Sunday Funday 05112014

*** I am very afraid I deleted all my pictures some how on my main computer. I had to step away so I could pray I am wrong. The only ones I super care about was the expo pictures 😦

Also I forgot to mention I now have a work in progress bussiness website found here. Ok on to the original post.

Happy Mother’s Day. Mine has been Meh but not all can be winners right 😀 I do hope you all are having an awesome Mother’s Day. Check out my personal Blog for a snippet appreciation post.

This week I had a four-day weekend. In my state we have Truman Day for a holiday and well my full-time job is as a state worker. Since it was on a Thursday I thought perfect to take the Friday off as well.

So for this week my favorite LOTD and EOTD’s of this week were…

wpid-img_20140508_232140.jpg wpid-img_20140507_080117.jpg

I got my hair cut short. Here is a picture of it from yesterday when we went to a graduation party.


I am thinking of dying my hair blondish. There is this app called Imode that you can play with and edit pictures interestingly (is that a word?) I don’t think I could pull off this blonde BUT it does tempt me to go way lighter. I’d have to strip my color though then color over it. I am going to research the process to see if it will be something I want to invest in.


Oh it added those long lashes to the photo too. It was fun to play with. THis is actually Julianna Hough’s hairstyle I picked to put on my head.

Then I kept stalking the UPS guy this week because this baby below came in finally. It is my mother’s day gift. It was a great deal and I LOVE it. This was a textgram photo from instagram.



I uploaded a GRWM: How a Middle aged women gets ready HA you can check it out below.

When browsing on Youtube I saw a commercial for this TV show. I LOVE the comic books and this character. Hell I even loved the Keanu Reeves movie. I am UBER UBER excited!!!!


Also this one popped up too. I am not a huge Kathryn Heigl fan. She has had a couple of cute movies but her reputation turns me off. .. even if deserved or not. This looks so awesome to me due to the people who has made The Black List have made this and I LOVE that show. I figure it is worth a look.

I have a couple of reviews planned for this week and for some reason QVC has chosen me to send a sample box to so I excited to see what that is about.

Hmmm I guess is it. Comments, Questions, Random thoughts please leave below and check out my social media’s and follow if you like! Thank you 😀


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