Sunday funday is back

I am bringing Funday back dang it. lol This week has been a whirlwind week and next is going to continue that trend. I worked three days and attempted to get caught up on my job. Did my kid’s physicals for camp. Put together a garage sale, put away the garage sale, took my youngest to the er for a shot of penicillin due to camp being the next day. I swear he always gets sick when he goes to the doctor’s office. Thankfully he did get to go to camp. It was a six hour round trip drive but worth it as they have a blast and it is free! lol

I leave tomorrow for my “pretend I’m a single girl” quickation. Yes I did just make that up. Everybody feel free to hashtag it. lol I am going to Iowa for a Cher concert with my high school bff. Then to Minnesota for my adult BFF that i have had the longest. Which means a MOA shopping spree. I think I mentioned in the wants but I made a decent amount in the garage sale so I am hoping I can get some good deals.

Ok so here are the pictures of the year. Me getting my baby fix. This is my friend’s Nephew. He was ADORABLE!



Favorite look of the day. — Court day so It was important to be simple. Which sometimes can be hard for me lol.



Favorite eye look for the week. I am starting to learn to perfect a dual lid color fade.



I have a video I need to edit but I should probably get some sleep for my hours of travel. One more week won’t hurt right?

I’m also thinking of doing or working on a book of sorts. I book/journal of my freelance makeup artist journey. At 37 I feel it could be motivating and motivate me to keep up on my dreams.

And decided to end on a “food for thought” Meme. I agree even the most gorgeous person can be ugly and only have frenemies due to a horrible attitude.


comments, questions, random thoughts leave below and please check out my social media sites! I appreciate you all! !!!


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