Weekly Wednesday topic

Does anyone else’s makeup desk look like this when their fine art the end if the week?


I wish mine works magically organize itself lol

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday topic

  1. I’m so jealous that you have a makeup desk! I have a Sephora train case that I have to put on the floor of my bathroom, because I have no space.

    I’d recommend getting some pretty glass jars/vases/glasses to corral your brushes and some clear acrylic organizers to help you find stuff easy but keep it tidy.

    • Thanks for the organization ideas. I actually do have some sort of system but it is always rotating around and I am so busy getting ready during the week I don’t get a chance to organize it until the weekend.

      How is your lighting in the bathroom? Cuz you always look amazing so I assume it is great but wasn’t sure.

      • My bathroom lighting is actually pretty sad. It’s either too low, or way too high (I’ve got 6 of those huge dressing room type globes). I usually use the high ones and a mirror like the one on your desk. I’ve promised myself that someday I will have more space and a nice vanity!

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