November Blog Hop: Five Products I am Thankful for


1) Foundation: I have ruddy skin so it is totally needed to even out my skin tone.


2) Manicure: Whether Fake nails or your own, it is so pampering.


3) Hair tools: I have hair that is frizzy and in between curly and straight. To get it to look anything decent I need to use some kind of curling iron or straightener.


4) MAC Pigments: Need I say more lol They are so shiny and pretty and last forever on your eyes and in the amount you get!


5) Brushes: I have at least a hundred of them if not more. This picture is just a handful of the ones I own and most are not expensive ones but they work just as good to me.


What are your beauty products you are thankful for? Leave a comment below so I can check them out.

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Bh Cosmetics Haul

EDITED: The coupon is no longer valid. I did have the wrong one. The correct was instylejun2014 but it doesn’t work now either. I apologize. I still think worth it though as I have used the brushes and they are dense, soft,and super cute. 😀 To the person who commented about the wrong code thank you and I am really sorry I thought this code would last longer. I saw at two stores the July issue is already out so I am thinking that is why it is null. 😦 I promise I am not trying to be a bad blogger.

So the other day I let you folks know about a code to get new BH cosmetics brush kit for only 15.00. It is originally  28.95 and without the code is 24.95. The code is INSTYLE (If that doesn’t work let me know) I was not sent these items I purchased with own money and just sharing the deal I saw in the magazine. This is not so much a my thoughts review but a showing what I got. I may mention if I am happy with my purchase so far or not.

bh dots


I purchased two of the brushes. Not that I think the brushes are great as I have a couple and they were MEH and came apart after just a few months. I am hoping this was just a fluke and these will be better. I purchased them separately and were the cheaper ones. The main reason I got the brushes and two (besides the price) is the fan brushes and I wanted the canisters for my makeup artist kit. I see on youtube people use them to separate brushes from face and eye then clean and dirty.

Here are each of the brushes you get in the kit and what they are listed as.

Brushes Included:
Deluxe Fan Brush
Powder Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Classic Foundation Brush
Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
Classic Shadow Brush
Flat Eyeliner Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Tapered Eye Liner Brush
Lip Brush

The fan one I wanted and love!!

What do you think of the set in person? At the very least they are super cute 😀

And since I can’t stand to pay for shipping I had to spend another twenty dollars. Which was ok as there was a few things I wanted to get and things are usually some level of sale on the BH Cosmetics website.

bhblush bh primer

So far I have used these three times this week and I really like… almost love the products. The blushes are four different colors “flower” types but I picked up mine based on the highlight like color.

Thoughts, Comments, and questions please leave below and check out my social media as well!!


Dos E.L.F Hauls

I tell ya what E.L.F. brand is like a freaking bulldozer with their promotions. I am constantly getting various emails about deals and incentives to buy. I swear they are in it for selling quantity over price point. I don’t say quality because a lot of their stuff is awesome but a lot is NOT so buyer beware for sure. I almost never buy unless it is a half off sale. And I of course hate to pay for shipping and am notorious for getting more stuff just to get the free shipping. (Unless the deal is so great I am still saving money) Out of all the emails I got before the holidays only one really caught my eye. It was spend 35 and get a 25.00 gift card. There were things I wanted to pick up and try and didn’t want to pay full price at Target for them. And somethings I just can’t get at Target I wanted to try like their glitter glue. Here is what I got in my first order. 

nikon122113 096 nikon122113 095   nikon 123113 033nikon 123113 038nikon 123113 032nikon122113 100nikon122113 097nikon122113 099  nikon 123113 039

So then after Christmas I got an email about everything half off so I bit! Here is what I got this time. Just arrived today.

nikon010814 009 nikon010814 010 nikon010814 013  nikon010814 012nikon010814 015nikon010814 011nikon010814 016nikon010814 017nikon010814 018nikon010814 019 

I got all this for 25 and some change after my 25.00 gift card. So total all these items were less than 50.00. I got two of the makeup caddy things which are normally 15.00. They are REALLY nice and hold a lot of brushes. I will show them when I am done organizing my makeup desk. The glitter glue is by far the best for the price. I am hoping the matte powder is a dupe for a high end variety. Same thing for the poreless primer. As I have said over and over I am looking for my HG. High End and Low End no luck for over all face primer. Wish me luck 😀 lol

Oh and I am not sure the rules about disclosing free stuff but alas I paid for all these items out of my pocket and E.l.f. doesn’t even know my name.

One last point I got those white brushes for 50 cents each. The mineral line goes on sale half more than the white line so when it does… you gotta swoop in because for the price they are still great quality and when they die (not due to shedding in my experience but the metal part separating issues) well you still got your 50 cents worth right?

Please leave any comments or questions below :D

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