Dallas is a smidgen over two weeks away!!

I know I have told ya all somewhere that I am going to The makeup shop Dallas TX. This is the description of all the classes I am taking. I am so excited!!!

Perfect Beauty – Kathy Aragon 
Perfecting your technique, detailing your work and understanding control and precision in beauty makeup applications for everything from bridal to red carpet, commercial work to film, television and print is essential for becoming a well known and well respected artist. In this workshop you will learn to create your precise and perfected make-ups and develop an understanding of the fundamentals of each area of the face in every application. In the hands on portion of the workshop you will learnt to step back from your work and ask yourself the questions that will lead you to precise and perfect applications helping you client to achieve their most beautiful look. This workshop is ideal for early stage artists or those who want to breakdown their application and build a better understanding of how every choice and administration of color affects the end result.

Makeup for High Intensity– Orlando Santiago
From the bride who is in makeup all day to photo shoots in challenging locations like beaches, deserts and dark makeup rooms that challenges a makeup artist faces go far beyond creating a beautiful makeup. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn to choose the products that make your makeup longer wearing and how to keep it looking flawless all day long. The presenter will let you in on celebrity secrets you can add to your arsenal for keeping your skills savvy and your makeup looking sophisticated. Look at the products on the market that deal with everything from waterproofing to the magnifying eye of HD and how we can work to master makeup for every occasion.

The Basics and Business of Bridal– Orlando Santiago 
The Bridal makeup artist has their own special set of required skills in matters of business and makeup application. In this lucrative but crowded field finding ways to separate yourself from other artists in your area can be the difference between success and failure. In this hands-on workshop, we will discuss some easy ways to make more money and be more organized in building your bridal business. In the makeup aspect of this workshop, you will see examples of how you can elevate bridal makeup to an editorial beauty level and achieve notoriety in your own market as well as the knowledge to make a woman look wonderful on the most important day in her life. The presenter will lead you through your own application and help you develop techniques for makeup in high intensity situations that range from romantic and classic to more modern looks.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Examination – Kathy Aragon
For framing the face and finishing touches understanding these areas of artistry is crucial. Take a look at designing and applying the right lash and brow for completing your makeup brilliantly.

Blush, Bronzer and Beyond – Kathy Aragon 
Contour, highlight and color can shape and structure a face and add flush, light and life. Learn what to keep in your kit for a pro pick every time.

EEEKKKK I am going to be so busy but a good kind of busy as I won’t have a lot of money to shop with anyway and I really want to get my makeup artistry business to really take off. I think this will give me the confidence to really move it to the next step.

Here is a youtube video of the NYC one just to give you an idea of what it is all about.

Comments questions, random thoughts please leave below. 😀

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