Makeup Through The Ages: Egyptians/Cleopatra


Hello everyone, welcome to my portion of the Make Up Through The Ages Blogger Collaboration.  I am presenting Egyptian/Cleopatra time period.

Egyptian queen Hatshepsut is depicted on a painted limestone statue in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo per National Geo Daily News

I wanted to start with some interesting history about the makeup of this time period. Per National Geographic Daily News. “Cleopatra and her kin knew a thing or two about crafting an alluring smoky eye. Now French researchers suggest that the ancient Egyptians’ heavily painted eyelids did more than attract admirers—they also protected against eye infections.” The look I presented was based on this information as well. Indian Public Media had an article that stated, “Over five thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians used eye shadow, not only for cosmetic but practical purposes as well. Dark pigment painted around the eye helped protect the eye from the bright midday sun glaring off the desert sands.The earliest eye paint in ancient Egypt was a thick, bright green paste made from the mineral malachite. Cleopatra darkened her eyebrows and lengthened her eyelashes with black kohl, a mixture of powdered lead sulfide and animal fat.” Two pictures I decided to base the look I am creating are …

I took the green from the information and picture on the left and my lip color and the long lines from the picture on the right.

058 059

Above is one eye done with the black WetNWild eyeliner in black. I did not change my makeup from earlier today. It was a real light look. I took two greens and gold (this gold and a clear gloss) from Younique Cosmetics and Glass Apple as my highlight from Checquered Lily.

060 061

Here is the finished looked– Left is the whole face and the right is the eyes. I added the Radiant Orchid for a little pop of fun. 😀

cleo facecleo eye

I hope this was fun for you to view. Comments, Questions, Random thoughts please leave below. Also please check out my social media’s. I’ll love you forever 😀 lol Also please check out the rest of the bloggers taking you through the ages. Their links are below. And a HUGE thank you to Brittany from The Beauty Deputy who organized this all!!

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23 thoughts on “Makeup Through The Ages: Egyptians/Cleopatra

  1. Elizabeth Taylor, eat your heart out! I love the pop of radiant orchid, that’s a really nice touch, and recreating the malachite eyeshadow is an inspired choice 🙂 love it, well done!

  2. Great job! I really like your history lesson that you gave us! It is very interesting! Also, I really love that green shade. You have really pretty eyes and that color compliments them well. You have some awesome eyeliner skills! 🙂

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