First Impression: It Cosmetics Fluid Sponge Compact Foundation

This time it is only in a picture collage.

it fluid liquid

What do you think? I have an asian brand on the way to compare but I actually am really liking the dewy but light feeling of this foundation. I will give a fuller review another time but as a first impression total thumbs up… and trust me I am picky 😀

I bought with my own funds and my opinion is my own as well. Thanks

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Sonya Dakar Flash Facial

I am so sorry I have been gone all of last week. I am bipolar and I had a terrible low. You can follow my mental health adventures here. Anyway, I don’t want to get stuck on that just wanted to explain a smidgen.

I decided my first post back would be a review In my last month Beauty Bar Society box. Per the website here is the specs…

You love beauty. But between the business of everyday life — career, friends, workouts, date nights — you don’t always have time to discover the latest must-have products plus the brands creating buzz.

That’s why Sample Society clues you in to the best-of-the-best in beauty, without you having to do any guesswork or legwork. Each month, our beauty experts handpick five deluxe-sized samples (read: you can use them more than once) from the world’s best luxury brands, then deliver them right to your doorstep. Finding your new favorites — and enjoying what’s new in beauty — couldn’t be any easier.

For $15 a month, you’ll receive:
  • 5 deluxe-sized samples from brands like Alterna, Diptyque, Dermalogica and By Terry.
  • $15 monthly gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase — when any product from the brands you sampled is included in your order.
  • An exclusive mini-mag filled with tips and beauty news from the editors of Allure.

I already put in my order for the month and am receiving the RMS Luminzer and a Juice loose shadow. I am excited to have both,

One of the samples I received last month is the Sonya Dakar Flash Facial.

This is a hearty sample. I have used it easily five times and still have a good amount left. It doesn’t take much either to work. I love this product but there is one huge down side. I will bring that up in a minute. First the specs on this per the Sonya Dakar Website.

Get softer, plumper & younger skin in just 60 seconds! 1 minute exfoliating gel gentle enough for all skin types.

Reveal fresh young skin in 1 minute! This safe and effective exfoliating gel quickly sloughs away dead skin and other impurities. Created with lactic acid to gently detoxify, Hylasome (5 times more moisturization than standard hyaluronic acid), and anti-oxidant rich resveratrol to nourish. Skin is left soft to the touch, plumper and instantly brighter. The results are immediate and undeniable. Recommended for all skin types.

Apply daily. Massage a thin layer onto clean, dry skin and allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. Gently rub off in circular motions. Rinse face with lukewarm water and follow with appropriate Sonya Dakar treatment product.

It really does all those things. Now I am not sure if actual skin is peeling but I believe it is. And that is all that matters right lol. I can tell you I did it right before writing this and my skin feels smooth all across my face. And it does feel succulent and refreshed. I haven’t done it every day to know about the lightening but I can see it to be true.

A full size is 1 oz

And the one major con is the price. It retails for 95.00. WOW I know in the big beauty world this isn’t that wild of a price point but for little ol me it is. But I REALLY REALLY want it, I will have to wait until I make extra money being a makeup artist (sigh dream job!!) then I will pick some of this up. Until then I will enjoy my sample sporadically until gone. (sniff sniff lol)

Now you can save fifteen dollars two ways. 1) getting the society box and using your monthly promo code 2) going to Sonya Dakar’s website where a pop up will ask if you want to save 15% with an email address.

Does anyone know a similar product that is less pricey? If so please let me know in the comments.

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Shany cosmetics


What the video above on my initial review and then here is the pictures of what I purchased. The clown blush was an error when trying to show you the pigmentation

Total Pigmentation!
Pretty color lip gloss
here is the sample tube.


029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038

If you want to try out the products with a discount check out their FB page. They are always running an x amount off.

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Youtube Review: Makeup Eraser

When I was in Springfield at the Women’s Expo. I was helping with a dual booth. One for Younique cosmetics and the other side was The Makeup Eraser. I was not asked to review it but it really is a great product. Please see my Youtube Demo on how easy and safe this product is to use. Other than being given the product itself, I have not been monetarily compensated.

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Friday Foundation edition 04/18/2014

Ok straight to the point. It took me only three days to give up on the Bare Skin by Bare minerals. I had high hopes but it seemed to sink into my pores no matter the prep. Of course this is my review on my skin which is combination with large pores around nose/cheek area. I purchased with my own funds (which is a bummer as I think QVC’s return policy sucks and probably not worth the hassle) so opinion and pictures of results all my own. 😀 I had high hopes too. I think the color was spot on just the wear for me was not there.

001 009 015 016 020 023

I think really for this review the pictures tell it all. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin or make me have a reaction. I looked awesome when first one (if I do say so myself lol) but just didn’t have the wear. These pics were taken about ten hours after first application but really about four in the nose gave way and pores obvious then the chin by six.

You can find my first impression post here. 

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My current beauty secret


I was starting to get icky bumps… not quite pimples but not bug bites. It was weird. I also was getting blemishes annoyingly on my chin. I started two to three times a week in the am mixing a non oil moisturizer with a drop of the tea tree oil. Then at night…. every night I put a drop of the new Vitamin E overnight serum-on-oil (both oils from the body shop — purchased with my own money). I feel that my skin is so much smoother and moisturized.

The instruction on the Vitamin E serum is Apply a few drops in the palm of your hands and gently rub together to warm. Apply on the face and the neck with a gentle patting motion. Using fingertips, massage in small circular movements over forehead, cheeks, around mouth and chin area.

Product Description on the website states …Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight.

  • 8h beauty sleep for your skin
  • Skin feels recharged, replenished and softer
  • Skin looks fresher, rested and more radiant
  • Our highest concentration of wheatgerm oil
  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula

It retails for 26.00

The Tea Tree oil product description on the website states Targeted care for blemished skin. Can be used direct on skin or for facial steaming.

  • Soothing
  • Does not dry out skin

It retails for 9.50

Have any of you tried oils in your skin care regimen? Comments, questions, and Random thoughts leave them below 😀

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Foundation Friday — An Epic Fail??

Ok so I first have to tell you what came in the mail yesterday. I am TOO excited.  I was going to do a youtube video first impression but I have been major sick and just couldn’t get the energy to do it. Boo Hoo I apologize. I did however to a couple collages just as teasers 😀 lol

bareminerals twobaremineralsbrushbaremineralsskin

I plan on doing a complete review and video for next week’s Friday Foundation Review.

So a beauty new years resolution was to learn how to do facial contouring better. I purchased the Fit Me sticks by maybelline. These were my results. I will let you decide if epic fail or success.


I purchased the lightest and close to the darkest colors.


Clean face Clean Canvas




I contoured under the cheeks, nose, neck, and forehead. I highlighted under the eyes, lower forehead and between nose, around the outside of nose, upper cheeks, and chin.


I used this real techniques brush to blend. I brushed downwards for the neck. Up cheeks and down around the forehead.


Ummmm… is it jut me or is this WAAAYYY too dark in coloring. I must have put too much contour on the face. It just melted into a greasy too dark mess. In my opinion.

After washing it off, I tried again. Same method just less wide lines for contour and more lighter foundation.

034 035 036


Well much better. I did go out in public like this for some errands. I still don’t feel I got that deep yet subtle contour I want to learn to achieve.

The foundation overall. I was not impressed with. For being an oil control I did not find it to be. I think I looked dewy and the wear wasn’t that great. I had to wash it off before taking a follow up photo it just was heavy on my face.

I purchased the product myself and opinions are my own. I also want to do a disclaimer that I am very very picky with foundations and at the same time I don’t exactly know what makes a holy grail for me. Either way this one, for me, didn’t come close.

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Foundation Friday 03282014

Today’s might be “controversial” as some people might not find this to be a foundation. It can be a primer/helper or I do know some people that wear it as a foundation. I am putting it in the foundation review category because it’s no different to me then when I use a foundation powder over liquid. With this disclaimer and the one I purchased his product with my own funds and in no way had anything to do with my opinion. So without any more babbling 😀 I am reviewing….


It retails for 32.00 us in most places except QVC which has it for 39.50 which includes a stand and brush.


The consistency is thick like a mousse and it very much on the yellow side.

I wore it for two days and here was my results.

019023 028

The first picture is the main area of redness I want to cover. This day I did add all over the face with a powder foundation over it. It was very yellow on my fair neutral face but it did get rid of the redness. It was beautiful on but I had to wear a hoodie that day to camouflage how different my face color was from my neck.By the end of the day I of course look tired HA but also this is how it wore off on me after twelve hours. I have combination/normal skin. My chin is the worst for oil!

So I tried it one more day with a different top powder foundation.



This time I used a different powder foundation and in natural light the coloring was not so yellow. The second picture is with a flash and does show a slight yellow. End of day wear with the last picture.

Overall thoughts

It is worth the money though use it sparingly as that pot if used as your primary foundation (I believe) would go quick. Thankfully you don’t need a lot of it. I plan on giving it another review when it is summer and I am slightly less fair. I really just can’t use it right now because of the yellow. I am going to stick to my green primer to tone down the redness. I know I am all over the place but as I am thinking about it … if I had rosecea I would very much wear this. I bet the yellow is not noticeable against the much ruddier red that causes.

Have you tried it? What where your thoughts? Comments and questions in general please leave them below 😀

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Friday Foundation 032114

Today I am showing if there is a difference in the new formula of Estee Lauder Double Wear Old and New formulas. I guess some time last year some government rules made Estee Lauder have to tweak the formula. Here are the pictures below and I will round-up my final thoughts at the end.

**** Updated to let you know if you are using the new or old formula. I purchased mine three months ago but the new formula had been out most of last year. I picked mine up at the Cosmetics Outlet store. I purchased a full bottle in 1N1 Ecru. The shade 1N1 on the website and I picked up as a sample is Ivory Nude. If you have the older version and want to find the new shade name just use the website. 😀


026 029


075 076 079


Ok so as far as wearing the same. In my opinion it didn’t matter if I used primer or no primer both sides wore the same. Now for long wearing I did not find this to be very long wearing. You can see by the end of the day it was splotchy. Yuck. BUT I like to use it as a mixer with other foundations. On its own I think the color is too yellow on me and I seem to not know how to not make it look cakey. But that is probably another post all together where I show my overall thoughts on the product.

In conclusion if I didn’t make it clear enough already. To me… there is no difference in the old and new formula. I have seen online where people do feel it is different so my opinion is just one. If you’d like to share yours below or let me know how you apply it without it being cakey so I can test it as a foundation in general I would appreciate it.

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Foundation Friday

Since I have a serious foundation obsession. I love to find and try new ones. This has lead me to do a ongoing series every Friday I will feature a Foundation I have tried and will review it. I have two disclosures. I bought this product with my own money and my thoughts are my own and my skin type is normal/combo. I use to be on the dry side in all areas but my nose and chin. I now don’t so much have dry patches as weird lines and textural issues on my nose with a super oily chin. So obviously if you have awesome 20 year old skin this review might not be good for you. 😀

Today is Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. It comes in five colors — Fair, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep. Per the Sephora website it retails for $26.00 US and is described as…

What it is:
An airbrush foundation with an extra fine mist for flawless makeup results at home.

What it does:
Seamlessly blur imperfections and control shine for up to 10 hours with this satin-finish foundation. The weightless, micro fine pigments of InstaBlend technology ensure color lays down seamlessly smooth so you can build to your desired coverage level—from light to full—for a flawless look every time. Mineral-rich red algae extract protects the skin from environmental stresses and helps smooth the skin for a soft-focus, airbrushed finish that lasts.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This oil-free, extra fine mist is easy to apply, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-tested.

Here is my handy dandy container.

052 055

I ordered it in light. It is more on the yellow side. I wore it three days. Here are the pictures in the am and end of day.



First day = First impression. I loved it felt great light coverage. I did not directly spray it on but used my sonia Kashuk brush. It is a light formula that I had issues trying to build up. I felt it hid my pores very well and didn’t oxidize.

016 017


End of day in natural light was ok. My healing blemish is showing through and regardless on my chin I am shiny. My other problem area is my nose and it did do well to not settling into those pores and the wear off was even and not blotchy.




032 034

The arrows are pointing out where spraying it directly on my face and it got in my hair. I even tried to hide my hair. GRRRR And I just couldn’t get any build able coverage.


End of Day Two — not streaky but not real visible either.




This was my last day of wearing it before I decided it just wasn’t for me. More about that later. I did use it cosmetics bye bye under it in the middle of my face where I am reddest. I did the brush again. I would spray directly on the brush then buff it in.

008 009


I must say the end of day was consistent. Wore off even but really can’t tell I even have any make up on. Which is a pro IF you love this look — a your skin but better look. For my age though I want a foundation that stays put and I want to look like I have foundation on. HA I know I am probably silly but dang it I want people to know I have awesome product and application technique for my canvas. lol Now I would love this if I had a job interview and was wearing it for a short time and didn’t want to come off as a diva. (Which I normally love being a diva BUT try to tone it down for work) It’s great at truly hiding my pores around my nose and nose/cheek area. I think a color match might be hard but I also think it is forgiving. I give this a B+.  A lot of people say it is an awesome alternative/dupe for the Dior Airshow (I think that’s what it is called) . It is 62.00 and I believe those folks. I won’t be buying it to compare — just keeping it real. The other thing I am leery of is being a spray I am not sure how long it would last.

So I think that is the majority of my thoughts on the product. I am glad I gave it a try but for my age it is a MEH. If I had a daughter who was of make up age I think it would be perfect.

Please leave your comments or questions below.

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