The Makeup show Dallas Haul and Photos

I was on a strict budget but did go over it. (so not so strict huh but the deals were too good) I could have done worse and regret not picking up a special package deal. Oh well. 😀


I couldn’t resist getting an official bag from the show. It’s now of course my favorite bag. lol


Senna gave these nice bags to carry their products in. I picked up a face charts. I felt these would come in handy for practice and a way to keep track of what I use on my brides after the consultation and on the big day.






I stopped by the Cinema Secrets both and got brush cleaner, setting spray, and spatula/palette… which came in handy in my classes.





I purchased some Ellis Faas foundation. My first impressio is it is phenomenal. I will review it for sure. Also the new Skindinivia Primer which I will review as well.





These two items — NYX eyeshadow and Skindinivia setting spray — I received free. The NYX was for signing up for their email list and I waited to long as it was the only color left. The setting spray I received as a free gift for the Powder group after party Proconnect event. I will share more about that in a later post,.

037 038 039

All the odds and ends booklets I received. I am a paper hoarder can you tell 😀



My husband and I went without our children. Here we are listening to a friend of his band.



My wrist band for day one.



Sorry it is blurry but some body painting.



An airbrushing demonstration.



A photo of Orlando Santiago teaching us Bridal makeup process.

I plan on a couple different posts in conjunction with my experience at the show. I am happy I went but I wouldn’t make the trip to one again. If I lived locally I would go though. If that makes sense.

COmments, questions, or random thoughts please leave below.


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