Sunday Synopsis 07052014

Another week went by and it was a long one for me. My full time job I was the only one except for my boss working. Then I was the on call person this weekend Friday and Sunday (right now) so that always adds some stress to the week. But I’m almost to a couple days off next week … closer 😀

I decided though instead of doing a whole post (due to the lateness of the month) I would feature my current faves here.


  • Mac Pigments in Naked, Melon and Vanilla
  • BH Cosmetics Daisy and Lily blush duos
  • My Babyliss Miracurl
  • Lorac Front of the line in Dark Brown and Black (to me nothing compares to these)
  • My go to Tarte mascara routine
  • Coastal Scents Revealed 2 palette
  • MAC Fix+ spray

Favorite LOTD


Which happened to be on the same day as my favorite EOTD

010 013

Looky there I think I did a pretty good job of a cut crease on my first try. It was my Wednesday question of the week if you want to check it out.

I picked up these to gems at Walgreens not because I need them but I couldn’t resist. She is my second favorite to Jasmine.


This week I attempted to go blonder but I went back to the orangier color with some blonde highlights somehow lol


I finally found this at target. For a foundation junkie like me I have been on the hunt since I heard about it!


I also plan a review/comparison of the Etude Mineral Cushion Vs The IT cosmetics Fluid CC one I am smitten with.


Lastly, I had a disheartening moment Friday night when this person wrote a nasty comment on my instagram. I wrote about it here (shameless plus of other blog) and it came up recently in the FB group I am part of. Nasty people on the internet. Yes the person is a stranger but they can really cut deep. I had a constructive yet rude comment on the blog before and it was ok. But I think because this person was just down right mean and it was telling me I was talent-less and I shouldn’t follow my dream of being a makeup artist as I suck that bad. …. It just really hurt as it played on my fear I am not good enough.

So my PSA which I hate to be preachy on here but it needs said. People let’s be nice to each other. I worry about our children and future generations for mental health issues due to the availability and anonymity of the internet and being mean rude or bully. I am 37 years old with the wisdom to know my self worth is not based on that person BUT it still hurt and I still let it when I let the doubt in. I can’t imagine me at 14 having people to be able to access me 24-7 to say whatever they want with no recourse. Sigh.

Well that is it for me today. Hope whomever reads this is safe and had an awesome week. Comments leave below and please follow me. Oh and my social media sites but ONLY if you are going to be fair and nice. please think is this helpful or hurtful OR would I saw this straight to a person’s face. Ok rant over … deep breath… let it go 😀


4 thoughts on “Sunday Synopsis 07052014

  1. (Hugs) keep going! I find your posts inspiring me to try new things or colors. I think you are great, screw the haters! 🙂

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