Silk Natural Naked 3 Clone looks








I spent that week using each color of the Silk Natural Naked 3 Clone shadows for the Naked 3 palette.

This one I did tonight using Virtual (UD Liar) on the lid… Drive (UD Factory) in crease… and for liner and outer v Portal (UD Blackheart)





The next look has Tweak (UD Burnout) on brow bone and lid… Analog (UD limit) in crease… and Impact (UD Buzz) under eye and the V. I forgot to get a picture with the eyes closed. I am sorry 😦

001 002

This day I used as a base this covergirl color stick. Cache (UD Strange) on brow and lid… Torrent (UD Tweak) crease ..and History (UD Mugshot) in V. The top picture is before it was blended the second was it completed with brows.

022 024 025

I don’t know why my flash wouldn’t go off this day very irritating. I think due to my room and it being a wonderfully sunny day. Status (UD Dust) on lid … Parallel (UD Nooner) for crease… and Link (UD Darkside) on the edge.

040 045 046

Does anyone of either the clones or the actual palette? I really love these colors on my green/hazel eyes and is a must if you do bridal work. The rose colors are romantic and do work with most eye colors.

No Sunday FUnday this week as I was on call and it was a sad weekend work wise. (I’m a CD investigator) so I am looking for the next two days to be over for a four day weekend!

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Watch “Mary Kay Facial review — QVC style :D” on YouTube

I need to stop blogging from my phone I thought it posted yesterday. Grrr messing up my schedule. Oh the struggle is real lol… ok here is yesterday post… today!

Mary Kay Facial review — QVC style :D:

This is first in s series. I met Deb on fb and she asked me to help with a wedding party and out friendship as grown from there. Despite our becoming friends I was not monetarily compensated but given product.

Thanks for watching.

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Wednesday Weekly Question 052114

OMG I am so late on this and I am sorry but work has been hectic. Mostly my fault I need some better concentration or organization or both lol

So I was driving on a call today and I saw one of those TV like Ad Billboard. It was advertising botox shot for 9.00. I don’t know if this is a deal. I figured heck I could afford a couple shots. I HATE HATE HATE my eye frown lines. Come to find out you need on initial application at least 25. UGH. I still made an appt but I am going to do some research.

I really have been wanting some for this area for awhile but at the same time I am scared it will be obvious. Have any of you gotten any cosmetic procedures or would you even consider it?

And just for reference of what I am speaking of for myself here is an image I found.

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Battle of May Subscription boxes.

Here is my thoughts on May’s Ipsy, Birchbox, FF5, and beauty bar by Allure box. Which ones made the cut? Watch to find out.

If interested in joining ipsy you can use this link:
I do not get monetary compensation but I do get some points towards free product. I would appreciate it!

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** Disclaimer: I purchased these items with my own money and the opinions are of my own.

Sunday funday weekly recap

I have had a roller coaster week personally. I know I posted but I wanted to do more. Silly real life taking away the fun of this blog. Now on to the re-cap and what is coming up this week.

OMG I am going to the makeup show in Dallas TX at end of September. I am taking three classes and two mini classes. I just wish it was sooner!! Of course I will do a more indepth look at this event.


I have started nutrisystem. My Dad has offered to pay two months to reset our sweet tooth and lose a decent amount to get us momentum. If it goes well I think I will continue and pay for it myself.



My favorite instagram EOTD and LOTD. The eye look below is all Makeup Geek. I plan on reviewing the colors I got this week. The LOTD features the new Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous foundations. A review coming next week. I want to make sure I really like it, I often can be fickle. Or maybe wishy washy is better.


I am BEYOND EXCITED! As I have not one but two review out of the blue boxes coming my way. One from QVC and the other a VOX BOX I thought I would never get picked!!!



And this is the makeup I will be using to review or will have a review for you on it. Plus a BH cosmetics post that didn’t get finished for uploading last week.


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Adopted sister time.

I was afraid this went out live before I finished it… stupid writing it on my phone…. anyway sorry for that.


My husband made a best friend recently. Who has a wonderful adorable girlfriend.I am an only child and never got a chance to play dress up or make up. I did have a friend when I went to my grandma’s where we would wear her polyester dresses and play house but I’m sure a full time sister is way different.

She came over to visit and didn’t know about my makeup hoarding. She was totally game for me to practice on her. (Dang it I gotta switch to main computer as no pictures on phone)

So here is the looks I did on her. I need some practice on the fake lashes but I think I did good on the winged eyeliner. These photos show the before and after the one eye not winged and the other winged.

006 008

The Finished looked with Babyliss Miracurl


And she did mine as well. So here we are together. She makes me look so pale. I want her skin texture, color… just it all. lol


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Makeup kit additions

In my desire to compile a complete professional makeup kit. I purchased\gifted two items for mothers day. Both items were purchased from my joint account with my hubby 🙂

First is a pencil case from Dick Blick. I actually had a hard time finding a nice looking pencil case. One that would appear professional yet have some personality. And one that didn’t already have colored pencils included. I finally did stumble across this beautiful case.

pencil case 035 034

I love that the zipper beginnings have snaps. The material is made of durable woven material and each side holds 12 pencils on each side for a total of 48. I am debating on getting one for my personal pencils and cream eye shadow sticks. I might get one in black though there is also a slate blue and tan.

Next I have been posting much about my four in one makeup train case. I got it in zebra print and from Ebay. There are a lot of different colors, styles and prices on Ebay. You can of course also go to places like Shany, Frends, Naimes. They come in soft bags as well. I was debating on get a soft train case but decided to go with the better price and if I actually start making a profit and feel I need a “fancier” one then I would get it then. Here are the different compartments.

017 018 019 020 023022  025 026 027

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Sunday Funday 05112014

*** I am very afraid I deleted all my pictures some how on my main computer. I had to step away so I could pray I am wrong. The only ones I super care about was the expo pictures 😦

Also I forgot to mention I now have a work in progress bussiness website found here. Ok on to the original post.

Happy Mother’s Day. Mine has been Meh but not all can be winners right 😀 I do hope you all are having an awesome Mother’s Day. Check out my personal Blog for a snippet appreciation post.

This week I had a four-day weekend. In my state we have Truman Day for a holiday and well my full-time job is as a state worker. Since it was on a Thursday I thought perfect to take the Friday off as well.

So for this week my favorite LOTD and EOTD’s of this week were…

wpid-img_20140508_232140.jpg wpid-img_20140507_080117.jpg

I got my hair cut short. Here is a picture of it from yesterday when we went to a graduation party.


I am thinking of dying my hair blondish. There is this app called Imode that you can play with and edit pictures interestingly (is that a word?) I don’t think I could pull off this blonde BUT it does tempt me to go way lighter. I’d have to strip my color though then color over it. I am going to research the process to see if it will be something I want to invest in.


Oh it added those long lashes to the photo too. It was fun to play with. THis is actually Julianna Hough’s hairstyle I picked to put on my head.

Then I kept stalking the UPS guy this week because this baby below came in finally. It is my mother’s day gift. It was a great deal and I LOVE it. This was a textgram photo from instagram.



I uploaded a GRWM: How a Middle aged women gets ready HA you can check it out below.

When browsing on Youtube I saw a commercial for this TV show. I LOVE the comic books and this character. Hell I even loved the Keanu Reeves movie. I am UBER UBER excited!!!!


Also this one popped up too. I am not a huge Kathryn Heigl fan. She has had a couple of cute movies but her reputation turns me off. .. even if deserved or not. This looks so awesome to me due to the people who has made The Black List have made this and I LOVE that show. I figure it is worth a look.

I have a couple of reviews planned for this week and for some reason QVC has chosen me to send a sample box to so I excited to see what that is about.

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Product Of The Day: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Perfect photos for variety… a must keep for reference.

Makeup Crazy

Hey loves! So, I decided to start this daily post thing called Product Of The Day. It’s just going to be a pic of any kind of beauty product, that I either own, or want. If you own any of the products, share about them below! 😀

Today’s POTD, are the NYX JEPs!!!

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils | Products I Love

Which shades do you own? What do you think about them? Favorite shades?

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