Foundation Friday — An Epic Fail??

Ok so I first have to tell you what came in the mail yesterday. I am TOO excited.  I was going to do a youtube video first impression but I have been major sick and just couldn’t get the energy to do it. Boo Hoo I apologize. I did however to a couple collages just as teasers 😀 lol

bareminerals twobaremineralsbrushbaremineralsskin

I plan on doing a complete review and video for next week’s Friday Foundation Review.

So a beauty new years resolution was to learn how to do facial contouring better. I purchased the Fit Me sticks by maybelline. These were my results. I will let you decide if epic fail or success.


I purchased the lightest and close to the darkest colors.


Clean face Clean Canvas




I contoured under the cheeks, nose, neck, and forehead. I highlighted under the eyes, lower forehead and between nose, around the outside of nose, upper cheeks, and chin.


I used this real techniques brush to blend. I brushed downwards for the neck. Up cheeks and down around the forehead.


Ummmm… is it jut me or is this WAAAYYY too dark in coloring. I must have put too much contour on the face. It just melted into a greasy too dark mess. In my opinion.

After washing it off, I tried again. Same method just less wide lines for contour and more lighter foundation.

034 035 036


Well much better. I did go out in public like this for some errands. I still don’t feel I got that deep yet subtle contour I want to learn to achieve.

The foundation overall. I was not impressed with. For being an oil control I did not find it to be. I think I looked dewy and the wear wasn’t that great. I had to wash it off before taking a follow up photo it just was heavy on my face.

I purchased the product myself and opinions are my own. I also want to do a disclaimer that I am very very picky with foundations and at the same time I don’t exactly know what makes a holy grail for me. Either way this one, for me, didn’t come close.

Questions, Comments, random thoughts leave below and of course check me out on my social media’s 😀


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