What’s in my MUA bag Part two — Pic heavy

THis one is all about the Non Foundation items I took with me to the Springfield MO Women’s Expo. I ended up not using the foundations and I didn’t use any of the eyeshadows and blushes I used as Younique cosmetics was the sponsor and of course I needed to use as much of their products as possible.

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I did pack a little bit of everything in general. So here is the pictures of the rest I packed up.

All crammed into my Playboy bowler bag.
One of my containers to easy transport things that wouldn’t fit into the playboy bowler
used to turn pigments into liner
used this on my lighter skinned ladies. Great inexpensive bronzer
used on most of the girls for contour and highlight
Used as a blending powder all over
great color range
great makeup artist easy to travel palette
I used this and a wax pencil for eyebrows
Neutrals — for perfect bridal crease and transition work — since I had to use younique only for shadows did not get to use this.
See how pretty
I heart this palette but didn’t get to use it.
cotton swabs and two scoopers
Lip pencils and preps
Highlighters — I only used the MAC one.
BRUSHES!! divided into crease work and lids.
This is my favorite and I used it a lot.
The depotted lippies. I never got to use these.
The only liquid highlighter I brought wasn’t depotted.
It was bridal runway show so I brought these just in case.
Eye Cream and bases
Beauty Blenders and one dupe
Face Brushes
My moisturizers and concealers
I used different makeup bags to organize the items

So I think I did a good job of not bringing too too much. Especially since my first time doing anything like this. I am very proud of myself if I do say so myself lol. IF you don’t believe in yourself who will right???

Comments, questions, random thoughts please leave below! And as usual follow me on my social medias I would really really LOVE it 😀



6 thoughts on “What’s in my MUA bag Part two — Pic heavy

    • Ahhh thank you. I will write it up and have it posted next week. I have so many planned post to write I don’t know what to do with myself… well I guess I should say take the time and write them lol

  1. Ok, so I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. It took me forever to figure out what MUA stands for. I kept thinking you were saying “MUAH” like a kissing sound. Lol. Now I get it!!!
    I’m a new convert to the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish! Love it!

    • Ha I guess I shouldn’t assume. But I can get lazy to write out the whole thing. The skin finishes are by far worth the price but that is the only one I own. And the ELF is sort of a dupe but not really. I would say if you don’t want mac then for the price they work too.

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