Red, White, and Beauty Blog hop July 2014

Welcome to another blog hope through the facebook group… I missed last months as it was a hectic time at work and home. This month’s theme is … (drum Roll please)



Though I think I might have done mine more in regards to summer essentials which was last month’s and I didn’t get a chance to be a part in. ??? Anywho… My view on this month’s theme is things I will be using for the fourth of July.

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First I will be using this to exfoliate my body. This is a sample size I received in Allure’s Sample Society box in May. I just used it today and it works awesomely.



For my Face I am using this Olay. It is new to me also and used today. It leaves the skin soft and clean.

Once I am done with exfoliation I will next be using this…


This stuff is like butta! It is easy to use and has a great not orange tint. I have never used self tanners but if they are all like this one I am sold. Just don’t do what I did and do your arms first. So your legs first as you will be dripping and whipping it off your arms before it is time. Or maybe it is just me. lol


I received this in some beauty box last year and have never used it. I decided with the pool and hot sun it was time to reinforce my hair. Plus a lot of us dye our hair a lighter color in the summer. I did way lighter. HMmmm maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis with all this self change/care. HA Protein is needed to refortify the hair from the dry chlorine or bleach.


I have mentioned this before but here is my fave BB Cream. It has excellent SPF and perfect for the summer months.

041 044


Lastly and true to the title, I picked these OCC lip tar Matte’s. Though they dont’ look that Matte. There is no shimmer so maybe that is what they mean. They can be mixed with all sorts of other lip tars to customize and that is really why I purchased them. That and I am obsessed with lip tars. lol

So what is your perfect Red White and beauty items for the holidays?

Comment, subscribe, random thoughts below please and of course check out the links below for the hop and my social media’s if you don’t mind 😀


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7 thoughts on “Red, White, and Beauty Blog hop July 2014

  1. Woah those lip tars look awesome! And I think my hair needs a deep conditioner like that, it looks like serious business! 🙂

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