Beauty Hot Weather Staples August 2014 Blog Hop


I am late posting this as I wanted to by noon yesterday BUT my cubicle job got hectic and well. I apologize to the ladies in the FB group who we monthly hold these blog hops with. I have added their links at the bottom for your pleasure. 😀

The theme is Hot Weather Staples and here are mine.

a setting spray to help combat the melting effect you can sometimes get
A great bronzer. In the summer you can go shimmerier but I still prefer Matte. NYC has an inexpensive one that is excellent for lighter skin tones.
bh primer
Eye and Face Primers… Need I say more 😀 This line from BH cosmetics is actually turning out well worth the price.
The summer’s Fab Fit Fun box has all your essentials. Water bottle, chapstick, shaving supplies, and most importantly sun screen! I will have a review of the box later this week.
Get them brows to stay in place. Tarte has a good waterproof brow mousse but so does anastastia and NYX.
Lastly, have some fun with your hair. Go lighter … you don’t have to go drastic like me but add some highlights to give that sun kissed look. No it doesn’t beat the heat but it can make you feel sexier!!
  1. Christine at Simply Stine 
  2. Lisa at Subscription Therapy 
  3. Sammi at College Beauty Buff 
  4. Anna at The Anna Belle Blog 
  5. Michelle at My Beautiful Goodies

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