Sunday Synopsis 07202014

Hello Beauties,

Another week that to me was FOREVER marked off the calendar. Why is it when we get older time gets faster? I’ve got a full day so I will make post short.

This was my week in beauty.

Favorite LOTD



This was a review day of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid. CHeck that here if you didn’t yesterday 😀

Incidentally also my favorite EOTD


This is a combination of Scaredy Cat eyeshadows and MAC pigments. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

This week there will at least be a post about Ipsy and a DIY hair Mask. I love my current hair color and have gotten a lot of compliments on it but to get it there I have fried it more then I had hoped. It’s not beyond repair BUT it does need repaired.

Last week had a few ups and downs but next weekend I go to my family reunion so it will be nice to have a some extra days off. Here are some random pictures that are not beauty related for the week.

Oh and I have a big day Monday so if you pray or do positive thoughts kind of thing at about three central time Monday say a little pray and send some positivity my way. I have a job interview. I am planning on doing a GRWM for that day to feature the week after. There is a fine line between understated and overstated. 😀