Sunday Synopsis 07052014

Another week went by and it was a long one for me. My full time job I was the only one except for my boss working. Then I was the on call person this weekend Friday and Sunday (right now) so that always adds some stress to the week. But I’m almost to a couple days off next week … closer ūüėÄ

I decided though instead of doing a whole post (due to the lateness of the month) I would feature my current faves here.


  • Mac Pigments in Naked, Melon and Vanilla
  • BH Cosmetics Daisy and Lily blush duos
  • My Babyliss Miracurl
  • Lorac Front of the line in Dark Brown and Black (to me nothing compares to these)
  • My go to Tarte mascara routine
  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette
  • MAC Fix+ spray

Favorite LOTD


Which happened to be on the same day as my favorite EOTD

010 013

Looky there I think I did a pretty good job of a cut crease on my first try. It was my Wednesday question of the week if you want to check it out.

I picked up these to gems at Walgreens not because I need them but I couldn’t resist. She is my second favorite to Jasmine.


This week I attempted to go blonder but I went back to the orangier color with some blonde highlights somehow lol


I finally found this at target. For a foundation junkie like me I have been on the hunt since I heard about it!


I also plan a review/comparison of the Etude Mineral Cushion Vs The IT cosmetics Fluid CC one I am smitten with.


Lastly, I had a disheartening moment Friday night when this person wrote a nasty comment on my instagram. I wrote about it here (shameless plus of other blog) and it came up recently in the FB group I am part of. Nasty people on the internet. Yes the person is a stranger but they can really cut deep. I had a constructive yet rude comment on the blog before and it was ok. But I think because this person was just down right mean and it was telling me I was talent-less and I shouldn’t follow my dream of being a makeup artist as I suck that bad. …. It just really hurt as it played on my fear I am not good enough.

So my PSA which I hate to be preachy on here but it needs said. People let’s be nice to each other. I worry about our children and future generations for mental health issues due to the availability and anonymity of the internet and being mean rude or bully. I am 37 years old with the wisdom to know my self worth is not based on that person BUT it still hurt and I still let it when I let the doubt in. I can’t imagine me at 14 having people to be able to access me 24-7 to say whatever they want with no recourse. Sigh.

Well that is it for me today. Hope whomever reads this is safe and had an awesome week. Comments leave below and please follow me. Oh and my social media sites but ONLY if you are going to be fair and nice. please think is this helpful or hurtful OR would I saw this straight to a person’s face. Ok rant over … deep breath… let it go ūüėÄ


Random Sunday 04/27/2014

I have made a executive decision. I will have three set day themes for the blog and will post various other things when I have the time or idea. The scheudle and theme is as follows:

Sunday: a week recap and upcoming things in the next week. A get to know me and my life better.

Wednesday: A question of the week for us all to get to know each other.

Friday: Will no longer be foundation reviews only but reviews in general. I am thinking something catchy like Favorite it or forget it ūüėÄ I have a thing for using the letters of the day in the overall name.

Last week my favorite instagram EOTD was …


And my favorite instagram LOTd was…


I purchased from my favorite etsy shop The Chequered Lily Apothecary. Her facebook let me know she is having a sale where the colors left are only 4.55 and the colors are never disappointing. The picture on the left is the ones I purchased and the four on the right is the free samples she sent me in my purchase. All the shadows I purchased were used in the eye look for the LOTD photo above.


My previous posts can be found here and here.

The last exciting thing that happened this week is I got approved for an account at Model Mayhem and discount approved for Frends which for Makeup Artist you can get up to 40% products depending on the brand.


This coming week, I will be part of the newest month’s blog Hop (Hint the theme is Mother’s Day Gifts)

I finally am almost done writing the post on an award I received. I love those things but one of the rules is to award it to a blog with less than two hundred followers BUT I am not sure how we tell the numbers. Anybody else know?

On a personal note, I take my son who had/has the cancer for testing to see if his learning/special needs to PTSD related. For all those parents that struggle with knowing what’s right for your children. I am a social worker by actual profession and sometimes you make a choice that it wrong tough one BUT I think it is all based on intent. Anyway I am not trying to make this blog a downer. I just mention it as I am hopeful that we find the puzzle piece that helps him move forward in life.

Ok well I also want to say I appreciate everyone who reads my blog… oh and if you didn’t notice (and well who would) I took the plunge and got my own domain. I am so super exited and happy I did. IT fits into the name of my business which is slowly starting to take off. Whoo Hoo! Please leave comment, ask questions, and random thoughts below.

And check out my social media sites. I would appreciate that as well.

Random Sunday 04/20/2014

Happy easter! Or if you celebrate another holiday happy 4/20 bahahaha

I did a fun blooper reel on my OFFICIAL Youtube channel for my OFFICIAL freelance makeup Artistry. I have decided I am committing to make this dream happen. Below is my week in pictures.


NYX display being assembled at my local CVS!!!


Favorite eye look and face of the day for the week.

wpid-comp-card-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-comp-card-2.jpg.jpeg

And I made Comp cards using Picmoney and Paint I am trying to decide which I like better or what photos I should use to make a third more perfect one. Any suggetions?

Most WOW moment of the week?

Season three of scandal was INSANE. I don’t want to wait for next season but I guess I have too! I haven’t loved a show this much since original ER!

So I will end my week finishing this post and watching a new WGN show Salem.

I love anything vampire, witches, werewolves, fairies, or really super natural. The Salem witch history is more appealing to me as it is historical.

How was your week? Leave comments, questions, random thoughts leave them below… and check out my social media’s please! ūüėÄ


1. What are you wearing?

Black Michael kors jeans that i got for four dollars at Marshall, a bright yellow t-shirt and my Disney world pull over.

2. Ever been in love?

A couple of times but mostly my husband of thirteen years together fifteen.

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

A couple of those too I recently sorta talked about it on other blog about how we think of those relationships now.

4. How tall are you?

5′ 10″ and shrinking

5. How much do you weight?


ummmm next question please.

6. Do you have any tattoos?

yes one in my wrist. It’s a Libra sign with three stars for my boys. You see it often in my swatch pictures as it’s on my left wrist.

7. Any piercings?

Just my initial ear-piercing now…. thoughh i did have my upper ear cartilage done when i was 20 and three in the right lobe and two in the left.

8. OTP?

Dean and Sam Winchester. I love this running gag in the show and well since they aren’t really brothers they would make a cute couple. lol

9. Favourite show?

Oh man I watch a lot of tv. Sex and the City, Supernatural, CSI, Lost Girls, Eureka, Haven… should I go on?

10. Favourite band?

Again I love a lot of bands… Blake Shelton, Nirvana, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse, Pitbull, Tupac, Etc.

11. Something you miss?


12. Favourite song?

Right now I am loving two the most… Jason DeRulo Dirty Talk and Sara Evans latest… shame on me I can’t remember the name.

13. What is your beauty obsession?

Finding that foundation Holy Grail.

14. Zodiac sign?


15. Hidden talent?

Ummmm…. getting my way. HA

16. Favourite quote?

To the world you may be one person but to one person you might be the world

17. Favourite actor?

Right now Jude Law. I have been having a movie marathon this week, He is awesome in Side Effects.

18. Favourite colour?


19. Loud music or soft?

Loud Baby!

20. Where do you go when you’re sad?


21. How long does it take you to shower?

At least fifteen minutes.

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 

Usually 45 minutes for hair and makeup.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? 

No… I am scared of that kind of conflict I am a talker.

24. Favourite food? 

A better question is what food do I not like… Brussel sprouts and liver otherwise it’s all fair game.

25. Favourite book?

Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s so bad (in story line and writing) it’s good.

26. The reason you started blogging?

I wanted a different self-employed job and decided I wanted to be a makeup artist. I wanted an outlet to showcase how I have improved etc … then that didn’t pan out so much but the blog I still enjoy and my therapist also said to get a hobby and I combine my joy of writing and makeup in this venue.

27.  Fears?

Failure to the point I am fearful to really start anything but as I get older I make myself. Snakes would be the less deep answer.

28. Last thing that made you cry?

I can’t remember. I am going to keep it real and say I have a significant mental illness and am kept medicated so my ability to cry might be a little broke. But it is better than when I use to cry all the time.

29.  Last time you said you love someone?


30. The meaning behind your blog name?

I wanted to combine my social work abilities with being a makeup artist so it was like being the dog whisperer… I thought it was clever ūüėÄ

31. Last book you read?

32. The book you’re currently reading?


I am trying to get through the alphabet of these.

33. Last show you watched? 

Big Bang Theory. We watch it as a family after dinner.

34. Last person you talked to? 

My husband.

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?


My best friend from High School just texted me photos of our concert tickets to see CHER!!! I am beyond excited.

36. Favourite place to be? 

I love Texas.

37. Place you want to visit?


38. Last place you were? 

Boring old full-time hustle and grind ūüė¶ boo

39. Do you have a crush?


Currently it is on Benedict Cumberbatch

40. Last time you kissed someone? 

By seven-year old good night.

41. Last time you were insulted? 

Yesterday… nothing in particular I was just done a bit and over sensitive.

42. Favorite flavor of sweet?


43. What instruments do you play? 

None … I tried to learn the clarinet very poorly.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry?

Any of my large hoop earrings.

45. Last sport you played? 

Ummmm … to long ago to remember. I did play clue with my kids the other night.

46. Last song you sang? 

Say Something that song is so beautiful.

47. Favourite chat up line? 

I have been married too long so not sure.

48. Have you ever used it? 

I use to have game lol It was being the blunt funny girl.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? 

Ummm I go to lunch with a co-worker often.

50. Who should answer these questions next? 

Anyone who wants too lol I think a lot of people I follow have done it so if you haven’t and want to please do.

Please share your favorites or fails below and as always leave your comments or questions below.

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
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Get to know me tag

This is too Cute!

A little bit of girl geekery’s blog tagged anyone to do the Get to know me tag. So I am taking that challenge err oppertunity to do it too. The questions seem to me fun and informative at the same time.

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?

I am in the middle …. thick with a slight frizzy curl

 2. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

If it wan’t so expensive, I totally would get it done professionally but alas I can only afford the bottle.

3. Do you wear the same style everyday, or do you change it? 

If I lost some weight, I would switch up my style. Another year and the same resolution (sigh)

4. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?

I do a salon usually for fills on my nails but I will change color between fills myself. Pedicures are the best when someone else does it!

5. How often do you change your nail polish?

It depends on my schedule.

6. Do you polish your toes in the winter or just the summer?

More often in summer but will once in a while in winter.

7. How long does it take for you to put on makeup?

Anywhere from a half hour to an hour.

8. What do you do first? Face or eyes?

Eyes as I like to take that time to let my moisturizer and primer to settle a smidgen before finishing my face. I also clean up the eye shadow fall out if any.

9. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?

Recently it has been collected BUT after christmas and all these awesome deals I am on a spending freeze (fingers crossed lol)

10. How often do you wear false eyelashes?

Rarely but I want to practice getting use to their weight and perfecting the application.

11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?

Except on days I don’t plan to leave the house OR on the weekends when I am only going grocery shopping and don’t want to take the time.

12. Do you wear makeup when you’re home alone or with family?

I don’t really understand the question. See number 11 for reference.

13. Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes though I don’t like to but time is not always on my side. Or if I am feeling lazy. Or if I want to give my face a breather.

14. How many high-end products do you have?

Not many… MAC, some LORAC, is bare minerals? One Urban Decay Palette that I got super cheap. Kevyn Aucoin… benefit, Tarte…. but nothing like Chanel or Dior. I wish I could justify those item though and ain’t hatin on anyone who does!!!

15. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you’re getting dressed?

Totally when I’m getting dressed unless I have court or a place to go where I need to dress up.

16. How often do you change your handbag?

About every 4-6 months.

17. What time do you wake up and go to sleep?

Usually between ten and eleven I go to bed and wake up from 6:30 to 7.

18. How often or when do you workout?

Rarely though I pay for a membership. Mega Fail … but another New Years resolution.

19. Left handed or right handed?


20. How tall are you?

5′ 10″

21. Do you speak any foreign languages?

Just a little spanish. Enough to survive if I got stranded on a Spanish speaking desert island. lol

22. How many pets do you have?

One Dog named Fudge and a fairly new kitten named Lokie.

23. How do you blog?

Again not sure I get this question? I am going out on a limb and assume it means on what kind of device. I either use my phone, chromebook, or main house computer.

24. Do you read comments posted on blogs?

If it is a hot topic or something I am interested in like when people discuss shade matches of certain makeup. I hope to get an idea what shade I would be,

25. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?

Yes… it completely enables my shopping. Like I saw so many posts on that Bare Minerals Crystal collection this holiday that when it went on sale I got it even though I don’t need it AT ALL!

26. How did you come up with your blog name?

It is after my start up business… that is barely starting up! I am getting the confidence and trying hard not to get discouraged.

27. What kind of camera do you use for your photographs?

Nikon 3100

28. How often do you clean your house?

Weekly a basic clean and daily dishes etc. With five people and my lack of OCD for cleanliness I have to force myself to make a point every day to do something. I am more of a turn music on and all of us do a room cleaning.

29. What’s your favorite color?

Hmmmm…. I’d say red right now.

30. Do you swear?

Yes horribly.

31. What are you doing with the rest of your day?

Well, this is posting in a few days but it is going on 9 tonight so I will finish relaxing and then go to bed.

Any comments or questions please leave below :-)

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
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Whoot Hoot I was Nominated for an award!

Dragonfly Reviews nominated me for the sunshine award. She has an awesome blog you should check out and does giveaways. I have interacted with her here on WordPress as well as her Facebook page and a blogger page she created which I totally respect her for making. It’s refreshing to find a person who is about building each other and this community up then being in competition etc.

So without further ado here are the rules:

Share 11 facts about yourself
Answer the 11 set questions by your nomination blogger
Nominate 11 bloggers
Include 11 questions for your nominees to answer
11 facts about myself:
  1. I am an only child and only grandchild on my Dads side. Yes I grew up spoiled and lonely
  2. I have three boys so makeup is an outlet for me to be a girly individual (hope that made sense ha)
  3. I have two youtube channels that I am enjoying more than I thought. The whole process is fun to me — The planning, taping, and editing.
  4. At the same time, It makes me self conscious as last year a medication I was on made me not care I had gained a lot of weight. I am making myself deal with it and keep on. Life is too short right?
  5. I am a social worker and started this blog as a way to stop burn out which is high in this profession.
  6. I love learning and improving with makeup techniques. I am trying to find the confidence to do it on other people like my dream.
  7. I love chocolate.
  8. I have been to Australia and I miss it. It is my best pre-children memory.
  9. I am a two in the psych personality test enneagrams.¬†Click on the link if you would like to find out your number and share below if you’d like.
  10. I regret not knowing how much I love make up and wanting to be a make up artist when I was younger. I feel a little late in the game though I know it is silly. Wayne Goss (top five of my YouTube Beauty Guru’s) says that being older makes people thing you are more experienced. HA I wish!
  11. I have a mental illness that every day I deal with I think of it as a blessing and a curse. It helps me relate to people but it is so miserable to have your mind be so hateful to you. Check out this Youtube Video where I talk a little about it.


Ok now here is the Questions from Dragonfly Reviews (Click link to find out her answers)

1. What are your goals? Personal goals are to just keep becoming a better person. Beauty wise is to keep my YouTube and Blog a priority as it is a great outlet for me. It make me feel accomplished even if only one or two see it ūüėÄ (But of course who wouldn’t want more)

2. What is your favorite make up brand? I really thought about this and I would saw the most I have brand wise and I think good quality and variety is Missha. Which I have already talked about on the blog a smidgen before. Click this link to check that post out.

3. Do you shop more online or offline and what is your favorite store? I love Sephora and since the closest is an hour and a half away it is usually online. I recently found and purchased some items. They are super fast and so far excellent customer service. In person shopping I love Ulta as they have a little bit of everything high end and drugstore. Usually really good sales too. My newest obsession is Etsy make up shops. The downside is I hate paying shipping costs.

4. What are your hobbies? Blogging, YouTube, scrapbooking, shopping, and playing with makeup

5. What is your favorite food? Pizza, sushi, soups, chocolate, pretty much anything sweet that isn’t sour.

6. What is your favorite book? I hate to say it but the Fifty shades of Grey, early Laurell K Hamilton books, and Sue Grafton.

7. What is or was your favorite subject in school or college? Philosophy and Ethics

8. Do you have a car?¬† Yes What kind?¬†Two Hoopties … A Pontiac van and car that are old but paid off! ūüėÄ

9. What band or musical artist do you like the most? Beyonce, Pink, Blake, Shelton, 90’s to remind me of my youth lol

10. What country do you live in? USA

11. What is your favorite topic to write about? I love doing reviews and I just did my first GRWM which I liked.


I am new to this so I am not sure who to tag. SOOOO I tag anyone who reads this and want to be tagged. I do reserve the right though to individually encourage some to do this as I find people who might want too. ūüėÄ

My 11 Questions to you are:

  1. Name what items make for your low/no makeup look.
  2. What motivated you to start blogging.
  3. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre.
  4. Wine, beer, margarita, tea, soda pop, or water?
  5. The age you started wearing makeup.
  6. Dream Vacation spot
  7. If you had a hundred dollars to do anything with what would it be?
  8. Elvis or the Beatles
  9. What kind of skin do you have oily, dry etc and what undertone?
  10. Last thing you ate
  11. Your favorite childhood toy.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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GRWM — High Maintenance Work Day Part Two.

We left off at the end of the  section with this look.

nikon 111813 033

To start with the face painting, I started with a new fave foundation. Smashbox Studio Skin 15 hour hydrating foundation. The color I use is 1.2 warm fair and retails for 42.00. I use Mac Fix +. It retails for 21.00 and the reason I dampen the brush if I feel it helps “meld” the foundation evenly into the skin. I haven’t really mentioned the brushes or prices of them much as I have a hodge podge of lower ended brand brushes. The one in the picture is the Sonia Kashuk synthetic flat top multipurpose brush that retails for 15.79.

nikon 111813 034 nikon 111813 035 nikon 111813 036

Next I attempt to brighten and conceal my under eye area. I used the new Bare Minerals concealer  (18.00) I bought in Bisque. This was the day using it and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I use the BM flat concealer brush  (20.00) for it and then set it with the BM Well Rested powder (18.00) and their blending fluffier brush (18.00). I usually like a much more brighter color but I think it did what it should and mask the darkness. Boy I look grumpy in this picture. lol

nikon 111813 038 nikon 111813 039

nikon 111813 040

Back to the all over foundation….. As you can see the Smashbox Studio Skin gives me an even palette to color. This is the real reason for foundation. It is to smooth, blur, and mask life given imperfections. Next on this day, which makes it a high maintenance make up day, I use Bare Minerals foundation for added coverage as the studio skin is (in my opinion) a light coverage though I find it does last all day. It retails for 27.00 each but I got it at a great discount as part of the get ready kit. I blend two formulas and colors. I use Medium which is a cool darker color in original formula and blend with the warm yellow lighter color Golden Fair Matte formula. I used the BM Handi Kabuki Brush. It retails for 20.00. The brush is much better than the larger Kabuki but BM brushes really are not of good quality for the price. I find they shed and splay like crazy. I went out and bought brush guards for the few I have and it has helped the splaying and the brushes to help keep the integrity of the brush. Ok finally a half smile and I like how it gives the skin a natural glow without a huge make up looking difference.

nikon 111813 041

nikon 111813 042

nikon 111813 044

On this day I used NYX Mosaic  powder in Silk I got from an Ipsy bag (10.00 a month and I recommend even if the month is Meh, you still get something worth the money). The blush retails for  7.00. MAC MSF in lightscapade which retails for 30.00 and NYC bronzer in Sunny. It retails at different prices since a drugstore item but it is roughly 3.oo which is a total steal! I used the EcoTools Complexion blending brush from the Flawless Face Set. I have two of these sets as I got them on sale at half off last year when they were new. I love all the brushes in this kit and it retails for 14.99. I put the MAC on forehead above my eyebrows, down my nose bridge, my cupids bow, and chin. Then I use the bronzer on my upper forehead and temples then on my lower cheek area and jawline. I finish with the blush along my cheek bone into my hairline. I do it all with the one brush. I am not sure if the picture does it justice.

nikon 111813 045

nikon 111813 048

nikon 111813 047

I set all the face steps with BM Mineral Veil with the large Kabuki Brush I mentioned above. I don’t think this is an exceptional setting powder but I am using it while I have it as it come in the starter kit as well.

nikon 111813 050 nikon 111813 049

I finish the look with a lip product, mascara, and eye brow mascara tamer. For my lips day I used my newest lip item a crayon from Be A Bombshell in Hot Damn, It retails for 14.00 but I got it in my Ipsy bag. I love the color and it is a nice matte formula which I was not expecting. I love this Two Faced mascara in Better Than Sex. I just wish it wasn’t 23.00 as I just can’t justify that price tag for a mascara. Click on the link to see how thick and shaped the wand is. I don’t think the formula is special but I love that wand. I am going to keep the wand when this runs out and see if I can use it on other less costly formulas. The other item is a brown mascara but I use it on my eyebrows. I wish I had gotten more when I saw them on sale at walmart. It is I think ¬†brand called Geo Girl??? But not sure.

nikon 111813 051

Here is the final look. I wish I would have smiled but I think I didn’t realize I wasn’t ūüė¶ I am frowning at that. lol

nikon 111813 052

I hope you enjoyed this series. I liked doing it and might make it a monthly feature.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The World … No Matter The Situation}

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GRWM — High Maintenance work day Part one

I thought I would show the steps, products and brushes I use getting ready for work recently. I do anything from dramatic to super simple depending on my mood and timeframe. This day was a full face and eye day. Part One since picture heavy is based on prepping the face and eyes.

First here I am sans makeup,

nikon 111813 001 - Copy - Copy

This is with my morning toner and moisturizer. Next I put on my face primers to let them settle before the foundation etc.

I love Porefessional from Benefit. It retails for 30.00. It is pricey but it is well worth it since I have large nose pores and my cheek area by my nose. It lasts a long time as I don’t apply it all over just my nose and an inch to each side of my nose bridge.

nikon 111813 005 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 004 - Copy - Copy

Be careful though when you squeeze it out as often I get too much and have to try to suck it back in the tube. Not easy! lol Here is what I looked like with it on. It’s too bad my camera doesn’t show how well it covered the pores. I should have gotten a close up.

nikon 111813 006 - Copy - Copy

Next I put the all over primer. I have used all kinds from high end to drugstore item not meant as a primer the Monistat chafing gel. I recently purchased Lorac Porefection Mattifying Face Primer. It retails for 32.00. So far it doesn’t seem to be any more special then the Monistat or Smashbox primer.¬†¬†It is another one too that too much comes out. UGH I hate that! Here I am with it on.

nikon 111813 007 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 008 - Copy - Copy

I don’t feel like it blurs anything and I am not sure I even look that Matte here. Or do I not understand the point of a mattifying primer? I don’t think it claims to blur but I wish it did.

Next I work on my eyes. I have combination skin overall and very oily lids. What I have found to help is Boots No 7 Beautifully Matte make up base. It retails for 9.99.

nikon 111813 009 - Copy - Copy nikon 111813 010 - Copy - Copy

It is very thick and hard to spread on the face but on my oily lids it is perfect. Before I started using this product I felt my eyeshadow would fade and crease in no time. It has been heaven sent Holy Grail for me. I double the attempt for longevity by using an actual eye shadow primer. I don’t have a holy grail yet so today I am trying my primer sample from Trish McEvoy eye base essentials, I believe I have it in bare. It retails for 25.00

nikon 111813 011 - Copy - Copy

I decided to use on my lid Notoriously Morbid shadow in Cry Innocent. Full size is 5.50. The description on the site is A deceptive purple that flashes blue. It really brought out the green in my eyes. It is a favorite of the colors I have from them.

nikon 111813 013 - Copy

nikon 111813 012 - Copy - Copy

nikon 111813 014 - Copy

Next I used my sample of the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic in Asteroid I got from my Ipsy Glam Bag.¬†It is a beautiful color. I am no longer buying from BH cosmetics but that is a rant for another day. ūüėÄ It is of good quality and I am not a big fan of baked eye shadows but I might be persuaded to buy this if I didn’t already have plenty of palettes.

nikon 111813 016 - Copy

nikon 111813 015

nikon 111813 018 - Copy

nikon 111813 019 - Copy

These are beautiful together. I decided though I wanted to smoke up the corner edges so I used an Urban Decay¬†Shadow Box palette in outer V the color Zero. I used the L’Oreal smoldering eye in black. Retails roughly for 9.00 depending on where you buy it at.

nikon 111813 017 - Copy

nikon 111813 021 - Copy

nikon 111813 020 - Copynikon 111813 022 - Copy

I then fill in my eyebrows. I have tried eye brow pencils but they never work for me. I don’t know the right technique yet. I don’t really need too as I have gotten compliments from the Sephora people even on my brows. And I use a Salon Perfect kit from Walmrt for around ten dollars. I usually use the tool enclosed but it needs washed. I use a wax pencil and a couple eye brow shadow colors. I use the rich brown for the complete fill and I use the black on the tips to give match the missing patches. ¬†Top picture is with one brow completed to show the difference. And of course the second is both with the Chella highlight pencil under to define. I got it from an Ipsy bag (retails for 18.00) and it is awesome.

nikon 111813 023 - Copy

nikon 111813 024 - Copy

nikon 111813 025 - Copynikon 111813 026 - Copy

Ugh as you can tell my eyes are two different sizes and my eyebrows sight different on my face. Gotta embrace our “flaws” regardless right? Anyone have tips on making it all look more asymmetrical?

I then used Wet N Wild brulee to help blend the look. It retails for 2.29 at ¬†Then a little more highlight with Benefit Watts Up. This was this years birthday gift from Sephora and it the perfect size really. I like using it but wouldn’t want a full size which retails at 30.00.

nikon 111813 027 - Copy nikon 111813 028 - Copynikon 111813 030 - Copy

Next it is on to cleaning up under eye area. I use a make up wipe. Then follow up with Clarins Instant Smooth and Benefits Erase paste in Medium. Clarins is a filler primer and this little sample size has last me awhile. I am on the fence if I get again as retails for 34.00 and I read there might be a similar dupe now at the drugstore. Erase Pastes cancels the blue under my eyes. This sample as lasted me awhile too and retails for 26.oo. I would purchase this again but again I think there is a drugstore dupe out there.

nikon 111813 031 - Copy nikon 111813 032 - Copy nikon 111813 033 - Copy


So this is the first half of my getting ready this day. The rest is the full face and I will have that up Sunday for ya all.

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

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Halloween makeup

My son’s friend came over to trick and treat. She wanted to cosplay as a female Sam Winchester from Supernatural.



I used ELF mattyfing foundation. Urban Decay shadows and OCC lip tar on the lips. She is the first person besides myself I have really practiced on. Oh man it is so different doing it on someone else. I felt like a total newbie which I really am as far as a makeup artist. It was nice as she didn’t like some things I did or the direction so it was a great lesson on listening to your client and doing what they want without taking it personal. I think she liked the over all end or if she didn’t she was nice to me about it ūüėÄ

013 012

011 010


I decided since I wasn’t going to work I would try a dark shadow. I used a Rimmel pencil in black as my creamy pencil I was too lazy to look for. It worked out well. I used Crackberry from my new Fave Indie Etsy site The Chequered Lily¬†It is a beautiful duo chrome where it is purple regularly but with a black background it is a blue sparkle. Very beautiful these pictures don’t do it justice! It looked great with a red lipstick as well. I was super happy with the results. The foundation is bare minerals that I am testing out. So far they are ok as well.

Sorry once again I am so late in posting this as Halloween was over two weeks ago but I wanted to tell you more about products used. Of course I still need to make a point to write down what I am using so I can tell you in these posts!

Thanks for stopping by and any questions just leave below!

Angela Watkins ** The Makeup Whisperer
{All I Desire Is To Empower And Beautify The World … No Matter The Situation}

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I will be 37 (EEP) on October 18 and I am a dreamer. I have done many things in my life… traveled to Tasmania Australia … gave birth to three boys (one 10 lbs 11 0z delivered by a midwife) … had a near death experience (where I truly believe I spoke to God) … Moved to a different state and finished my BS degree! … work in my field at a decent enough success … and now start my own business. ‘

Two months ago I decided I want to officially be my own boss. I have been watching youtube videos forever and attempting to perfect how I apply my makeup. After talking to a co-worker and encouraging her to be makeup artist so I can live vicariously through her, I decided “Hell.. I can do that myself!” So I researched online makeup classes since I live in the middle of no where Missouri. I found Robert Jones Academy and In less than two months I pasted and got through both the apprentice level and Master level. Right now I have received my apprentice level certificate in the mail.


Also, I have been taking small business classes through SCORE and learning about the viability of my business plan.

So far I have decided on the name of my business and an idea of what I want to do. My parents are behind me but had a good point. It is best to start as a photographer as I have experience and education background in it. I even use to have my own dark room.

This website it my first real step to making this dream come true. I hope you can join me for the ride.

I will leave with with this photo. It represents what I have learned in regards to makeup. Color theory teaches us opposite colors are best to bring out green eyes and neutrals work for all. I love how my green eyes show bright in this photo.


What are your dreams?