Question of the week Wednesday 04/30/14

Ok Sunday I said Wednesday is a Wednesday Question of the Week. I am following that theme Day.

The question is what is the best Mother’s day gift you have given or received?

Mine is my mother’s ring. ANd I love I don’t have to do chores. HA

I got myself this for a present.

Yes I get myself my own presents for every holiday and birthday PLUS  I expect them from my family. I am selfish like that lol I blame it on the only child in me 😀

Please join me with this weeks questions and leave your answers below. And I realized how to put my social media begging in a more obvious spot so check them out ,, over there on the right.


Award Time :D

I really love award time.  xcluelessbeautyx wonderfully nominated and it’s great when out out the blue. Here is how it works…

The liebster award recognizes up-and-coming bloggers who have under 200 followers, it’s a way for all of us to get to know each other and allow our readers to get to know us a little better as well!

The rules are:

1. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. — DONE

2. Answer 11 questions your nominator asked. — DONE

3. Provide 11 fun and/or random facts about yourself. — Done

4. Nominate 10 bloggers (w/ less than 200 followers) that you feel deserve recognition! (Oh I thought we were sticking with the 11 theme) — Done

5. Inform the above bloggers that you have nominated them. — Will do once this goes live.

6. Post 11 questions for them to answer.– Done


My questions to answer…

1.) What is your favorite store? Sephora completely. 

2.) What is the one beauty item you could not live without? Hmmm this is actually a hard questions… I am going to say Moisturizer as I took for granted my skin years ago and NO MORE!! lol

3.) If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? I gotta say Pizza and you can make so many different kinds I don’t think I would ever get tired of it. 

4.) What is your proudest moment? Giving birth to my three sons in general. Most recently when I actually proved to myself I can successfully do makeup on others and it isn’t some wish or far off dream. I do have some natural talent there. 😀 

5.) If you could travel back in time to any moment what would that be? Oh wow great question. I want to say … Las Vegas in the 60’s. All the hedonism. All the fun and abandonment …well as long as I was on the “good” side. lol

6.) What three things would you bring to a desert island? Fifty Shades of Gray books, Sun tan lotion, and some wine. 

7.) Describe yourself in three words. Fun, loyal, and neurotic.

8.) Who is your celebrity crush? Currently it is between Kyle Schmidt and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

9.) Do you have any pets? If so, what kind? A black cat named Loki and a Golden retriever, black lab mix named Fudge (my son named him at four years old.)

10.) If you could live anywhere in the World, where would you live? Tasmania Australia. I have an ex who lives there and I stayed with him for six weeks and I fell in love with the place… not enough to marry him (ha) but I do miss the place. 

11.) What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Always follow your heart/instincts. 


My random facts are …

  1. I always read half way through a book then the last two chapters as I can’t stand the suspense of not knowing the end. Then I skim the rest of the book for the good parts.
  2. I was named after the Rolling Stones song Angie and the Black Panther Angela Davis.
  3. I was just diagnosed as Bipolar II. I have a blog about it found here. (yes shameless plug but I want to de-stigmatize mental health issues and this is how I do it. I put a semi rational face to it.)
  4. I LOVE romantic movies even though the formula is always the same.
  5. I am a bit of a life nomad. I have done a lot of different jobs and have lots of big dreams.
  6. My life is an example of those romantic movie cliches. Over two years ago my husband and I reconciled after an eight month separation. He has been my best friend for fifteen years… we just lost sight of that. I feel blessed to have realized that before it was too late.
  7. I am addicted to Netflix.
  8. My full time job is as a social worker in one of the toughest fields investigating abuse and neglect of children.
  9. I love to talk about myself but I am finding these eleven facts to be difficult. I think it is the pressure of being original and unique but not too odd. So really fact 9 is I over analyze things.
  10. I can not WAIT for the next season of Scandal… oh wait I already said that in my random post from Sunday. Well I feel the same way about the tv shows Haven and Lost Girl
  11. When my children are grown I want to travel in a big RV around the US and Canada.


I tag… *disclaimer if you have over the amount the rule say and I tagged you I am sorry but I can’t figure out how you know. So I picked folks that looked pretty new to blogging. 😀

  1. I just discovered perfectbaseblog today and I was drawn to her as I too am a fledgling makeup artist.
  2. Another one today I discovered (can you tell I went on a search for new blogs to follow) is Champagne and Flashbulbs.
  3. This girls story is amazing. You can find it here and I support what she says so she is nominated
  4. Another makeup artist blog I discovered today (do you see a theme lol) Appears to be mostly about bridal. It can be found here.
  5. Looks like this blog is brand new. I only saw one post but it is an awesome one for someone looking being a makeup artist.
  6. This lady has been very supportive of me. I love her posts too as I love boxes and the fun deals you can get. And a great way to see/try new items.
  7. I love how well written the reviews are on this blog.
  8. This blogger has a little bit of everything. And she is super sweet.
  9. I have become friends outside of the blogsphere with this lovely lady. Our new friendship is what makes blogging special. I can’t think of any other circumstance we would ever get to know each other.
  10. I knew she has a hella lot more than 200 but rules are meant to be broken right 😀 Great writing, Great Blog, Awesome dedication. I am happy this blog exists.
  11. This blog hasn’t been updated since Mar 8th. I hope everything is ok. In the long run that hasn’t been a long time gone from blogging and she deserves the award to I am still making the nomination.


My questions to be answered are:

  1. What is your favorite holiday?
  2. What is your best feature?
  3. If you had only one tv show you could watch for the rest of you life what would it be?
  4. In the last week what is something you have been grateful for?
  5. What is your favorite makeup brand?
  6. Bolds, Pastels, or Neutrals?
  7. Do you have siblings and what birth order are you?
  8. Do you follow your zodiac or chinese signs?
  9. What beauty product are you lusting over right now?
  10. What is your favorite phone app?
  11. To Tattoo or not to Tattoo?

Ok thanks for the nomination and making me dig deep! I hope you all can join in and as usual comment, questions, random thoughts fill in the box below and check out my social medias!!!

Random Sunday 04/27/2014

I have made a executive decision. I will have three set day themes for the blog and will post various other things when I have the time or idea. The scheudle and theme is as follows:

Sunday: a week recap and upcoming things in the next week. A get to know me and my life better.

Wednesday: A question of the week for us all to get to know each other.

Friday: Will no longer be foundation reviews only but reviews in general. I am thinking something catchy like Favorite it or forget it 😀 I have a thing for using the letters of the day in the overall name.

Last week my favorite instagram EOTD was …


And my favorite instagram LOTd was…


I purchased from my favorite etsy shop The Chequered Lily Apothecary. Her facebook let me know she is having a sale where the colors left are only 4.55 and the colors are never disappointing. The picture on the left is the ones I purchased and the four on the right is the free samples she sent me in my purchase. All the shadows I purchased were used in the eye look for the LOTD photo above.


My previous posts can be found here and here.

The last exciting thing that happened this week is I got approved for an account at Model Mayhem and discount approved for Frends which for Makeup Artist you can get up to 40% products depending on the brand.


This coming week, I will be part of the newest month’s blog Hop (Hint the theme is Mother’s Day Gifts)

I finally am almost done writing the post on an award I received. I love those things but one of the rules is to award it to a blog with less than two hundred followers BUT I am not sure how we tell the numbers. Anybody else know?

On a personal note, I take my son who had/has the cancer for testing to see if his learning/special needs to PTSD related. For all those parents that struggle with knowing what’s right for your children. I am a social worker by actual profession and sometimes you make a choice that it wrong tough one BUT I think it is all based on intent. Anyway I am not trying to make this blog a downer. I just mention it as I am hopeful that we find the puzzle piece that helps him move forward in life.

Ok well I also want to say I appreciate everyone who reads my blog… oh and if you didn’t notice (and well who would) I took the plunge and got my own domain. I am so super exited and happy I did. IT fits into the name of my business which is slowly starting to take off. Whoo Hoo! Please leave comment, ask questions, and random thoughts below.

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New series. .. question of the week Wednesdays


Have you ever judged a person based on there makeup?

Too little. .. butch lesbian
Too much… prostitute
Older lady with bright colors. .. scary or insane
Cake face. .. what is under that mask? ???
I know i have it is what I think humans do. It’s how we survived being cave men. But now that we don’t need it to survive why do we do it?

When my makeup isn’t on point i want to be judged as a hot mess.  Lol

Anyway i thought it be an interesting topic. Please join me below!

Oh and one more pictures i saw that i think is funny. …


comments, questions, random thoughts leave below and please check out my social media sites! I appreciate you all! !!!

Youtube Review: Makeup Eraser

When I was in Springfield at the Women’s Expo. I was helping with a dual booth. One for Younique cosmetics and the other side was The Makeup Eraser. I was not asked to review it but it really is a great product. Please see my Youtube Demo on how easy and safe this product is to use. Other than being given the product itself, I have not been monetarily compensated.

Have you tried this product? Please comment, ask questions, below. And of course check out my social media sites.


Random Sunday 04/20/2014

Happy easter! Or if you celebrate another holiday happy 4/20 bahahaha

I did a fun blooper reel on my OFFICIAL Youtube channel for my OFFICIAL freelance makeup Artistry. I have decided I am committing to make this dream happen. Below is my week in pictures.


NYX display being assembled at my local CVS!!!


Favorite eye look and face of the day for the week.

wpid-comp-card-1.jpg.jpeg wpid-comp-card-2.jpg.jpeg

And I made Comp cards using Picmoney and Paint I am trying to decide which I like better or what photos I should use to make a third more perfect one. Any suggetions?

Most WOW moment of the week?

Season three of scandal was INSANE. I don’t want to wait for next season but I guess I have too! I haven’t loved a show this much since original ER!

So I will end my week finishing this post and watching a new WGN show Salem.

I love anything vampire, witches, werewolves, fairies, or really super natural. The Salem witch history is more appealing to me as it is historical.

How was your week? Leave comments, questions, random thoughts leave them below… and check out my social media’s please! 😀

Friday Foundation edition 04/18/2014

Ok straight to the point. It took me only three days to give up on the Bare Skin by Bare minerals. I had high hopes but it seemed to sink into my pores no matter the prep. Of course this is my review on my skin which is combination with large pores around nose/cheek area. I purchased with my own funds (which is a bummer as I think QVC’s return policy sucks and probably not worth the hassle) so opinion and pictures of results all my own. 😀 I had high hopes too. I think the color was spot on just the wear for me was not there.

001 009 015 016 020 023

I think really for this review the pictures tell it all. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin or make me have a reaction. I looked awesome when first one (if I do say so myself lol) but just didn’t have the wear. These pics were taken about ten hours after first application but really about four in the nose gave way and pores obvious then the chin by six.

You can find my first impression post here. 

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Lighthearted post


I saw this on someone’s instagram and screen saved it. First i love gone with the wind.  Rhett butler is my kind of sexy cad. And Vivienne Lee is a classic beauty. It’s a three way tie for me between her,  Elizabeth Taylor,  and Audrey Hepburn. I do love Marilyn Monroe and mae west but for different sex appeal.

I digress.  I claim this day as a good day to utilize our resting bitchface cuz mo one has time for wrinkles lol

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My current beauty secret


I was starting to get icky bumps… not quite pimples but not bug bites. It was weird. I also was getting blemishes annoyingly on my chin. I started two to three times a week in the am mixing a non oil moisturizer with a drop of the tea tree oil. Then at night…. every night I put a drop of the new Vitamin E overnight serum-on-oil (both oils from the body shop — purchased with my own money). I feel that my skin is so much smoother and moisturized.

The instruction on the Vitamin E serum is Apply a few drops in the palm of your hands and gently rub together to warm. Apply on the face and the neck with a gentle patting motion. Using fingertips, massage in small circular movements over forehead, cheeks, around mouth and chin area.

Product Description on the website states …Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight.

  • 8h beauty sleep for your skin
  • Skin feels recharged, replenished and softer
  • Skin looks fresher, rested and more radiant
  • Our highest concentration of wheatgerm oil
  • Non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula

It retails for 26.00

The Tea Tree oil product description on the website states Targeted care for blemished skin. Can be used direct on skin or for facial steaming.

  • Soothing
  • Does not dry out skin

It retails for 9.50

Have any of you tried oils in your skin care regimen? Comments, questions, and Random thoughts leave them below 😀

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Sunday Randomness

I couldn’t wait to show you guys what the new Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum is like in a first look YouTube Video. So I did it yesterday and edited/uploaded tonight.

Here are the collages I made the other day just cuz why not add them. lol

baremineralsskin baremineralsbrush bareminerals two bare mineral one

Here are the FLickr Pictures of the Springfield Mo Women’s Expo Presenter’s Main Stage for the two days. The most awesome thing if it all was the creator of Rock you Hair Michael O’Roarke was there giving free hair cuts. Check out his about page. He previously created and then sold the Big Sexy Hair brand.  He specializes in cutting under the hair for more fullness than straight across. I think I captured his essence and technique in the photos. I noticed on his website that if you give your email address you will receive a coupon of 40% off your first order. I did not get a chance to get a hair cut or shop his booth I was so busy but I do plan on getting a couple of things he showcased…. Namely the Bombshell Big Hair Powder and Get a Lift.

The other amazing thing about meeting Michael O’Rourke is he was like a Preacher during Summer Camp Meeting. His introduction speech on stage really spoke to my heart. He talked about coming to America with only like 4 or 6 K and giving it all to a person for a spot in the salon. He worried he made a bad choice but then he hit the streets and hustled. If he saw a person with blonde highlights. He said he was the best and offered to do it half of what the person paid now. When he ran into a man with a Mohawk he was an expert at that until he built his brand and is living his dream. He spoke about Hustling and making it work for you. I believe in that hustle shiz nit whether it’s the King of Diamond Strippers I follow on my instagram to small obscure blogs I can support with likes and follows. It’s all about the golden rule right? 😀

I did an eyeshadow dupe tutorial post and Youtube VIdeo on my Younique Blog. If interested check it out here.

All day today I once again re-arranged my makeup area. I moved it out of my bedroom into a front room with better sunlight and more room. I don’t have a huge stash but I have enough AND I don’t want to go buy special organize things. I’d rather re-purpose that it gets to be a bit of a pain making it user-friendly. I do like how it is coming along and is 95% done. I even de-stashed a little for a package to a friend and our yearly garage sale in my hometown.


And lastly, Here is a preview of the items I am going to use and try out this week. I decided I do a horrible job of keeping track of what I am trying to review that I could make Sunday (just like Friday) a recurring theme of weekly randomness that will feature some items I plan on using to review or use up.




Hope your weekend was fabulous. I am feeling better and I hope to get my test results back so I am clear to go back to work. (Though I could stand to be self-employed it was nice not to have that social worker stress but then again I am good at my day job too. Oh man decisions decisions lol)

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