Makeup kit additions

In my desire to compile a complete professional makeup kit. I purchased\gifted two items for mothers day. Both items were purchased from my joint account with my hubby 🙂

First is a pencil case from Dick Blick. I actually had a hard time finding a nice looking pencil case. One that would appear professional yet have some personality. And one that didn’t already have colored pencils included. I finally did stumble across this beautiful case.

pencil case 035 034

I love that the zipper beginnings have snaps. The material is made of durable woven material and each side holds 12 pencils on each side for a total of 48. I am debating on getting one for my personal pencils and cream eye shadow sticks. I might get one in black though there is also a slate blue and tan.

Next I have been posting much about my four in one makeup train case. I got it in zebra print and from Ebay. There are a lot of different colors, styles and prices on Ebay. You can of course also go to places like Shany, Frends, Naimes. They come in soft bags as well. I was debating on get a soft train case but decided to go with the better price and if I actually start making a profit and feel I need a “fancier” one then I would get it then. Here are the different compartments.

017 018 019 020 023022  025 026 027

comments, questions, random thoughts leave below and please check out my social media sites! I appreciate you all! !!!


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