Question of the week Wednesday 04/30/14

Ok Sunday I said Wednesday is a Wednesday Question of the Week. I am following that theme Day.

The question is what is the best Mother’s day gift you have given or received?

Mine is my mother’s ring. ANd I love I don’t have to do chores. HA

I got myself this for a present.

Yes I get myself my own presents for every holiday and birthday PLUS  I expect them from my family. I am selfish like that lol I blame it on the only child in me 😀

Please join me with this weeks questions and leave your answers below. And I realized how to put my social media begging in a more obvious spot so check them out ,, over there on the right.


2 thoughts on “Question of the week Wednesday 04/30/14

  1. Love the case! Thats awesome I’m gonna start buying myself my own presents 🙂 Best present I got my mom was the first year I had a job I bought my mom a jade ring from Pandora

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