Tip Tuesday: DIY hair mask

Ok this may seem simple but I did this over the weekend and it took my fried way too many times recently hair and made it soft again. I promise!

hair mask

I used these three items but you only need two of them for the mask. I like to add some essential oils for the smell and depending on if there is something you want to treat extra. The Eucalyptus is great for an itchy scalp in my opinion.

The “recipe” I use is three parts oil to one part egg. If you have longer hair you will need more. Right now I have medium to the top of my shoulder blade hair. I use the 3:1 ratio.

3 large tablespoons of the coconut warmed up in the microwave to liquid form. Be careful to not make it too hot or the egg will cook.

Add a large egg and beat them together. They will not completely meld together but will stir nicely.

Then if you want about five or to your liking drops of the essential oil.

Note: work quickly as the coconut oil will harden again and you need it on your hair not in the bowl 😀

Your hair will be crusty and waxy. It’s ok. Leave it on there for as long as you like. I usually do an hour or two around the house. I know some people who wear it overnight.

Then shampoo to rinse out the product. It will take to or three repeats as it does get crusty 😀

Hope this helps anyone’s hair woes and tell me if you tried it and liked it or if there is ways to tweak my recipe.

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