I am a naughty blogger!! — And a list of Droolable Beauty items

I feel so neglectful on here. Not to bore or be depressing but I’ve had a lot of personal things distracting me. BUT I am committed to getting back on track. Some time this week I will be posting my reviews of last months birchbox and ipsy and show what I am working on reviewing this month.

I am finding this blogging make up hobby can get expensive. Below is a few things I have been drooling over but stopped myself from getting. Please let me know below if the items are worth the hype!

photo from adventures in makeup dot com

Le Maquillage anything. This product just seems fun. If you are not familiar google the company… very pretty versatile product I am thinking.

Photo from beauty guide 101

Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzer

Picture from Fruitylashes,com

Guerlain Meteroites

Image from Limecrime.tmblr,com

Lime Crime Velvetine lippie

photo from fashionandbeauty.co.nz

MAC VivaGlam Rihanna

stock photo daily deals

Dial A Smile by White Lightening

Depending on my mood of course there are more I drool over but these are my top ones that I have yet to change my mind on wanting to get “One Day”

As always please comment, follow, or ask questions below…. oh and don’t forget about my social media! Thanks 😀


4 thoughts on “I am a naughty blogger!! — And a list of Droolable Beauty items

    • OMG that happened to me during the CVS 75% off sale. Now I have all this powder I don’t even use but I got a great deal!!!

  1. I have the same struggle with balancing purchasing items for content on my blog and my own personal financial situation. Even drugstore brands (with coupons and sales) can still end up being more than I would have preferred to spend.

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