Sunday Synopsis 062214

I don’t know why I am obsessed with cute same letter titles for themed posts I try to keep up on. I thought this title yesterday and really love it for my Sunday re-cap of the week. 😀

Anywho… Here are my fave LOTD and EOTD from instgram.


The eye look is using MAC pigment a duochrome green/gold.

These MEME’s reminded me of why I am going to be a as successful as possible freelance makeup artist. They resonated in my desire to follow my dreams, being myself, and my MUA Motto. And who doesn’t like butterflies and unicorns???



My week was made when I got this email in my in box


squee! I think either they follow people who subscribe to them back or that I am a member of the Powder Group and they did an event this week.  I love being part of this group, both for business and personal purposes. For more information on the group click this link here. 


I am going to the Dallas Makeup show and I saw on instagram that this incredible man will be a speaker there. I just hope I can hear him as I am taking a lot of classes during those two days.


I ordered my business cards and I LOVE them. I have my website almost done. I took my time since I didn’t have my business cards to give out.



Also, I had my first hater comment. THe person said I was whiny and a negative nancy. Does that mean I am starting to make it? The commentor was right I was in that post but I also feel not all reviews should be positive. Us beauty Blogger/youtubers are unfair to the consumers if we only love everything. Some things are negative and well… I can be a negative nancy depending on my mood (that’s the funny thing about being bipolar — shameless plus of other blog here)

Lastly, check out this fun collaboration I was lucky to be a part of…. LOVE the girl power/sisterhood the beauty community can have. Link Herecleo face

What did you do this week?

Comments, questions, and random thoughts please leave below and follow me on my social media sites if you don’t mind 😀


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