Sunday Synopsis 08/03/2014

I missed last week’s but I am back. 😀 I went back to my home town and did a family reunion and the county fair. It was a lot of time to spend with my children and parents lol. Nothing else much to add in the intro here.

As usual my fave LOTD. This is my new hair cut. My hair was in decent shape for all the dying/bleaching but I just wanted a “look” and bangs. I loved it at first but now I am wondering if the bangs show really make my smaller eye obvious???? Anyone know any good website or youtube videos on how to even out eyes? TIA 😀



Here is my EOTD. It is Scaredy Cat cosmetics for eyeshadows. which I have a review coming up in the next week or early week after.



And sometimes us girls just have to be ok with no makeup. Here I am sweaty at the family reunion with my oldest son.



I tried getting a part time job at the local CCO with no luck. I thought it would help me learn to match foundation and a lot of inspiring makeup artist work counters. Where I live there is no mall with major stores. I have decided to join Mary Kay in hopes of doing the facials and make up will teach me for my real goal. I am stagnant right now in the marketing and experience to be a make up artist. I will not be shilling it on here But may talk about how it has increased my skills not so much product. I still love all kinds of makeup 😀 Anyway just a warning!

I think that’s enough as not much going on this week with the vacation and then getting sick (stupid tonsillitis)

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