Beauty Boxes: October

I haven’t gotten Ipsy for a couple months. I was getting tired of it but then I missed it so I signed back up. HA. Ipsy is addicting!! Here is this month’s…


I love the bag’s color and look. The theme is Beauty Candy.



I got a hand cream, lip gloss, exfoliating mask, brightening cleanser, and waterproof liner.


I also cashed in my points (I pay for ipsy with my own funds but do get points of you sign up through my link) for the 5 in 1 BB advanced cream eyeshadow. I love this stuff from bare minerals.



Here are the swatches from the lip gloss, eyeliner, and bb eyeshadow cream.

I also purchased the Target beauty box. There is no points system but it is a good deal at only 7.00 here is the link. And here is the box.


and in the box is a dry shampoo, hair spray, L’oreal lip gloss, NYX eye pencil, and foundation sample.


lip gloss swatch


foundation swatches

I plan on trying out and reviewing the foundation this week. I am a sucker for these sponge foundations.

Have you gotten these boxes lately if so what did you get?







2 thoughts on “Beauty Boxes: October

  1. Ipsy is addicting, but I may be canceling it soon, I have so many samples everywhere! LOL I wanted to wait to cash in my points though 😉 I got the target beauty box too, good deal for $7!

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