Sunday Synopsis 062914

Hello My Beauties,

I had a great week. I am loving the summer weather. I had a giveaway earlier this week and I put everyone in a hat since I didn’t realize rafflecopter doesn’t work well with wordpress and the winner is …. please email me at angela at beautywhisperermua dot come with your mailing address and I will get it to you this week.

MILANEAAAA (I think I read that right)
wpid-20140629_083755.jpg I did count multiple times per the rules and I had to do it this way. Booo I have to figure out rafflecopter for sure. And Here is the final product you will receive 😀 Congrats

My fave LOTD was


This is using most of these products


As I am trying something new. Where I can remember what I am wanting to review. It’s a chopping block kind of thing like chrystalis007 on youtube. I let her know via instagram I was going to use her same concept but a smidgen different. The only thing not in here that made the dewy skin is the It Cosmetics sponge foundation. I really do love that stuff but can slide off on humid days.

My Fave EOTD is this combo picture


Top and bottom are from the new MAC pigments I purchased and the middle is the revealed2 palette from coastal scents.


I have makeup artist lead that proves God puts us in the right place at the right time. I am excited and scared at the same time. I hope to share more about this journey with you all but I am superstitious if I “brag” too much it will all fall through. I hope you understand. BUT if it does it will be a dream come true.

I did order a custom designed calendar from Personal-planner. I saw a couple of youtube videos and have wanted one since. You can completely customize it. The only downside is you can’t add things like binder ones BUT I don’t think I will need too and I am using it for business and blog purposes not my full-time pay the bills job. I will show you when I get it as I am so excited. I am not affiliated with the company at all either. I wish I was 😀 Don’t we all get into this blog thing for the free stuff. Just teasing I do it for therapy and reason to justify shopping to my husband.

This week I plan for you a youtube video, a blog hop, and maybe/hopefully a review.

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June 2014 Box Review

Hi Everyone. I am down to two boxes this month. I just wasn’t feeling the other two I was getting. I think I will be down to one from here on out unless some spectacular new one comes out. Ipsy just can’t be beat even if it is a mediocre month it still is worth the price. Also thanks to all the folks who have used my link to sign up. I really do appreciate it!!

So I will start with Ipsy. This month was decent. juneipsy


My favorite of the bunch is the eyebrow liner and the NYX Butter Gloss. I am now intrigued by the Carol’s Daughter and the Eyeliner. The perfume is meh.

june beauty bar


I think this will be the last box of sample society I get. It seems to be all face/perfume/hair products and no makeup. I prefer the makeup with just a smidgen of the other once in a while. That is why I love ipsy so much. The fact there is two perfumes is annoying to me. The best item is the Malin and Goetz. I have never tried anything of theirs but can get a discount for products due to my affiliation with the Powder Group.

Both these boxes I purchased with my personal money and the review is my own thoughts. If you would like to join ipsy they have an awesome referral program and I would appreciate if you use my link. But if you don’t that’s cool too I am just glad you found my blog 😀

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Giveaway: A few Silk Naturals Naked Three Clones ***CLOSED

Since I got the new Revealed Palette 2 and I feel that a lot of the shades are very similar, I have decided to do a giveaway of five shades. These are full sizes and used very sparingly. I used a clean brush to dip into them so cross contamination should be minimal.


Portal from the picture above. It is described as a black with pinky red reflects.


Status and Link from the picture above is another two of the group.


Two from above are in the grouping History and Torrent.

The rules are as follows … since I can’t figure out rafflecopter for each item you do your name goes into a hat that my son will help me pull from next Sunday.

1) like this post worth one name in hat

2) comment on this post worth one name in hat

3) follow this blog and comment that you do worth three times name in hat

4) follow me on instagram and/or twitter and/or tumber. You will receive two times name in hat for each of these. Please leave a comment on which all ones you did

I know TOTAL pain the bootie but I really am not smart with figuring out these things and I do want to do a giveaway. THanks 😀


Sunday Synopsis 062214

I don’t know why I am obsessed with cute same letter titles for themed posts I try to keep up on. I thought this title yesterday and really love it for my Sunday re-cap of the week. 😀

Anywho… Here are my fave LOTD and EOTD from instgram.


The eye look is using MAC pigment a duochrome green/gold.

These MEME’s reminded me of why I am going to be a as successful as possible freelance makeup artist. They resonated in my desire to follow my dreams, being myself, and my MUA Motto. And who doesn’t like butterflies and unicorns???



My week was made when I got this email in my in box


squee! I think either they follow people who subscribe to them back or that I am a member of the Powder Group and they did an event this week.  I love being part of this group, both for business and personal purposes. For more information on the group click this link here. 


I am going to the Dallas Makeup show and I saw on instagram that this incredible man will be a speaker there. I just hope I can hear him as I am taking a lot of classes during those two days.


I ordered my business cards and I LOVE them. I have my website almost done. I took my time since I didn’t have my business cards to give out.



Also, I had my first hater comment. THe person said I was whiny and a negative nancy. Does that mean I am starting to make it? The commentor was right I was in that post but I also feel not all reviews should be positive. Us beauty Blogger/youtubers are unfair to the consumers if we only love everything. Some things are negative and well… I can be a negative nancy depending on my mood (that’s the funny thing about being bipolar — shameless plus of other blog here)

Lastly, check out this fun collaboration I was lucky to be a part of…. LOVE the girl power/sisterhood the beauty community can have. Link Herecleo face

What did you do this week?

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Makeup Through The Ages: Egyptians/Cleopatra


Hello everyone, welcome to my portion of the Make Up Through The Ages Blogger Collaboration.  I am presenting Egyptian/Cleopatra time period.

Egyptian queen Hatshepsut is depicted on a painted limestone statue in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo per National Geo Daily News

I wanted to start with some interesting history about the makeup of this time period. Per National Geographic Daily News. “Cleopatra and her kin knew a thing or two about crafting an alluring smoky eye. Now French researchers suggest that the ancient Egyptians’ heavily painted eyelids did more than attract admirers—they also protected against eye infections.” The look I presented was based on this information as well. Indian Public Media had an article that stated, “Over five thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians used eye shadow, not only for cosmetic but practical purposes as well. Dark pigment painted around the eye helped protect the eye from the bright midday sun glaring off the desert sands.The earliest eye paint in ancient Egypt was a thick, bright green paste made from the mineral malachite. Cleopatra darkened her eyebrows and lengthened her eyelashes with black kohl, a mixture of powdered lead sulfide and animal fat.” Two pictures I decided to base the look I am creating are …

I took the green from the information and picture on the left and my lip color and the long lines from the picture on the right.

058 059

Above is one eye done with the black WetNWild eyeliner in black. I did not change my makeup from earlier today. It was a real light look. I took two greens and gold (this gold and a clear gloss) from Younique Cosmetics and Glass Apple as my highlight from Checquered Lily.

060 061

Here is the finished looked– Left is the whole face and the right is the eyes. I added the Radiant Orchid for a little pop of fun. 😀

cleo facecleo eye

I hope this was fun for you to view. Comments, Questions, Random thoughts please leave below. Also please check out my social media’s. I’ll love you forever 😀 lol Also please check out the rest of the bloggers taking you through the ages. Their links are below. And a HUGE thank you to Brittany from The Beauty Deputy who organized this all!!

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1940 Olivia from Eye Have A Lot of Feelings

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Present Day Barbe from Fashionista in Surburbia 

present-day/ Futuristic  Becky from MakeupandFreckles 


Bh Cosmetics Haul

EDITED: The coupon is no longer valid. I did have the wrong one. The correct was instylejun2014 but it doesn’t work now either. I apologize. I still think worth it though as I have used the brushes and they are dense, soft,and super cute. 😀 To the person who commented about the wrong code thank you and I am really sorry I thought this code would last longer. I saw at two stores the July issue is already out so I am thinking that is why it is null. 😦 I promise I am not trying to be a bad blogger.

So the other day I let you folks know about a code to get new BH cosmetics brush kit for only 15.00. It is originally  28.95 and without the code is 24.95. The code is INSTYLE (If that doesn’t work let me know) I was not sent these items I purchased with own money and just sharing the deal I saw in the magazine. This is not so much a my thoughts review but a showing what I got. I may mention if I am happy with my purchase so far or not.

bh dots


I purchased two of the brushes. Not that I think the brushes are great as I have a couple and they were MEH and came apart after just a few months. I am hoping this was just a fluke and these will be better. I purchased them separately and were the cheaper ones. The main reason I got the brushes and two (besides the price) is the fan brushes and I wanted the canisters for my makeup artist kit. I see on youtube people use them to separate brushes from face and eye then clean and dirty.

Here are each of the brushes you get in the kit and what they are listed as.

Brushes Included:
Deluxe Fan Brush
Powder Brush
Angled Blush Brush
Classic Foundation Brush
Tapered Shadow Blending Brush
Classic Shadow Brush
Flat Eyeliner Brush
Angled Shadow Brush
Small Smudge Brush
Tapered Eye Liner Brush
Lip Brush

The fan one I wanted and love!!

What do you think of the set in person? At the very least they are super cute 😀

And since I can’t stand to pay for shipping I had to spend another twenty dollars. Which was ok as there was a few things I wanted to get and things are usually some level of sale on the BH Cosmetics website.

bhblush bh primer

So far I have used these three times this week and I really like… almost love the products. The blushes are four different colors “flower” types but I picked up mine based on the highlight like color.

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First Impression: It Cosmetics Fluid Sponge Compact Foundation

This time it is only in a picture collage.

it fluid liquid

What do you think? I have an asian brand on the way to compare but I actually am really liking the dewy but light feeling of this foundation. I will give a fuller review another time but as a first impression total thumbs up… and trust me I am picky 😀

I bought with my own funds and my opinion is my own as well. Thanks

Any questions, comments, random thoughts please leave below and check out/follow me on my social media sites… I will love you forever if you do lol

Sephora Deal You Gotta Get!

This is a quick post to let anyone who wanted some of the Sephora Pantone color but didn’t want to pay the price IE the lipstick. Then right now this kit is a hella awesome deal.


The Face: Radiant Femme Artistry Set. It was originally 59.00 and on sale for 39.00 original value 110.00.

What it is:
An allover face and nail kit in limited-edition packaging to create chic looks featuring the Color of the Year—Radiant Orchid.

What it does:
This kit features everything you need to create chic trendy looks around the Sephora+Pantone Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. The Liquid luminizer features a soft Radiant Orchid-hued shimmer for a sophisticated glow. The hued cream blush is easy to wear, universally flattering, and features variable coverage for a soft flush or dramatic look. The all-day liquid eyeliner has a metallic finish in a shimmering Radiant Orchid hue. The shimmering nail lacquer pulls the look together.

This Set Contains:
– Cosmetic Bag
– Liquid Face, Eye, and Body Luminizer
– Cream blush
– Liquid liner
– Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick
– 0.3 oz Nail Lacquer in Orchid Chrome
– Get-the-look beauty card

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates

What else you need to know:
The limited-edition cosmetic bag in Radiant Orchid is simple, timeless, and large enough to fit brushes as well.

I got it with my own money yesterday and I have been wanting the lipstick and I don’t have very many brighter cream blush so I LOVE them both and the rest is MEH except the liquid thing is not as it is pure liquid glitter. It is pretty and if I would ever go out then yes it would be cool but in general NO. lol Oh and my thoughts are my own and not sponsored.

Do you own anything for the color of the year?

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