When Skincare Goes Wrong

Last night I went to use one of my products from my Fab FIve box. It did not go so well. Now I don’t think it was the product itself. I think the instructions were not clear. At least not to me so I think probably more use error than product issues. I will update when I talk about the box. Anyway… I put a huge slathering of this enzyme peel with huge microderm abrasion crystal that I did not know was in there. I just thought it a peel. So I packed it on and fairly quickly wiped it away. Here was the results.

151 152 153


It hurt A LOT!!! And I was scared I did some real damage. I put ice on it and it seemed to help after putting the last of my sheisado sample moisture cream on as well. Within a half hour the pain was gone and by morning the redness as well.

What a lesson in being careful in what you decide to use or do to your skin. I rarely have allergic reactions but I have complete sympathy for those that have ones often.

Questions, Comments, your horror stories please share below. And follow me on my social media sites… pppllleeeasseee lol


11 thoughts on “When Skincare Goes Wrong

  1. OMG scary! I lol’d at your face in that first picture–poor girl! I can’t say that I have this bad of a horror story…but I do have bad reactions to eye creams if I’m not careful. My eyes are sensitive and sometimes when I use a new eye cream, my eyes are red and irritated for days.

    • Welcome and I use to have more sensitive eyes and had to were nuetragena mascara only but now I have only had a reaction to chemical things like a primer or two and when I tried to use a vegan recipe to grow out my eye lashes… that one burned!!! Welcome to my blog by the way 😀

  2. Eeek! I have never had one that bad from a skincare product…but once I left hair remover on my upper lip too long and it hurt afterwards and there we tons of gross little bumps…it was not pretty 😦 Glad you’re better though!

    • I know you are right but the reviewer in me thinks it was the operator not the product… I am seriously debating though if the blog is worth it lol and/or if fair to not give the product a real chance… stupid libra in me 😀

  3. Oh dear! You really need to be careful with those enzyme peels. I personally have never used one before, but have heard people getting some bad and awful reactions! It is lucky that you were able to fix the problem and that your skin is feeling better! 🙂

    Caryl x

  4. That actually happens to me alot. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin that trying new products is like russian roulette. I use cold compresses and usually have a moisturizer that has aloe vera or cucumber in it. Sorry this happened but the product should have been clearer.

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