Foundation Friday 03282014

Today’s might be “controversial” as some people might not find this to be a foundation. It can be a primer/helper or I do know some people that wear it as a foundation. I am putting it in the foundation review category because it’s no different to me then when I use a foundation powder over liquid. With this disclaimer and the one I purchased his product with my own funds and in no way had anything to do with my opinion. So without any more babbling 😀 I am reviewing….


It retails for 32.00 us in most places except QVC which has it for 39.50 which includes a stand and brush.


The consistency is thick like a mousse and it very much on the yellow side.

I wore it for two days and here was my results.

019023 028

The first picture is the main area of redness I want to cover. This day I did add all over the face with a powder foundation over it. It was very yellow on my fair neutral face but it did get rid of the redness. It was beautiful on but I had to wear a hoodie that day to camouflage how different my face color was from my neck.By the end of the day I of course look tired HA but also this is how it wore off on me after twelve hours. I have combination/normal skin. My chin is the worst for oil!

So I tried it one more day with a different top powder foundation.



This time I used a different powder foundation and in natural light the coloring was not so yellow. The second picture is with a flash and does show a slight yellow. End of day wear with the last picture.

Overall thoughts

It is worth the money though use it sparingly as that pot if used as your primary foundation (I believe) would go quick. Thankfully you don’t need a lot of it. I plan on giving it another review when it is summer and I am slightly less fair. I really just can’t use it right now because of the yellow. I am going to stick to my green primer to tone down the redness. I know I am all over the place but as I am thinking about it … if I had rosecea I would very much wear this. I bet the yellow is not noticeable against the much ruddier red that causes.

Have you tried it? What where your thoughts? Comments and questions in general please leave them below 😀

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5 thoughts on “Foundation Friday 03282014

  1. I want to try this, but I am afraid it will be too yellow on me as well I am pale with pink undertones. Maybe like you said in the summer it will be better. Ill probably wait till then 🙂

  2. When I first got this product the color scared me. I’m very pale with lots of redness on my face. After having it for quite a whole, I now consider it a holy grail product for me. I use it very lightly to hide my redness and follow up with my normal foundation. It works perfectly. I love it!!

  3. I love It cosmetics and have been wanting to try this. I am also in the pale with pink undertones category and have been worried it would be too yellow for me. I’m going to have to test it out hte next time I make it to an Ulta.

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