Wednesday Weekly Question 052114

OMG I am so late on this and I am sorry but work has been hectic. Mostly my fault I need some better concentration or organization or both lol

So I was driving on a call today and I saw one of those TV like Ad Billboard. It was advertising botox shot for 9.00. I don’t know if this is a deal. I figured heck I could afford a couple shots. I HATE HATE HATE my eye frown lines. Come to find out you need on initial application at least 25. UGH. I still made an appt but I am going to do some research.

I really have been wanting some for this area for awhile but at the same time I am scared it will be obvious. Have any of you gotten any cosmetic procedures or would you even consider it?

And just for reference of what I am speaking of for myself here is an image I found.

Please leave your thoughts, comments on this topic below 😀 and check out my social media if you don’t mind!


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