Chequered Lily swatches and giveaway winner

Hello everyone. It’s Saturday and the day to announce my giveaway winner. Dreadfully Divine you can find her blog here. I checked her out after her comment post and she is amazing at eye makeup! She has no idea of my praises and I do not personally know her in case anyone might think I chose a friend for this giveaway. I am just paranoid like that ūüėÄ Please contact me with an address within a week so I can mail it to you. ¬†Thanks¬†to all who commented.

Now here is the rest of the swatches I was given (thoughts are my own) along with the Halloween samples.

001 004

Fireflies and Hearts of fire are my favorite of the swatches I received but they are all lovely and pigmented. I accidentally swatched Marina twice but you can definitely tell the blues are two different tones and Sea of Cortez has a beautiful sparkle to it.

Does anyone have any other brand I should try on etsy? I’d love to hear your suggestions.



What I learned … MUA know how

In one of my classes at Dallas Makeup show, I learned an invaluable eye shadow lesson that any newbie either on yourself or as a makeup artist could benefit from. I know I was not doing it enough on myself. That is to Blend Blend Blend those transitional shades even when you think done blend some more. ūüėÄ

pre blended
Finished look minus brows ūüėÄ

The color is still there but it is not so blunt. Yes you lose some of the vividness of the color but you can always go back and add a strategic amount and blend the edges with a smaller brush. I like how it turned out though. ūüėÄ

I hope this helps demonstrate the power of blending and most of the shadows used are from The Chequered Lily Apothecary which I am hosting a giveaway of here. 

Do you have any tips on making that perfect eye look?


Latest Eye Looks

I used a variety of products in these looks. Every time I put makeup on I think of my face as a blank canvas and create. That is why I love makeup so much. The info on the pictures are all due to what I wrote on instagram so I might have forgotten an item or two.

011 008

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044 043036 035

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025 024

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010 009

eotd #marykay eyes. I like how natural the colors are

005 004

I couldn’t find the details of this one so I am not sure.

Just like my bangs in the 90’s, my eyeshadows are never the same two days in a row.

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Random Sunday 04/27/2014

I have made a executive decision. I will have three set day themes for the blog and will post various other things when I have the time or idea. The scheudle and theme is as follows:

Sunday: a week recap and upcoming things in the next week. A get to know me and my life better.

Wednesday: A question of the week for us all to get to know each other.

Friday: Will no longer be foundation reviews only but reviews in general. I am thinking something catchy like Favorite it or forget it ūüėÄ I have a thing for using the letters of the day in the overall name.

Last week my favorite instagram EOTD was …


And my favorite instagram LOTd was…


I purchased from my favorite etsy shop The Chequered Lily Apothecary. Her facebook let me know she is having a sale where the colors left are only 4.55 and the colors are never disappointing. The picture on the left is the ones I purchased and the four on the right is the free samples she sent me in my purchase. All the shadows I purchased were used in the eye look for the LOTD photo above.


My previous posts can be found here and here.

The last exciting thing that happened this week is I got approved for an account at Model Mayhem and discount approved for Frends which for Makeup Artist you can get up to 40% products depending on the brand.


This coming week, I will be part of the newest month’s blog Hop (Hint the theme is Mother’s Day Gifts)

I finally am almost done writing the post on an award I received. I love those things but one of the rules is to award it to a blog with less than two hundred followers BUT I am not sure how we tell the numbers. Anybody else know?

On a personal note, I take my son who had/has the cancer for testing to see if his learning/special needs to PTSD related. For all those parents that struggle with knowing what’s right for your children. I am a social worker by actual profession and sometimes you make a choice that it wrong tough one BUT I think it is all based on intent. Anyway I am not trying to make this blog a downer. I just mention it as I am hopeful that we find the puzzle piece that helps him move forward in life.

Ok well I also want to say I appreciate everyone who reads my blog… oh and if you didn’t notice (and well who would) I took the plunge and got my own domain. I am so super exited and happy I did. IT fits into the name of my business which is slowly starting to take off. Whoo Hoo! Please leave comment, ask questions, and random thoughts below.

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