QVC Today’s Special Value, EDIVV and Being MIA

Hello Beauties,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days I have been travelling with limited access to my photos to include in posts. Then I got a case of tonsillitis. BBBOOOOO!

I am finally feeling better and getting caught up with posts. I plan on writing a few ahead so I don’t get behind like that again. I always say that to myself then I never do but I am in the mood to write and showcase some posts I have been wanting to do.

SO all that aside. I have to tell you about today’s QVC TSV (Today’s Special Value)

I love qvc way too much. The TSV today is a new Mally product. A sponge foundation. I am so in love with IT cosmetics that I had to try a different one. Plus it has several exclusive things at a great price. 163.00 is retail and with shipping it’s a smidgen over 70.00. Hell YA! For a shop-a-holic like me it is a no brainer plus I want to try most of what is in the kit.

Here is a picture and I got it in fair. That is the one thing I hate is you can’t tell the colors. But I figure I can bronze it up and my It cosmetics one is in light so better to have a more winter one. Right???



To learn more check out the website here. There is an interesting video sharing how the foundation works.

Lastly I found an awesome makeup swap website. The video explaining how it works can be found by clicking on the video below. The link to Edivv will give me a chance to earn sephora gift cards. It is the only “compensation” like item in mentioning this site and only if you use my link to join. I have not swapped anything yet as just joined but I have an item or two listed.

How eDivv Works


Ok well that is it for now. Comment, questions, random thoughts below. Follow either on wordpress or bloglovin please 😀 and if you don’t mind my social media sites as well found to your right. ———->>>>


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