Silk Natural Naked 3 Clone looks








I spent that week using each color of the Silk Natural Naked 3 Clone shadows for the Naked 3 palette.

This one I did tonight using Virtual (UD Liar) on the lid… Drive (UD Factory) in crease… and for liner and outer v Portal (UD Blackheart)





The next look has Tweak (UD Burnout) on brow bone and lid… Analog (UD limit) in crease… and Impact (UD Buzz) under eye and the V. I forgot to get a picture with the eyes closed. I am sorry 😦

001 002

This day I used as a base this covergirl color stick. Cache (UD Strange) on brow and lid… Torrent (UD Tweak) crease ..and History (UD Mugshot) in V. The top picture is before it was blended the second was it completed with brows.

022 024 025

I don’t know why my flash wouldn’t go off this day very irritating. I think due to my room and it being a wonderfully sunny day. Status (UD Dust) on lid … Parallel (UD Nooner) for crease… and Link (UD Darkside) on the edge.

040 045 046

Does anyone of either the clones or the actual palette? I really love these colors on my green/hazel eyes and is a must if you do bridal work. The rose colors are romantic and do work with most eye colors.

No Sunday FUnday this week as I was on call and it was a sad weekend work wise. (I’m a CD investigator) so I am looking for the next two days to be over for a four day weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Silk Natural Naked 3 Clone looks

  1. Love the looks you did! I have the Naked 3 palette and it’s so great, but your shadows look great too! How did you know which of those colors matched the UD ones? Did you match them yourself? Great job though!

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