79.

nikon 111813 034 nikon 111813 035 nikon 111813 036

Next I attempt to brighten and conceal my under eye area. I used the new Bare Minerals concealer  (18.00) I bought in Bisque. This was the day using it and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I use the BM flat concealer brush  (20.00) for it and then set it with the BM Well Rested powder (18.00) and their blending fluffier brush (18.00). I usually like a much more brighter color but I think it did what it should and mask the darkness. Boy I look grumpy in this picture. lol

nikon 111813 038 nikon 111813 039

nikon 111813 040

Back to the all over foundation….. As you can see the Smashbox Studio Skin gives me an even palette to color. This is the real reason for foundation. It is to smooth, blur, and mask life given imperfections. Next on this day, which makes it a high maintenance make up day, I use Bare Minerals foundation for added coverage as the studio skin is (in my opinion) a light coverage though I find it does last all day. It retails for 27.00 each but I got it at a great discount as part of the get ready kit. I blend two formulas and colors. I use Medium which is a cool darker color in original formula and blend with the warm yellow lighter color Golden Fair Matte formula. I used the BM Handi Kabuki Brush. It retails for 20.00. The brush is much better than the larger Kabuki but BM brushes really are not of good quality for the price. I find they shed and splay like crazy. I went out and bought brush guards for the few I have and it has helped the splaying and the brushes to help keep the integrity of the brush. Ok finally a half smile and I like how it gives the skin a natural glow without a huge make up looking difference.

nikon 111813 041

nikon 111813 042

nikon 111813 044

On this day I used NYX Mosaic  powder in Silk I got from an Ipsy bag (10.00 a month and I recommend even if the month is Meh, you still get something worth the money). The blush retails for  7.00. MAC MSF in lightscapade which retails for 30.00 and NYC bronzer in Sunny. It retails at different prices since a drugstore item but it is roughly 3.oo which is a total steal! I used the EcoTools Complexion blending brush from the Flawless Face Set. I have two of these sets as I got them on sale at half off last year when they were new. I love all the brushes in this kit and it retails for 14.99. I put the MAC on forehead above my eyebrows, down my nose bridge, my cupids bow, and chin. Then I use the bronzer on my upper forehead and temples then on my lower cheek area and jawline. I finish with the blush along my cheek bone into my hairline. I do it all with the one brush. I am not sure if the picture does it justice.

nikon 111813 045

nikon 111813 048

nikon 111813 047

I set all the face steps with BM Mineral Veil with the large Kabuki Brush I mentioned above. I don’t think this is an exceptional setting powder but I am using it while I have it as it come in the starter kit as well.

nikon 111813 050 nikon 111813 049

I finish the look with a lip product, mascara, and eye brow mascara tamer. For my lips day I used my newest lip item a crayon from Be A Bombshell in Hot Damn, It retails for 14.00 but I got it in my Ipsy bag. I love the color and it is a nice matte formula which I was not expecting. I love this Two Faced mascara in Better Than Sex. I just wish it wasn’t 23.00 as I just can’t justify that price tag for a mascara. Click on the link to see how thick and shaped the wand is. I don’t think the formula is special but I love that wand. I am going to keep the wand when this runs out and see if I can use it on other less costly formulas. The other item is a brown mascara but I use it on my eyebrows. I wish I had gotten more when I saw them on sale at walmart. It is I think ¬†brand called Geo Girl??? But not sure.

nikon 111813 051

Here is the final look. I wish I would have smiled but I think I didn’t realize I wasn’t ūüė¶ I am frowning at that. lol

nikon 111813 052

I hope you enjoyed this series. I liked doing it and might make it a monthly feature.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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