Spring Product Picks Blog Hop April 2014


Once again it is time for the facebook group Beauty and Fashion Blog Community. It is a closed group but anyone who is part of our blogging community can join here.

These are my must have’s for spring. After this long winter I am so ready for nicer weather. I have promised myself to start hiking again.

028I will start with a little fashion. A pastel or white handbag is perfect for spring. I got this at Target and used the Cartwheel app for a good deal.


Another Target find. Nature jewelry that is light and simple is perfect accent. I even like to double up simple small chains for a delicate spring touch.


Pastel lavendar and corals will remind yourself and others of the beautiful flowers that bloom. If actual lipstick is too heavy for you. A light cherry wash, like a lip glaze or pigmented chapstick would do the trick as well.


Upping your moisture for your whole body and have it include an SPF is needed for your legs and arms that are now being shaved (HA) or sweat shirtless. This is a sample I got from my Birchbox. It is the latest Jergens product…. a BB Body Cream.


Rose Gold highlighters used as blushes or pale pink flushes are a light touch to a beautiful springy look.

049 051

As the weather warms up and so does the oil in our skins… or sort of. Definitely he less dry air and more sun does wonders to stop those dry patches or if naturally oily can make it worse. This Fergie powder is colorless and great at absorption and mattifying any time of the day.


Along with the help of Mattyfiers, setting sprays of different types are helpful for the spring. Here is the variety I own. Some are setting others are refreshers just in case you mattify too much. Of course just to feel fresh. a good spritz of the facial waters is an excellent way to start the day in general.

026 010214 006 026


Pantone color of the year is Orchid. Here are three picks I love in this color. The top is from The Chequered Lily No 22 Princss Aurora. Next is Urban Decay Fishnet. Lastly, is M.A.D. Cosmetics Whisper Opal.

I purchased this today. I had a sample of c2 that I wore the other day with a tarte powder and I got overwhelming compliments. This shade was the only one close to my tone at the Cosmetics outlet store. It is a holy grail of a lot of makeup artists. Online it seems it is either loved or hated. There is a learning curve but I didn’t see it. We shall see I will have a full review soon on my Foundation Friday series. Oh forgot to say this is a lightweight sweat proof formula.



Lastly if you don’t want to wear foundation or want some strong spf a BB cream is an awesome alternative. The snail BB from Missha is the golden ombre to silver tube. THe red tube is their most popular the complete cover I think it is called. And finally one of the US brands I actually like is by Younique.

Below to the other blogs joining in. This is our third one and I think it grows each year. If you want to be a part of the hop next month join our group. And one thing I am not afraid to pimp is my social media.. please follow me on any and or all of them 😀

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20 thoughts on “Spring Product Picks Blog Hop April 2014

    • Target will pick things that you can save more money on if you use the app. In all sections of the store. SO if Mossimo purses are on sale for 25 percent and the cartwheel has all purses for ten percent off then you get the 25 and the ten. But you have to remember to us the app. lol I forget sometimes.

    • It is becoming a holy grail. And I am very picky. I am going to give it more time before I really claim it that.

  1. Those eyeshadows look gorgeous! I have just been getting into setting sprays but I really like the one I have been using!

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