June 2014 Box Review

Hi Everyone. I am down to two boxes this month. I just wasn’t feeling the other two I was getting. I think I will be down to one from here on out unless some spectacular new one comes out. Ipsy just can’t be beat even if it is a mediocre month it still is worth the price. Also thanks to all the folks who have used my link to sign up. I really do appreciate it!!

So I will start with Ipsy. This month was decent. juneipsy


My favorite of the bunch is the eyebrow liner and the NYX Butter Gloss. I am now intrigued by the Carol’s Daughter and the Eyeliner. The perfume is meh.

june beauty bar


I think this will be the last box of sample society I get. It seems to be all face/perfume/hair products and no makeup. I prefer the makeup with just a smidgen of the other once in a while. That is why I love ipsy so much. The fact there is two perfumes is annoying to me. The best item is the Malin and Goetz. I have never tried anything of theirs but can get a discount for products due to my affiliation with the Powder Group.

Both these boxes I purchased with my personal money and the review is my own thoughts. If you would like to join ipsy they have an awesome referral program and I would appreciate if you use my link. But if you don’t that’s cool too I am just glad you found my blog 😀

Comments, questions, and random thoughts please leave below and of course check out my social media sites as well!


9 thoughts on “June 2014 Box Review

  1. I cancelled my Ipsy a couple of months ago. I found that I was only using about 1 product every other month or so. :-/ Also, when I tried to use my points they weren’t working and their customer service was crappy! Smh.

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