Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

My obsession for independent Etsy makeup stores was refueled recently with scaredy cat cosmetics.

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So just five questions

1 … well dual question first why/how got started and came up with company name

2 what is your inspiration for colors and their names?

3 do you have a beauty or company motto saying etc

4 what does the future hold for scaredy cat?

5 anything you want to share that I might have missed asking?


1. I got started after working as a graphic artist at a local advertising studio. We worked with a lot of fashion brands and I always really enjoyed watching the make up artists work during our photo shoots. So, I began teaching myself how to work with powders and pigments. This lead to me learning how to make my own colors, pigments, powder, and skin care products.

The company itself was started during a rather difficult time for my family. The recession had hit us hard and starting such a project at that time was pretty intimidating. I have a little orange tabby cat that always knew how to cheer me up when I needed it. He became the inspiration for the name and logo. He’s even helping me now by resting his chin on my keyboard.

2. The inspiration for the colors and names come from so many different places. I often pull from nature for my color inspiration, be it a flower I saw that day or a colorful bird I saw in a nature documentary. The names are often puns that relate to the color or label illustration. I also have a soft spot for internet terminology (e.i. Teal Deer and Flounce Cat).

3. I don’t have an official company motto, but I live by the belief that beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the face.

4. We are currently going through a lot of changes. My family just purchased some real estate and we will be building new and bigger facilities. This should allow us to expand into more product lines. I have so many things I want to get onto the market (especially these nail polishes with their super adorable bottles).

5. I wish I could think of something, but forgive me I’m drawing a blank (spent the day on the build site and I’m just beat). Thanks for giving me this opportunity to chat with you. Cheers!
I think the pictures speak for themselves. And I can attest they stay on my oily kids so they will yours. I love how they’re subtle shades then bold ones depending on your mood.

Only con is though the vials hold a lot and are super cute they are hard to get the pigment out. But they were a draw to my purchase so for me easy to overlook and I depot most everything anyway.

Disclaimer I purchased with my own money (five vials are eight dollars with shipping) and the opinions are my own. I was not asked to review then either.

Well you be trying them?


4 thoughts on “Scaredy Cat Cosmetics

  1. This makeup is from Etsy? :-O I better get on that ASAP. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Btw, have you heard of Vain Pursuits? Are they like an ipsy but for skincare?

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