Who doesn’t love a deal or two?

I have a few to share and pass on if you want to take advantage. I was not asked or compensated to let anyone know of these deals and anything I purchased in the deal I paid for myself.

First is my favorite Etsy shop for loose pigments.


The Chequered Lily, who’s owner is Kimberly Bouchu and she is FABULOUS!!

Per the store FB page and Etsy page here is the details of the sale. Welcome! ^_^ Lip Balms and Blushes are 20% off through Sunday 06/08/2014 and all 5 gram eye shadows are currently clearanced at 30% off. Glitters are also clearanced and can be found on the last page. We are overhauling our current eye shadow and glitter containers, so all current listings are in-stock and ready to ship. I will be restocking all shades this month in our new containers, so if you’re waiting for a sold-out color, just hang on a little longer. Turn around time for all in-stock orders is currently 5-7 business days. I know the shipping prices look wonky for international orders; rest assured, I refund any overages over $1.00. 🙂

I asked her further questions in regards to the shop. In true Kim fashion she quickly answered me. “THe current sale goes until June 15th, and depending on what’s left, I might extend it through the end of the month. I’m changing out the current packaging on all the eye shadows and glitters in favor of two new sizes, a larger container that is more esthetically in line with my brand (and holds 50% more product) and a smaller “mini” size container that will hold approximately half a gram of product. The timing of this change is not ideal, but I’m rolling with it because I think it will allow me to serve my customers better in the long run and will definitely be a better value for everyone. I have several new items that will come out in the next couple of weeks, as I am able to make room for them in the inventory, including the delayed Valentine’s collection from earlier this year, and a brand new stand alone glitter blend. I have a few bath items in the works that I am hoping to have available mid-July. ^_^

So get your deals by the end of the day tomorrow for sure. And ideas on colors check out these previous posts I have done. Disclaimer I have always paid for my own product and Kim never asks for a review either good or bad (but they are always good lol)

Last post and first post

Next BH cosmetics and Instyle is featuring in this months magazine a new brush set for half off.

11 pcs Pink-A-Dot Brush Set

11 pieces pink a dot brush set. It retails for 28.95 and is regular on sale 24.95. With the coupon code INSTYLE it is only 15.00 so I picked up two and for free shipping I got a couple of the flower brush colors, eye primer, and a nail thing. This code is good through the month per the magazine.

This super soft 11 piece synthetic brush set has a great variety of both complexion and eye brushes and is cruelty free! The bonus Deluxe Fan Brush included is a great brush for bronzing the chest or body. Featuring quirky and cute polka dotted brush handles, this set comes wrapped inside its own adorable matching cylindrical hard case that snaps up for quick travel and looks stylish on a makeup station or counter top!
Brushes Included:
Deluxe Fan Brush
Powder Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Classic Foundation Brush
Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
Classic Shadow Brush
Flat Eyeliner Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Tapered Eye Liner Brush
Lip Brush

Ok so that is it for now. Take advantage if you want I know my shopping issue made me. lol

Comments, questions, and random thoughts leave below and of course please follow me on my social media sights!


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