Sunday funday

So it’s no secret on here I’m bipolar. I’m medicated and most days are good but I had been in a funk and couldn’t find inspiration to write but it’s over and I’m back. 🙂 that also means a sunday synopsis. So real quick cuz I’ve got a beauty facial soon to go too.

Fave lotd


No eotd but product of the week is


I keep going back to this foundation time and time again. It didn’t cake up and looks like second skin.

Inspiration of the week


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3 thoughts on “Sunday funday

  1. I have mevr been truly diagnosed but my dr.s have always thought that I am… I have never tried bipolar meds yet tho… I think I just have bad anxiety (mistaken for mania?) and I do have PTSD which has similar symptoms..u was thinking of starting a blog separately for my issues with that. A lot of the issues seem to be in the last tho (for now?) …I’ve struggled with drug addiction too and a lot of my ups and downs with that seem to go hand in hand with the ups and downs of bipolar…I see another dr in a couple months…

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