Adopted sister time.

I was afraid this went out live before I finished it… stupid writing it on my phone…. anyway sorry for that.


My husband made a best friend recently. Who has a wonderful adorable girlfriend.I am an only child and never got a chance to play dress up or make up. I did have a friend when I went to my grandma’s where we would wear her polyester dresses and play house but I’m sure a full time sister is way different.

She came over to visit and didn’t know about my makeup hoarding. She was totally game for me to practice on her. (Dang it I gotta switch to main computer as no pictures on phone)

So here is the looks I did on her. I need some practice on the fake lashes but I think I did good on the winged eyeliner. These photos show the before and after the one eye not winged and the other winged.

006 008

The Finished looked with Babyliss Miracurl


And she did mine as well. So here we are together. She makes me look so pale. I want her skin texture, color… just it all. lol


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