Friday Foundation 032114

Today I am showing if there is a difference in the new formula of Estee Lauder Double Wear Old and New formulas. I guess some time last year some government rules made Estee Lauder have to tweak the formula. Here are the pictures below and I will round-up my final thoughts at the end.

**** Updated to let you know if you are using the new or old formula. I purchased mine three months ago but the new formula had been out most of last year. I picked mine up at the Cosmetics Outlet store. I purchased a full bottle in 1N1 Ecru. The shade 1N1 on the website and I picked up as a sample is Ivory Nude. If you have the older version and want to find the new shade name just use the website. 😀


026 029


075 076 079


Ok so as far as wearing the same. In my opinion it didn’t matter if I used primer or no primer both sides wore the same. Now for long wearing I did not find this to be very long wearing. You can see by the end of the day it was splotchy. Yuck. BUT I like to use it as a mixer with other foundations. On its own I think the color is too yellow on me and I seem to not know how to not make it look cakey. But that is probably another post all together where I show my overall thoughts on the product.

In conclusion if I didn’t make it clear enough already. To me… there is no difference in the old and new formula. I have seen online where people do feel it is different so my opinion is just one. If you’d like to share yours below or let me know how you apply it without it being cakey so I can test it as a foundation in general I would appreciate it.

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